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ElevenLabs, founded in 2022 by Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski, is a platform that focuses on voice generation and manipulation through its Text to Speech (TTS) API. The platform offers a guided journey from account creation to cloning and generating voiceovers, allowing developers to build applications with human-like voices. ElevenLabs provides comprehensive guides and examples to help users explore their offerings, such as creating AI-powered brainstorming partner apps. The platform has received significant attention in the tech sphere, with a notable funding round indicating a strong belief in its vision to reshape the voice technology landscape. With its robust API and user-centric documentation, ElevenLabs is a compelling platform for developers and businesses to leverage cutting-edge voice generation technology.

What is ElevenLabs?

Key Features of ElevenLabs

  • Driven by an AI model that replicates human intonation and inflections with unparalleled accuracy, adapting the delivery according to the situation, ElevenLabs can produce crystal-clear spoken audio in any language, style, or voice.
  • Support for 29 Languages and Accents: Catering to a global audience, it supports various languages and accents.
  • Free Online Text-to-Speech Service: Users can convert text to speech for free using the online platform.
  • Long-Form Voice Generation: Suitable for generating lengthy audio content, like audiobooks or podcasts.
  • Cutting-Edge Research: Powered by the latest in AI voice technology, ensuring high-quality and natural-sounding voices.
  • Ethical AI: Designed to minimize the risk of harmful abuse, adhering to ethical AI practices.
  • Indistinguishable from Human Speech
  • Ethical AI: Designed to minimize the risk of harmful abuse, adhering to ethical AI practices.

Tools, Products, or Services of ElevenLabs

  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Speech
  • Audiobook Workshop
  • Global Speech Synthesis
  • Voice Actor Passive Income
  • AI Dubbing & Video Translator
  • Advanced Text to Speech API
  • Voice Cloning
  • Voice Library

What You Can Do with ElevenLabs' AI Voice Generator

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator allows for a wide range of applications:

  • Convert text to speech online for various purposes, including videos, podcasts, and games.
  • Transform your voice into different characters with control over emotion and delivery.
  • Generate, edit, and customize long-form spoken audio with precision.
  • Use voice translation for content in 29 languages with speaker detection and audio dubbing.
  • Utilize the text to speech & voice API for chatbots, websites, and apps.
  • Create AI voice clones with just a few minutes of audio.
  • Access a growing library of high-quality AI voices.

How To Use ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs has various products with different usages.

How To Use ElevenLabs' Text To Speech?

Using ElevenLabs' Text to Speech feature involves a few simple steps:

  1. Choose Voice and Settings: Select from a wide range of voices in the library or customize and fine-tune your own voices.
  2. Input Text: Enter the text in any supported language. The AI understands the language and context for natural conversion.
  3. Generate Audio: Convert the text to spoken audio and listen instantly. The audio files can be downloaded in various formats.

How To Use ElevenLabs' AI Voice Changer?

Transforming your voice with the AI Voice Changer involves these steps:

  1. Upload or Record Audio: You can either upload an existing audio file or record your voice directly on the platform.
  2. Select and Customize Voice: Choose the desired AI voice and customize settings to transform your original voice.
  3. Generate AI Voice Clone: Create the AI voice clone and download it as an MP3 file.

How to Create an Audiobook with ElevenLabs?

Creating an audiobook is designed to be user-friendly and efficient:

  1. Navigate to 'Projects' and create a new project, choosing your source material format.
  2. Assign different text parts to specific voices, and adjust settings for voice output.
  3. Make fine adjustments to specific segments, pacing, and divide your project for focused editing.
  4. Export your completed project as an audio file, with the option to save and return later.

How to Use AI Dubbing and Video Translation?

Translating and dubbing video content is straightforward:

  1. Start by creating a new dub project, selecting languages, and uploading your video.
  2. Let the AI process and dub your video, with progress indicated in the suite.
  3. Access, view, and download your translated and dubbed content.

How to Clone Your Voice with ElevenLabs?

Cloning your voice with ElevenLabs is a simple process:

  1. Select between Instant or Professional Voice Cloning based on your requirements.
  2. Upload audio samples, with the length varying based on the cloning type chosen.
  3. Wait for verification of the audio quality and ownership.
  4. Generate your audio clone, with timing depending on the cloning method selected.

Who It Is For

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator is versatile and suitable for various professionals:

  • Marketers: For creating voiceovers in promotional videos and advertisements.
  • Influencers: To add professional voiceovers in different languages and accents to their content.
  • Corporate Trainers: For creating multilingual training materials.
  • Audiobook Publishers: To expand audiobook portfolios with diverse voices and languages.
  • Authors: For bringing narratives to life with resonating voices.
  • Audio and Sound Engineers: To achieve high-quality soundscapes in various projects.
  • Game Designers: For creating unique voices for game characters.
  • Localization Managers: To streamline multi-language voiceover production for global releases.
  • AI Developers: To enhance AI agents with natural-sounding voices.
  • Product Strategist For a competitive advantage, strategists might employ voice customisation to match AI agents with user expectations and brand identity.
  • UX Designers: AI agents with vocal capabilities help UX designers to create more dynamic and captivating user experiences.

Resources for ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs Plan & Pricing

Below are ElevenLabs Plan Details.

ElevenLabs Free Plan

For hobbyists, who want to try out prime AI speech synthesis.

$0 /forever

  • Speech Synthesis - No Commercial License
  • 10,000 characters per month
  • Create up to 3 custom voices
  • Create random voices using Voice Design
  • Access shared voices in the Voice Library
  • Generate compelling speech in 29 languages
  • Dubbing - translate your videos from 57 languages into 29 languages. Charged at 2000 characters per minute
  • API access
  • High quality 128kbps audio outputs
  • Attribution to elevenlabs.io is required.

Starter - First Month 80% Off

For creators who want to try out VoiceLab and publish more content.

$5 $1 /mo

  • Everything in Free
  • 30,000 characters per month
  • Create up to 10 custom voices
  • Commercial License Included
  • Instant Voice Cloning
  • Dubbing Studio - our advanced editor. Charged at 5000 characters per minute of audio

Note: Prices are tax-exclusive.

Creator - First Month 50% Off

For content creators wanting compelling narration and access to Professional Voice Cloning.

$22 $11 /mo

  • Everything in Starter
  • 100,000 total characters per month included (~2 hours of generated audio using text-to-speech)
  • Create up to 30 custom voices
  • Projects - our long-form speech synthesis editor
  • Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) of your own voice
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.30 per 1000 characters
  • 192kbps audio outputs via API

Note: Prices are tax-exclusive.

Independent Publisher

For independent authors and publishers that want to engage their audience using audio.

$99 /mo

  • Everything in Creator
  • 500,000 total characters per month included (~10 hours of generated audio using text-to-speech)
  • Create up to 160 custom voices
  • Usage analytics dashboard
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.24 per 1000 characters
  • 44.1kHz PCM audio output via API

Note: Prices are tax-exclusive.

Growing Business

For growing publishers and companies with higher discounts and quotas.

$330 /mo

  • Everything in Independent Publisher
  • 2,000,000 total characters per month included (~40 hours of generated audio using text-to-speech)
  • Create up to 660 custom voices
  • Additional usage-based characters at $0.18 per 1000 characters

Note: Prices are tax-exclusive.


For businesses that require a custom plan tailored to their needs.

Let's talk

  • Custom quotas for Speech Synthesis and VoiceLab
  • PVC for any voice with permission to use
  • Volume based discounts
  • Priority rendering queue
  • Highest quality of speech
  • Priority access to features
  • Enterprise-level SLAs
  • Dedicated Enterprise support

Note: Prices are tax-exclusive.

Payment Methods

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

ElevenLabs Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about ElevenLabs?

How do I create my own AI voice using ElevenLabs?

To create your unique AI voice with ElevenLabs, utilize VoiceLab and Voice Design. Voice Design customizes the speaker's identity for distinct voices in your scripts. Voice Cloning replicates real voices, offering variety and exclusivity in your generated voices, which are artificial and not linked to real individuals.

What is the cost of using ElevenLabs' AI voice generator?

ElevenLabs offers various AI voice generation plans. The Free Plan includes 10,000 characters monthly, 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages. The Starter Plan is $5/month for 30,000 characters and 10 custom voices. The Creator Plan at $22/month offers 100,000 characters and 30 custom voices. The Independent Publisher Plan is $99/month with 500,000 characters and 160 custom voices. The Growing Business Plan at $330/month includes 2,000,000 characters and 660 custom voices. The Enterprise Plan provides custom pricing for tailored quotas, PVC for any voice, priority rendering, and dedicated support.

Can ElevenLabs' AI voice generator be used for free?

Yes, ElevenLabs offers a Free Plan with 10,000 characters per month, 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages.

Which AI voice generator is considered the best?

ElevenLabs is recognized as the best AI voice generator, featuring advanced deep learning models for high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a wide range of vocal choices, ideal for content creators and writers.

Who should use ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator and prime voice AI services?

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator is suitable for YouTube and TikTok content creators, audiobook producers, presenters, businesses with IVR systems, and podcasters. It enhances engagement and accessibility across various platforms.

How many languages does ElevenLabs support?

ElevenLabs supports speech synthesis in 29 languages, facilitating global content accessibility.

What is an AI voice generator?

An AI voice generator, like ElevenLabs', converts text to natural-sounding spoken audio with realistic intonation and accents, offering a wide range of voice options across various languages and dialects.

How do I use AI voice generators to convert text into audio?

First, select a voice and adjust settings. Then, input your text and click 'Generate' to convert it into audio. Finally, listen to the output, make adjustments, and download the audio for your project.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech, also known as speech synthesis or TTS, converts written text into spoken audio. Recent deep learning advancements have significantly improved the quality of this technology.

What is the best text to speech software?

ElevenLabs stands out as the best text to speech software, offering advanced AI voices with high-quality, natural-sounding speech and a user-friendly platform with various customization options.

What are the costs associated with text to speech?

ElevenLabs provides a free plan with 10,000 characters per month. Paid plans start at $1 for 30,000 characters per month.

Text to Speech

How does ElevenLabs AI text to speech differ from other TTS technologies?

ElevenLabs TTS stands out with its advanced deep learning models that are regularly updated, offering high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a vast range of vocal choices.

Can I customize the voice settings to match specific content needs?

Yes. ElevenLabs allows customization of Stability, Clarity, and Enhancement settings, providing flexibility for voice outputs to match your content's unique requirements.

What is AI text to speech used for?

AI text to speech is used for creating explainer videos, converting books into audio, producing video content, and improving accessibility and engagement in various situations.

What does "text to speech with emotion" mean?

This refers to AI understanding context and delivering natural-sounding speech with appropriate emotional intonations, adding realism to the speech output.

How varied are the voice options available on ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs offers a diverse range of voice profiles, catering to different tones, accents, and emotions, ensuring a perfect match for your content.

How secure is my data with ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs prioritizes user data privacy and security, handling all user data and text inputs with utmost care.

Does ElevenLabs offer an API for developers?

Yes, ElevenLabs provides a robust API for developers to integrate advanced text-to-speech capabilities into their applications.

How can I turn text into mp3 speech?

With ElevenLabs, enter your text, choose a voice, generate the audio, and download the mp3 file.

Frequently Asked Questions About ElevenLabs AI Voice Changer

What is an AI Voice Changer?

An AI voice changer is a tool that uses AI algorithms to modify and create voice outputs from given audio inputs, producing highly realistic and customizable voices.

What are common uses for AI voice changers?

AI voice changers are used in gaming, content creation, and marketing for diverse voiceovers, and are popular on social media platforms for unique content creation.

What is the best AI voice changer software?

ElevenLabs offers the top AI voice changer software, known for its quality, naturalness, and wide range of customization options.

What sets ElevenLabs' Voice Changer apart from others?

ElevenLabs' Voice Changer features an advanced AI model for creating highly realistic and customized spoken audio with a wide range of voice types and controls.

How can I convert my voice to another different voice online?

With ElevenLabs, upload your audio, select a desired voice profile, adjust settings, and generate your new voice output.

How many languages and accents does the voice changer support?

The voice changer supports 29 languages, including many regional accents and dialects.

Can I customize voice profiles to suit different characters or content?

Yes, ElevenLabs' AI Voice Changer offers deep customization options, including emotional expression adjustments.

What variety of voices can I create with the Voice Changer?

Our Voice Changer provides an extensive library of voice profiles for different age groups, genders, emotional tones, and specific regional accents.

How much does the voice changer cost? Is there a free trial?

The voice changer is available with a generous free plan. Paid plans start from a competitive price point.

Frequently asked questions for ElevenLabs Projects

What is Projects designed for?

Projects is tailored for creating audiobooks and other long-form audio content with ease and precision, offering an end-to-end workflow feature.

Which file types can I upload to Projects?

You can upload e-pub, PDF, TXT files, and initialize a project from a URL.

Does Projects support multilingual audio generation?

Yes, Projects allows assigning different speakers to specific text fragments, enhancing narrative variety and authenticity.

If I make an error, can I edit a specific section without restarting the entire process?

Yes, Projects lets you regenerate parts of audio seamlessly without affecting the overall flow or intonation.

Can I save my progress and continue at a later time in Projects?

Definitely. Projects allows you to save your progress at any stage for later continuation.

How does Projects integrate with other tools from your ecosystem?

Projects is designed to work seamlessly with our range of tools, including Voice Library, Eleven Multilingual, and Professional Voice Cloning.

Can I convert a full book into audio with a single click in Projects?

Yes, Projects offers a one-click conversion feature, allowing you to effortlessly transform entire content into audio.

What are some primary use-cases for Projects?

Projects is versatile for various audio needs, including Audiobooks, Research Papers, Podcasts, Guides, and more.

How does Projects maintain voice consistency across different languages?

Through its integration with Eleven Multilingual, Projects ensures that voices retain their unique characteristics across languages, including original accents.

Frequently asked questions about ElevenLabs AI dubbing

What is AI dubbing?

AI dubbing is an automated process of translating and replacing an audio track in a video, preserving the original speaker's voice characteristics.

How much does AI dubbing cost?

AI dubbing is free to start, with pricing based on the minutes dubbed. Prices start at 2000 characters per minute for watermarked video and 3000 characters per minute without watermark for video or audio.

How does voice translation and dubbing work?

Voice translation uses advanced AI to convert spoken language in audio or video files into different languages while maintaining the original voice tone and style, offering an efficient alternative to traditional dubbing.

What languages are supported for voice translation?

Our AI Dubbing tool supports all 29 languages covered by our multilingual model.

Can I translate multi-speaker audio or video files?

Yes, our technology efficiently handles multiple speakers within any audio or video file, ensuring distinct voices in the translated version.

How long does the AI dubbing process take?

The duration depends on the content length; however, our platform is designed for swift and efficient processing.

How do I do a voiceover in a different language?

Upload your file, select the target language, and click "Dub". Our tool will translate and dub your content in minutes.

What types of content can I dub?

Our AI dubbing tool can translate and dub any audio or video file, including podcasts, interviews, lectures, and more.

How do I translate a video to another language?

Upload your video, select the target language, and click "Dub". Our tool will handle the translation and dubbing quickly.

What is video translation?

Video translation involves translating the audio track of a video into a different language, also known as voice translation or voice conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions about ElevenLabs API

What Makes ElevenLabs API the Premier Choice for Text-to-Speech (TTS) Solutions?

ElevenLabs API stands out in the TTS landscape for its exceptional quality and multilingual capabilities. With a latency under 500ms, it provides an optimal user experience. The API boasts a comprehensive library of voices and diverse voice settings, accommodating a wide range of applications and use-cases.

What Exactly is a Text-to-Speech & AI Voice API?

A Text-to-Speech & AI Voice API is a tool for developers to integrate advanced speech synthesis and voice cloning into their applications. Utilizing deep learning, it transforms text into natural-sounding speech and can modify speech into different voices. This technology is pivotal in creating immersive experiences and is used in audiobooks, podcasts, voice assistants, gaming, and various media.

How Can I Start Using ElevenLabs Text-to-Speech API?

Begin by signing up for a free ElevenLabs account. Post-registration, locate your xi-api-key in your profile settings. This key is essential for API requests. You can generate audio from text in multiple languages by sending a POST request to the API with the desired text and voice settings, receiving an audio file in return. Python is a recommended language for these requests.

How Does ElevenLabs API Ensure High-Quality Audio Output?

The API delivers premium-quality audio at 128 kbps. It offers a range of voice settings to cater to different use-cases, including emotional range, contextual awareness, and voice variety, ensuring a high-quality and customizable user experience.

Is There Support Available During the API Integration Process?

Yes, ElevenLabs provides extensive resources, a vibrant developer community, and a responsive support team to assist you throughout the integration process.

How Many Languages Does ElevenLabs' API Support?

The API supports 29 languages, including Hindi, Spanish, German, Arabic, and Chinese. Each voice preserves its unique characteristics across all languages, offering a versatile and inclusive solution.

What is the Latency of ElevenLabs' Text-to-Speech API?

The API boasts ultra-low latency, achieving approximately 400ms audio generation times with its Turbo model. It offers various latency optimization modes, ensuring rapid responsiveness from text input to audio output.

What are the Use Cases for ElevenLabs TTS API?

The API is versatile, used for creating audiobooks, podcasts, voice assistants, and custom voices for gaming, movies, and other media applications.

What is an AI Voice API and How Does It Function?

An AI Voice API is a tool that integrates text-to-speech and voice cloning into applications. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to convert text into natural speech and to transform speech into different voices.

What Determines the Best Text-to-Speech (TTS) API?

The best TTS API is characterized by high-quality output, multilingual capabilities, low latency, and a vast library of voices with versatile settings. ElevenLabs embodies these features, making it a top choice in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions ElevenLabs Languages

How Does ElevenLabs' Multilingual TTS Distinguish Itself From Traditional TTS Services?

Eleven Multilingual TTS leverages advanced AI and deep learning to produce not only clear speech but also emotionally resonant voices. It excels in capturing linguistic nuances, regional accents, and cultural undertones, ensuring content is not just translated but truly communicates with diverse audiences.

Can the ElevenLabs TTS Handle Mixed-Language Content?

Absolutely. Our multilingual model can fluently switch between languages within a single prompt. However, for optimal results, maintaining language consistency or clear segmentation of languages is recommended.

Does ElevenLabs' Professional Voice Cloning Work with Multilingual TTS?

Yes, Professional Voice Cloning integrates seamlessly with our Multilingual TTS model. Your digitally replicated voice can articulate content in all supported languages, maintaining unique characteristics and accents.

Will My Cloned Voice Retain Emotional Range and Expressivity in Different Languages?

Definitely. Our Voice Cloning technology captures the emotional depth and nuances of your voice, ensuring authenticity in any supported language.

How Does ElevenLabs Ensure Ethical Use of Voice Cloning, Especially in Multiple Languages?

At the core of our services is a commitment to ethics. We clone voices only with explicit consent, have robust security measures to ensure proper use, and maintain that cloned voices are accessible only to authorized users.

Frequently Asked Questions about ElevenLabs Voice Cloning

What is AI Voice Cloning?

AI voice cloning is a technology that creates synthetic replicas of human voices. It analyzes audio recordings to mimic the tone, pitch, and characteristics of a person's voice. ElevenLabs uses this technology for personalized voice solutions in content creation and engagement, offering both Instant and Professional Voice Cloning.

How Do I Create AI Voices?

Start by creating a free ElevenLabs account. You can then use our Speech Synthesis tool for instant AI voice creation or VoiceLab for voice cloning and character creation.

How Does Voice Cloning Function?

Voice cloning begins with capturing a person's voice through recordings. The AI analyzes these samples, identifying unique characteristics. Using advanced machine learning, primarily neural networks, the AI synthesizes speech that closely resembles the original voice, allowing it to articulate new phrases or sentences.

What Steps Ensure Optimal Voice Cloning Quality?

For the highest quality, we recommend Professional Voice Cloning. Provide at least 30 minutes of your voice audio for cloning. Alternatively, Instant Voice Cloning is available but works best with clean, single-speaker audio samples of at least 1 minute.

Which Languages Are Supported by ElevenLabs?

We support a wide array of languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hindi, French, and many others, with ongoing additions to our language portfolio.

What Distinguishes Instant from Professional Voice Cloning?

Instant Voice Cloning offers quick voice cloning with short samples, ideal for immediate needs. Professional Voice Cloning, however, involves a more detailed process with at least 30 minutes of audio, resulting in a highly realistic voice clone.

Can I Clone Anyone's Voice?

Yes, but only with their consent. Our Professional Voice Cloning includes security measures to ensure ethical use and privacy.

How Long Does Voice Cloning Take?

Instant Voice Cloning is available immediately, while Professional Voice Cloning, requiring a minimum of 30 minutes of audio, takes approximately 4 weeks for completion.

Does Voice Cloning Preserve the Original Accent?

Yes, the cloned voice retains the original accent and can be used to generate speech in other languages while maintaining this accent.

What is the Cost of Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is accessible, with instant cloning available for as low as $1 online.

What Are the Requirements for Cloning a Voice?

A minimum of a few seconds of audio is needed for cloning. However, providing more audio enhances the quality of the voice clone.

Q&A and Tips about ElevenLabs Safety

How Do I Determine If Rights Apply to the Source Materials I Want to Use?

Most content, such as text, images, and sound, is protected by intellectual property rights, owned by creators. For voice cloning, it's essential to obtain consent from content owners. However, content for private study, research, parody, or public debates may not require permission. Always consider legal aspects and privacy when using someone's voice.

How Can I Request Permission to Use Someone's Content?

Contact the content creator directly, clearly outlining your intended use. Secure written permission and store it safely. For instance, you might request to use a sound recording for generating a voice clone for a specific purpose.

When Can I Use Someone's Voice or Content Without Their Permission?

Certain scenarios allow using someone's content without permission, including private study, non-commercial research, education, parody, criticism, or contributing to public debates. However, strict conditions apply, including not impacting economic interests or reputations, avoiding harmful or discriminatory speech, and respecting privacy.

How Do I Properly Credit Source Materials?

Crediting involves attributing the creator's name to their content. This can be done in accompanying text or images, within the voice clone itself, or in the metadata. For example, clearly state the content used for generating the voice clone, including the original creator's name and contribution.

How Do I Communicate My Rights and Permissions in My Voice Clone?

State your rights and any permissions you grant for the use of your voice clone alongside the content. Specify the terms of reuse, if any, like non-commercial use with attribution, or dedicate the clone to the public domain. Clearly outline any conditions, especially if cloning or further synthesization is not permitted.

What Are the Consequences of Policy Violations?

Violating ElevenLabs' policies or terms of service can lead to account suspension or termination, loss of access to created projects, and potential legal action in line with applicable laws.

FAQ about ElevenLabs Voice Data Partnerships

What Are the Quality Standards for Voice Data?

We accept a wide range of voice data qualities, ideally crisp and clear with minimal background noise. For phone calls, a minimum of 8 kHz is acceptable, but 44.1kHz or higher is preferable.

Can ElevenLabs Assist in Cleaning and Preparing My Data?

Yes, we offer assistance in data preparation and cleaning to optimize its quality for our models.

Is Providing Transcripts Along with Audio Necessary?

While not mandatory, high-quality transcripts are welcomed if available, enhancing the data's utility.

Will My Data Be Shared with Others?

No, your data remains confidential. We offer two options: using your data to improve our models for your specific domain or for a purpose specific to you, such as fine-tuning. In both cases, your data is not shared with others.

Is There a Minimum Data Size Requirement?

No, we accept data of all sizes. Even small datasets can contribute to improving low-resource languages and accents.

Should I Submit Data Even If I'm Unsure About Licenses?

Yes. We can assist you in understanding and navigating licensing concerns related to your data.

Pricing FAQ

What is the Maximum Text Generation Limit for Different Subscription Tiers?

The maximum text generation limit varies based on your subscription status. For non-subscribers, the limit is 2,500 characters per request. For subscribed users, this limit increases to 5,000 characters per request. Additionally, your overall monthly character quota is determined by your specific subscription tier. You can check your current usage on your subscription page, accessible via your profile.

Can I Use Generated Content for Commercial Purposes?

Yes, but with specific conditions. Free tier users must attribute ElevenLabs in the title of any published content, using “elevenlabs.io” or “11.ai”. Paid accounts, however, include a commercial use license for content generated with default voices and do not require attribution. It's important to note that you're responsible for all content generated and published on the platform, and should consider your local copyright laws before publishing content with a cloned voice.

How Can I Check My Remaining Character Quota?

To view your remaining character quota, log into the ElevenLabs Platform and access the 'Subscription' section from the drop-down menu in your profile. This area provides detailed information on your subscription plan and character usage.

What is the Process for Changing My Subscription Plan?

To change your subscription plan, log into the ElevenLabs Platform, navigate to your profile, and select 'Subscription' from the drop-down menu. Here, you can choose a new plan or contact ElevenLabs for Enterprise-level pricing options.

Is There a Charge for Every Request Made on the Platform?

Yes, ElevenLabs charges your character quota per request. Each time you click 'Generate', the character cost of your request is deducted from your quota. If you encounter issues like being charged by mistake or not receiving a requested file despite being charged, you can contact the ElevenLabs team for assistance.

What is the Billing Cycle for ElevenLabs Subscriptions?

Subscriptions are billed monthly, starting from the day you first subscribe. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I Cancel My Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you choose. Upon cancellation, your subscription will not be renewed at the next billing cycle, and you will be downgraded to the Free tier.

Do Unused Characters Roll Over to the Next Month?

No, unused characters do not roll over to the next month. Your character quota is reset with each billing cycle. However, if you upgrade to a higher plan, any unused characters from the previous plan will be carried over to the new billing cycle.

How Can I Reduce API Streaming Latency?

To minimize API streaming latency, you can add the query parameter optimize_streaming_latency=[optimization_level] to your streaming TTS endpoint. The optimization level ranges from 0 (no optimization) to 4 (maximum optimization, with text normalizer off). This can reduce the latency of the first-audio-byte down to 850ms.

Does ElevenLabs Offer a Pay-As-You-Go Option?

Yes, most ElevenLabs plans include a usage-based billing option, allowing you to exceed your plan's quota and pay for the additional usage. You can enable this feature in the 'Subscription' section of your profile.

What is ElevenLabs’ Policy on Multi-Account Management and SSO?

Currently, ElevenLabs does not support multi-account management or Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. However, they are actively working on introducing these features soon.

Is There a Limit on Voice Operations Based on Subscription Tiers?

Yes, your subscription tier determines the monthly limit on voice operations, such as adding, editing, or removing voices. The limits vary by tier, with higher tiers allowing more operations.

What Does Professional Voice Cloning Entail?

Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) involves training a hyper-realistic model of a voice using a large set of voice data. This process, which is more advanced than Instant Voice Cloning (IVC), requires several weeks to complete. You will be notified via email once your professional voice clone is ready.

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