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Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that introduced the concept of smart contracts into the blockchain space. Through these smart contracts, developers using the Ethereum network are able to create their own decentralized apps and tokens.

Ripple XRP’s Skyrocketing Price Performance Is Attributed to One Key Factor, Says Blockchain Analytics
XRP is all the rage lately, making headlines due to its relentless surge. Now, its price has pulled back slightly, but Ripple has made its mark. Here's why.
More Than 700,000 ETH Staked for Ethereum 2.0 Launch
The amount of Ethereum (ETH) locked up in the smart contract needed to transition to a proof-of-stake protocol from the current proof-of-work has surpassed the 700,000 mark.
Ethereum Has Entered a New Bull Market as ETH is Dwarfing Everything in the Crypto Space
Spencer Noon recently tweeted that ETH has entered a new bull market. Here are a few factors why ETH is dwarfing the rest of the crypto market.
ETH and XRP Price Analysis: November 25, 2020
Following an impressive week-long growth, ETH and XRP are now slowing their paces. This piece explores the TA behind the current price dip.
Lithuania Government Cashes in Seized Crypto Worth €6.4 Million
Through the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), the Lithuania government has cashed in €6.4 million and slotted it in the state budget after selling seized cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum’s Launch Ready for Take-Off as Deposit Contract Target Met, ETH Price Smashes $600
Ethereum 2.0’s launch is going to happen on December 1 at 12 pm, as the required number of staked Ether for the deposit contract was locked in late last night.
3 Reasons Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP Price Will Surge Higher This Week
With Thanksgiving on its way and major central bank announcements incoming, there are three major reasons we expect the BTC, ETH, and XRP price to continue to rally higher.
More Than 50% of ETH Has Now Been Staked in Preparation for Ethereum 2.0 Mainnet
With just a week left before Ethereum 2.0, the deposit contracts that are needed have surged considerably, topping 50% of its target.
Ethereum Price Rallies as ETH Whales Hold the Smallest Percentage of Supply in 11 Months
Capital in the cryptocurrency market could be moving from the world’s first cryptocurrency to Ethereum and other altcoins.
ETH, XRP, BCH See Bullish Gains, But Still a Far Cry from All-Time Highs
Bitcoin and the top altcoins ETH, XRP, and BCH has seen impressive surges in recent times but the latter three still has a long way from beating their ATH records

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