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At Blockchain.News it is our mission not only to provide objective and unbiased news to our readers, but also to highlight the impact and true value behind the news we bring.

In a world where noise and questionable news is rampant, Blockchain.News aims to solve this issue by providing readers with only the news that counts. We make sure that all the news we deliver are from reputable sources and of the highest quality to reflect only the news that really counts.

Where most news platforms just the news on face value, we take things a step further. We would like to educate the world on how the current innovations and events we are experiencing now can shape the future in ways we can only imagine. We also partner with blockchain industry leaders, who have serious potential to change the world, to provide you with exclusive news on the latest innovations in the blockchain community.

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What We Do

"Making blockchain news practical"

Have you ever read a news article that left you guessing about its future implications? Also how many times have you encountered news that seems questionable?

At Blockchain.News we don't just provide our readers with the most latest and most relevant news, but we also strive to show readers how each piece of news we report has the power to change the world. The news we provide is not solely on face-value and we work to take that extra step to provide an objective analysis of the impact related to the latest trends and innovations. We also take pride in providing only news that has been verified and have a level of credibility to combat the broadcasting of false news. We actively take steps to work towards getting rid of all the noise and providing readers with only news that actually means something.

We continuously work to find projects and organizations that work hard to develop and grow the blockchain community. We would like to create a network of blockchain pioneers and influencers and bridge the gap between them and the community to show the world how blockchain is making it's impact on the world. Supporting our team, we also have a strong group of experts who act as our advisers and help us bring the best value we can to our readers.

Aside from bringing the latest news, we also try to bring the community closer together in ways that we can. We encourage the blockchain community to host events at our venue to promote awareness of blockchain and discuss the latest trends and innovations. We provide our members with an OTC platform where they can safely trade crypocurrencies with other registered members, providing them with greater access to the market. We also collaborate with schools to host events and conduct research to nuture the future blockchain leaders of the future and further promote awareness in the space.