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Unscreen is an AI-powered platform that removes background from videos and GIFs, eliminating the need for manual editing. It's suitable for both professional and amateur video editors, requiring no technical knowledge or resources. Unscreen offers two versions: Unscreen Free and Unscreen Pro. The free version allows quick edits with a 360p resolution, while the Pro version supports larger projects and longer video lengths. Unscreen is user-friendly, allowing users to upload their video and the platform processes it. It delivers a zip file with colored video files and alpha masks, which can be edited using various software. Unscreen Pro offers full HD resolution, no watermark, full-length clips, video file download, and audio support. It's known for its 100% automatic background removal, making it an efficient and reliable solution for background removal needs.

Unscreen Plan & Pricing

Hobby - $9.00/month for up to 3 minutes

$3.00 per minute

Artist - $39.00/month for up to 15 minutes

$2.60 per minute

Creator - $89.00/month for up to 45 minutes

$1.98 per minute

Maker - $189.00/month for up to 2 hours

$1.57 per minute

Studio - $389.00/month for up to 5.5 hours

$1.18 per minute

Custom Plan - Contact for pricing

Pay as you go

  • $4.99 per video minute
  • Minimum charge of $2.99
  • No commitment, purchase each video individually

Additional Benefits for Registered Users

  • Up to 10 seconds per clip
  • Unlimited clips per day
  • Access to Unscreen Pro for free preview

Why Unscreen Pro?

  • Unscreen Pro is billed by the second for maximum flexibility
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscription anytime
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee if unsatisfied with results
  • API available for subscription users only
  • Customize subscription plan based on video processing needs
  • Data privacy and safety assured with GDPR compliance

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