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Cryptocurrency Description
Cryptocurrency is a new form of currency. It is securely encrypted using cryptographic knowledge. The movement of cryptocurrency is typically in blockchain. But it is not a necessity as stablecoins can be issued by central banks without blockchain.
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UNICEF Unveils Cryptocurrency Donation Fund
UNICEF has launched a cryptocurrency fund intended for open-source technology funding, whereby Ether and Bitcoin will be accepted. The donations will be beneficial to young people and children across the globe.

Fidelity Launches Cryptocurrency Custody Business
In a rare interview with Fidelity Investments CEO Abigaile Johnson, the Financial Times revealed that the Boston-based asset management giant is “now engaged in a full rollout” of its cryptocurrency custody and trading service.

Changelly Launches New App for Cryptocurrency Swapping
Changelly, a leading in cryptocurrency swaps has released a new app for both Android and iOS users.

Are You Ready for Halal Cryptocurrency?
Recently, many cryptocurrencies are being introduced to serve different purposes. This time round, halal cryptocurrency is soon coming. But are you ready for it?

3 Benefits You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Credit Cards
A breaking story shows that MedeTrade crypto exchange has integrated Dash in its Visa cryptocurrency credit and debit card. Therefore, crypto users need to know about benefits associated with cryptocurrency visa card.

One in Five Cryptocurrency Holders is a Woman
One in five cryptocurrency holders is a woman, as revealed in the survey conducted by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex.

Norwegian Air Set to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments
Amazing times ahead for travelers in Norway as Norwegian Airline, one of the largest in Europe is set to accept the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payments for flight booking.

New Zealand Permits Cryptocurrency Remunerations
New Zealand sets the precedent by being one of the first nations to permit salaries to be made in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Kaspersky: 80% of People Have Never Purchased Cryptocurrency
Four in five people have never purchased cryptocurrency, according to the survey published by Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky.

Cryptocurrency Giving People in Africa the Power Against Rising Inflation
Despite being a driving force behind several innovations across the globe, cryptocurrency continues to make its mark in Africa. Based on recent breaking news, let’s see how cryptocurrency gives Africans a hedge against inflation.

Japan’s Nomura Research Institute Considers Introducing a New Cryptocurrency Index
Cryptocurrency investment solution provider Intelligence Unit (IU) announced a partnership with Japanese-based consulting company Nomura Research Institute (NRI) to introduce a new cryptocurrency index, popularly known as IU/NRI Crypto-Asset Index.

Indian Bill To Ban Cryptocurrency Excluded From Winter Parliament Agenda
The bill to ban cryptocurrency trade in India has been left of its parliamentary winter session agenda, fueling speculation that there has been a change in strategy.

South Korea Contemplates Imposing 20% Tax on Cryptocurrency Proceeds
The South Korean administration might consider categorizing proceeds from cryptocurrency transactions as other income that is subjected to 20% tax, such as prize-winning or lottery.

What Will Cryptocurrency Speeds Look Like in 2020?
Each year, more people are converted to the benefits of cryptocurrency. Some are spurred to make the change from traditional fiat currency based on the security and safety features that are present in the blockchains. Others are increasingly convinced it's the future of finance by the transaction speed that cryptocurrency offers.

CipherTrace: Cryptocurrency Theft Alarming at $4.4 Billion in 2019
According to a report by CipherTrace, a blockchain forensics company, the cryptocurrency sector has lost a whopping $4.4 billion in scams and thefts so far this year, up by more than 150% from $1.7 billion in 2018.

Equating Cryptocurrency Solely with Illegal Conduct Lacks Understanding
Cryptocurrency has its benefits, but several consumers are still unaware of what they are because of security concerns and how the technology functions. In a recent interview, Coleman Watson – Managing partner Watson LLP – identified that while many people are interested in using cryptocurrency, lack of understanding remains a major hurdle.

1 in 9 Indonesians hold Cryptocurrency, Hootsuite Report
According to a report shared by Hootsuite citing GlobalWebIndex, 11% of all Indonesians own some kind of cryptocurrency. The total population of Indonesia is just over 270 Million people which makes it the fourth most populous country on the planet.

UK Court Recognized Cryptocurrency as Property in Freezing Order
In a property ownership tussle, UK high court found itself in the second attempt to recognize cryptocurrency as property. This time round, the court imposed a freezing order to crypto firm directors who failed to prove that they were not owners of the disputed cryptocurrencies.

Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Betting Jeopardizes Jockey Racing Integrity, Warns HKJC Expert
During a presentation at the Asian Racing Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Tom Chignell, a Hong Kong Jockey Club expert, warned that illegal cryptocurrency betting markets could seriously compromise jockey racing integrity.

Iranian President Advocates for Cryptocurrency-Driven Muslim Nations
During the first round-table discussion at the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019, Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President, suggested that cryptocurrency ought to be integrated into Muslim nations to enhance trade between the nations.

Binance Enables Support for Naira, But is Cryptocurrency Legal in Yet in Nigeria?
Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchange has opened support for the Nigerian National currency (Naira) on its trading platform.

South African Reserve Bank to Strictly Regulate Cryptocurrency in 2020
The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is planning on introducing new regulations on cryptocurrency, which according to Kuben Naidoo, SARB deputy governor, will be fully implemented and enforced in the first quarter of 2020 and it brings to an end a deliberation that started since 2014.

All You Need to Know About the Silicon Valley Cryptocurrency
The rising popularity of cryptocurrency has contributed to a revolution in the digital currency industry. Currently, a U.S based venture capital firm, Andra Capital, has announced its desire to introduce its own Silicon Valley cryptocurrency to leverage its business. It is interesting to see that the company has joined the list of other enterprises like JPMorgan Chase, Arias Intel Corp, Facebook, and others that have created or in the process of creating cryptocurrencies they call their own.

Goldman Sachs May Follow JP Morgan to Launch Own Cryptocurrency
Goldman Sachs will launch its cryptocurrency soon? During the interview with French news source Les Echos on 27 June, Goldman Sachs CEO David Soloman said that the company is performing extensive research on tokenization, with the possibility to follow JPMorgan Chase launching their own cryptocurrency.

Looking For a Data Scientist: Is NASA Interested in Launching a New Cryptocurrency?
A few days ago, NASA advertised the position of data scientist with emphasis on cryptocurrency experience on LinkedIn platform. The move has stirred much speculation on whether the agency is intending to launch its own cryptocurrency. But let’s find out.