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Michaël van de Poppe Questions Future Altcoin Rally

According to Michaël van de Poppe, the primary question is whether altcoins will rally again. As he is heavily invested in altcoins, he frequently contemplates this issue. In his latest video, he discusses his thesis and strategy regarding the potential for an altcoin rally. (Source)

Mysterious Whale Accumulating $LINK

According to @lookonchain, a mysterious whale or institution has been accumulating $LINK. They observed 93 new wallets withdrawing a total of 12.75 million $LINK (valued at $167 million) from Binance since June 24. (Source)

Justin Sun Endorses Trump, Highlights Potential Benefits for Crypto Industry

According to Justin Sun, he fully endorses President Trump for the upcoming election, believing Trump is a better choice for the crypto industry and can ensure fairer treatment. Sun also expressed pride in the use of DLive by those concerned about America's future. (Source)

Bitcoin Starts New Cycle Amid Global Uncertainty

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin has just started a new cycle, with BlackRock identifying it as a hedge against global uncertainty, akin to gold in the 1930s. The recent assassination attempt on Trump is cited as evidence of the changing world order, positioning Bitcoin as a solution. (Source)

Sony a9III's Highlight Moment

According to @CervoAnsioso, the Sony a9III camera is currently in the spotlight, showcasing its high performance and capturing capabilities. (Source)

Elon Musk Shares Cryptic Tweet, Sparks Speculation

According to Elon Musk, a recent retweet featuring a cryptic image has stirred discussions and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. Traders are closely analyzing the potential implications of Musk's tweet on the market, given his history of influencing crypto prices. (Source)

Daily Unlocks Pose Market Cap Risks for Stargate, Worldcoin, and Mantle

According to @intotheblock, $24.9M worth of BTC is unlocked daily with minimal market cap impact. However, Stargate, Worldcoin, and Mantle have significant daily unlocks relative to their market caps, which could lead to market cap dilution risks. (Source)

Significant $LINK Accumulation by New Wallets

According to @OnchainDataNerd, in the last 24 hours, new wallets have continued to accumulate Chainlink (LINK). A total of 782,000 LINK, valued at approximately $10.17 million, was withdrawn from Binance. This withdrawal activity indicates a strong accumulation trend among new investors. (Source)

Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 210 Million Users

According to Richard Teng, Binance is celebrating its 7th anniversary, marking a significant milestone with 210 million users. Teng attributes this achievement to the trust and support of the users, emphasizing the platform's resilience through various challenges. Binance aims to continue building and improving its services. (Source)

Justin Sun Nears 700,000 ETH Holdings

According to @EmberCN, Justin Sun's Ethereum (ETH) holdings are approaching 700,000 ETH. Since December 26, 2023, during the current bull market, Sun has acquired approximately 421,800 ETH across five addresses at an average price of $3,006, totaling $1.267 billion. Including his previous holdings, Sun's total ETH holdings now amount to 698,700 ETH, valued at $2.215 billion. (Source)

Profitable Trade on $TRUMP Token Following News of Trump's Attack

According to Ai 姨, a significant event involving Donald Trump has led to a notable trade in the $TRUMP token. An address (0x9a0...21E59) purchased 31,435 $TRUMP tokens for 20,000 USDC six months ago and held without any movement. Following the news of Trump's attack, the holder sold the tokens for 79.72 ETH, approximately $253,000, realizing a 1168% profit. (Source)

Justin Sun Withdraws 14,436 ETH from Binance

According to Spot On Chain, Justin Sun allegedly withdrew 14,436 ETH (approximately $45.5 million) from Binance 9 hours ago. Three days prior, he deposited $45 million USDT to the exchange, indicating a purchasing price of around $3,117 per ETH. Since February 8, Sun is believed to have bought a total of 377,188 ETH at an average price of $3,049 through three different wallets. (Source)

Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary

According to @EmberCN, Binance is celebrating its 7th anniversary. The tweet highlights the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and marks seven years as both a journey and an achievement for Binance. The tweet also expresses anticipation for Binance's future growth and success. (Source)

Bitcoin as a Political Statement Amidst Global Turmoil

According to @CryptoMichNL, the recent assassination attempt on former President Trump signifies a world in disarray. This event marks a pivotal moment where Bitcoin is likely to be seen as a political statement. (Source)

2024-07-13 23:53
Political Instability and Market Reactions

According to @CryptoMichNL, there has been an assassination attempt on a former President of the United States, which he interprets as a sign of extreme political instability. This situation could potentially lead to significant market volatility, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, as investors react to the heightened uncertainty. (Source)

2024-07-13 23:33
Potential Market Impact from Political Events

According to @mualphaxi, a tweet retweeted by @justinsuntron, political events involving former President Trump may have significant implications for the markets. The tweet describes a dramatic photo of Trump, likened to a renaissance painting, captured during a troubling evening. Such events can create uncertainty and volatility in the cryptocurrency market. (Source)

2024-07-13 22:33
Trump's Resilience in Historic Footage

According to @L0m3z, a video shared by @justinsuntron shows former President Donald Trump being grazed by a bullet near his ear, narrowly escaping a fatal injury. Despite this, Trump stands up, faces the crowd, and yells 'Fight.' This historic footage is described as incredible. (Source)

2024-07-13 20:50
ETHFI to Move 200k Tokens to Binance for Season 2 Claims

According to ether.fi Foundation, with the season 2 claim of ETHFI on Arbitrum approaching, 200k ETHFI tokens will be moved from Arbitrum to Binance. This move is aimed at supporting direct deposits and withdrawals. After the deposits are made, the funds will be returned back to the Ethereum Mainnet. (Source)

2024-07-13 18:30
Ethereum Outperforming Bitcoin, ETF Launch May Drive Further Gains

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's dominance in the market has likely reached its peak. Ethereum has been outperforming Bitcoin for the past two months. The anticipated launch of an Ethereum ETF is expected to further boost Ethereum's performance. This scenario could validate the potential bearish divergence on Bitcoin's weekly timeframe. (Source)

2024-07-13 17:21
Richard Teng Appreciates Community Support at Binance Anniversary Event

According to Richard Teng, the Binance community showed immense support during their 7th-year anniversary event in Dubai, with attendees traveling from London and Italy. Notably, the event included hearing-impaired Binance users, and Teng learned sign language to better serve the community. (Source)