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Pocket Gamer Connects – THE Global Mobile Games Industry Conference


Leading mobile gaming industry conference, Pocket Gamer Connects, makes its exciting Hong Kong debut in 2019 - bringing our hugely successful event series to a thrilling new location. More than 500 delegates will gather in this vibrant destination to hear from 125 of the world’s leading authorities from the mobile gaming industry. Filling 15 wall-to-wall conference tracks across both days, they will share their expert insight on everything from live ops to monetisation to the latest development trends. 

One Ticket, Two Conferences

An exciting addition to the Hong Kong event is our shiny new dedicated blockchain games event. Blockchain technology has the potential to truly revolutionise the games industry, whether through the creation of a whole new category of Dapps, enabling secondary markets for in-game digital assets, creating new models for rewarding players, or the 101 other uses that are currently being conceived.

There are incredible opportunities and big rewards on offer, but there’s no shortage of issues to navigate, pitfalls to avoid, and trends to stay abreast of in these very early days. Which is precisely why we're bringing Blockchain Gamer Connects to Hong Kong, hot from previous editions in London, Helsinki and San Francisco. Access is included in all PG Connects Hong Kong tickets (and vice versa).

The games industry is about to change for good. Get ahead of the game with our new dedicated conference.

New Features

New conference tracks for 2019 keep our audience at the cutting edge of the industry, including live ops, hypercasual & instant messenger games, UA, eSports, influencer marketing and blockchain gaming, as well as company culture and hands-on advice for developers in the form of our Developer Toolkit sessions. Of course, the seminar schedule still includes classic topics such as market overviews, industry trends, indie development, and case studies.

Networking For All

As ever, the conference schedule will be packed with our trademark short, sharp seminars. With no time to waffle, our speakers get straight down to business - which is what you’ll be able to do too, networking with some 500 industry professionals.

The event is called Connects because that’s what we help you do; connect with the whole gaming industry, from students and indie studios to the media, international investors and publishers. Unlike other event organisers, we offer our Pitch & Match meeting scheduler free to all delegates, so you can find that perfect contact and arrange to meet them in person.

No other event puts you in touch with the entire mobile gaming industry like our Connects conferences.

Pairing Developers With Publishers And Investors

Our SpeedMatch sessions pair developers in rapid succession with a series of publishers and investors in a series of speed-dating style meetings. These short, sharp encounters enable first contact for you to follow up with a longer meeting if you find a potential partner. It’s a shop window for devs to display their wares and a pipeline of prospects for anyone looking to sign up-and-coming talent.

Meet The Media

We welcome regional and international specialist media to our events so that your work reaches the widest audience possible. With our own publishing powerhouse behind us, you are guaranteed that our industry journalists will be onsite for demos, interviews and other ways to raise awareness of your brand or project to the online community outside the walls of the event.

All About The Indies

Indie devs are the lifeblood of the mobile games industry and Pocket Gamer Connects champions their work to our international audience. The show floor has a dedicated Big Indie Zone for known names and newcomers alike to display their talent to an industry audience. This is a vibrant and varied expo area for publishers looking to sign promising titles.

And of course, our hugely popular Very Big Indie Pitch will be back in force with indie devs competing to impress a panel of expert judges. The winners walk away with armfuls of prizes and online marketing worth thousands of dollars.

Established International Audience

More than 18,000 industry professionals have attended the Connects international conference series since 2014. Since then, the roadshow has landed in the UK, US, Canada, Finland, and India with a genuinely international client base; on average, delegates from more than 45 countries attend each event.

In 2016, we became the biggest dedicated mobile games industry conference series in Europe and have stayed on top ever since. Every event has been bigger and better than the last - and London continues to storm ahead year-on-year.

Not only have our previous delegates voted Connects the 'best value conference', but 97% would recommend it to a colleague and 96% tell us they’ll come back for more.

Previous speakers and delegates from all the key industry players include Supercell, King, Space Ape Games, Niantic, SYBO, Tencent, Telltale, Apple, Rovio, Disney, Wargaming, Kabam, NetEase, NTT Docomo, Ubisoft, Facebook, Google, Square Enix, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Sega, Capcom, Unity, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch and many, many, many more.

Party Hearty

And if that all sounds a bit serious, Day 1 closes with our infamous Global Connects party – that’s where the networking goes on into the night and you might just make lifelong friends, fortunes and memories…

• 15 tracks (mobile and blockchain)
• 120 speakers
• 100 sessions
• 55+ hours of content (tracks and fringe activities)
• 500+ companies represented
• 500 attendees
• 1 Ticket, 2 Events

Fringe Events
PGC Attendee breakdown
Your conference ticket Includes:
  • Entry to the main conference including access to all content tracks expo and dedicated meeting area on both days
  • Access to fringe events such as The Very Big Indie Pitch, Workshops, Journalist Bar, SpeedMatch (if eligible)
  • Entry to the Global Connects Party
  • Free coffee, tea & refreshments on both days
  • Free wifi
  • A personal profile on the Pitch & Match meeting system and unlimited meeting invites

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Pocket Gamer and Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong 2019 is proud to be part of Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF), a three-day esports and games event at Cyberport in July. Our attendees are entitled to a discount for the DELF Main Forum.

The schedule is now available here!

**************** CHINESE TRANSLATION FOLLOWS ******************

Pocket Gamer Connects – 全球移动游戏产业大会


首屈一指的移动游戏产业大会——Pocket Gamer Connects,于2019年首次隆重登陆香港,将我们大受欢迎的活动系列带到这个激动人心的新地点。逾1,000名代表将在这个生气勃勃的地方云集,聆听来自移动游戏产业的125位世界主要权威人士的见解。他们将在这两天连续16场的大会专题讲座中,分享对于从在线运营 (Live Ops) 到盈利实现到最新发展趋势等一应内容的专家观点。


香港场盛会的一项精彩附加项目是,我们崭新的专门区块链游戏活动。区块链技术具有真正彻底改变游戏产业的潜质,无论是通过创建全新的去中心化应用 (Dapps) 类别,为游戏内数字资产创造二级市场,创建奖励玩家的新模式,还是目前正在进行的其他101种用途设想。

在这初始阶段,有的是令人难以置信的机会和丰厚的回报,但亦不乏待应对的各种问题、要避免的陷阱,以及要掌握的趋势。这正是我们将Blockchain Gamer Connects带到香港的原因——从伦敦、赫尔辛基和旧金山这三场版本中新鲜热辣驾到的活动。入场资格包含在所有PG Connects香港场入场券中(反之亦然)。



2019年的新大会专题讲座使我们的受众时刻处于产业的最前沿。主题包括在线运营 (Live Ops)、超休闲和即时通讯游戏、用户获取 (UA)、电子竞技、影响力营销和区块链游戏,还有通过 Developer Toolkit 环节为开发者呈现的公司文化和亲身建议。当然,讲座安排仍然包括经典主题,如市场概述、产业趋势、独立开发和个案研究。



本活动称为 Connects(意为连接),正是因为这是我们帮助您从事的事情——连接整个游戏产业,从学生和独立工作室到媒体、国际投资者和发行商。与其他活动主办方不同,我们向所有代表免费提供我们的 Pitch & Match 会面排程器,以便您可以找到完美的联系人并安排亲自与他们会面。



我们的 SpeedMatch 环节在一系列速配风格的会见中,让开发者快速连接上众多发行商和投资者。这些快狠准的碰面与第一次接触,可以让您在找到潜在的合作伙伴后延申成为更长的会议。这是开发者展示他们的作品的一扇橱窗,也是任何想要签约崭露头角者的管道。



独立开发者是移动游戏产业的命脉,Pocket Gamer Connects向国际受众宣传他们的作品。展厅有专门的 Big Indie 区,供知名开发者和新鲜人向产业受众展示他们的才华。对于希望签下有前途的游戏的发行商来说,这是一个充满活力和多样化的展区。

当然,我们广受欢迎的Very Big Indie Pitch将重新开办,让独立开发者角逐,争取一组专家评委的青睐。获奖者将赢得大量奖品以及价值成千上万美元的在线营销。




我们往届的代表不仅投选 Connects 为“最佳价值会议”,并且97%表示会向同事推荐,96%告诉我们他们会再次与会以收获更多。

往届演讲人和代表来自所有主要的业内企业,包括Supercell,King,Space Ape Games,Niantic,SYBO,腾讯,Telltale,Apple,Rovio,迪士尼,Wargaming,Kabam,网易,NTT Docomo,Ubisoft,Facebook,Google,Square Enix ,Microsoft,Electronic Arts,Gameloft,Sega,Capcom,Unity,Twitter,Snapchat,Twitch 等许多的业内巨擘。


如果以上内容严肃了点,不要紧,第一天有我们声名远播的Global Connects派对作为结束——即人际活动持续至晚上,一处您可以结交上终生朋友、奠定财富和回忆的地方......

• 16 场专题讲座(手游和区块链)

• 125 位演讲人

• 100 场对话会

• 55+ 小时的内容(专题讲座和周边活动)

• 500+ 家公司代表出席

• 500 名与会者

• 一票两会




参加边缘活动,如The Very Big Indie Pitch,工作坊,记者吧,SpeedMatch(如果符合条件)

参与全球 CONNECTS 派对


免费 WiFi

Pitch & Match 会见系统上的个人资料和无限的会面邀请

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所有会议门票均需缴纳20%的英国增值税 (VAT),敬请知悉。您将通过电子邮件收到增值税收据以及预订确认。

有关赞助或其他业务发展机会,请联系 Amiki


微信: amiki002

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Pocket Gamer & Blockchain Gamer Connects 香港 2019 非常荣幸与数码娱乐领袖论坛 (DELF) 合作 - 3天的电竞与游戏为主题的论坛将在香港数码港7月举行。所有的 Pocket Gamer & Blockchain Gamer Connects 参会者将有资格享有论坛的特别折扣。现在就订票吧!

The schedule is now available here!



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