What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. With the underlying technology blockchain, bitcoin has redefining money in terms of money form, money issuance standard and money movement. Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million coins and uses proof-of-work (POW) consensus. In some sense, bitcoin removes our reliance on central banks and traditional financial institutions that we have to trust on. Bitcoin brings monetary freedom.

CryptoPunk, Meebits Owners can now Create Commercial Projects With Their NFTs
The announcement comes following Yuga Labs' release of its long-awaited IP licensing deal for CryptoPunk and Meetbits NFT holders.
Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Involves Untimely Trading Prior to Crash: FT
Celsius's Chief Executive Officer, Alex Mashinsky, has been practically handling untimely trading activities of the firm since January.
Brazil's Digital Banking Platform Nu Holdings Adds 5.7m new customers in Q2
Nu Holdings has added 5.7 million new customers in the second quarter of 2022. The Brazilian digital banking unicorn now has 65.3 million people and businesses using its services.
Crypto Exchange Zipmex Granted 3-Month Protection from Singapore Court against Creditors
Zipmex, Asia's leading digital asset exchange, said it had won creditor protection from the Singapore High Court for more than three months, gaining time to address liquidity issues.
Digital Asset Venture Dragonfly Acquires Crypto Fund MetaStable Capital for Rebranding
Digital asset venture capital firm Dragonfly has acquired cryptocurrency investment fund MetaStable Capital, according to Bloomberg.
Crypto Weekly Outflows Touches $17m, Ending Six Consecutive Weeks Inflow: CoinShares
Outflows from crypto investment products reached $17 million in the week as of Aug. 12, according to digital asset management firm Coinshares, ending a six-week run of inflows for the cryptocurrency industry.
Crypto Exchange Coinify Gets Regulatory Approval to Operate in Italy
Denmark-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinify has announced that it has received regulatory approval to operate in Italy.
Celsius Network Coin Report Shows Latetst Net Liabilities Over $2.8 Billion
Embattled crypto lending platform Celsius Network's latest coin report shows the company owing a total of $6.7 billion of token liabilities against just $3.8 billion in assets as of July 29.
LandX & KlimaDAO Partner Up For A Carbon Neutral Future
LandX is excited to announce its new partnership with KlimaDAO. LandX Choice is joining the Klima Infinity program, which uses a stack of DeFi technologies to enable organizations to retire tokenized carbon credits and verifiably demonstrate that they have offset their carbon footprint.
Animoca Brands and Lympo partner with Play Magnus Group on chess-inspired blockchain game “Anichess”
Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo, a leading global sports NFT ecosystem, announced today that they are developing Anichess in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a global leader in the chess industry that offers entertainment and e-learning services via its chess market brands. Anichess is a blockchain-based chess game with a play-and-earn ecosystem, and when it launches in 2023 it will merge the worlds of chess and GameFi to create superior gaming experiences.

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