Ripple, first released in 2012, is for moving money to all corners of the world instantly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. Ripple was considered a replacement of traditional SWIFT for cross-border payment and settlement. Ripple uses RippleNet for global payment and its token XRP functions as a bridge for fiat money exchanges. CEO of Ripple is Brad Garlinghouse.

Biden Appointed SEC Chair Gary Gensler is not Going to Save Ripple's XRP Token
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is celebrating President-elect Joe Bidens Decision to appoint Gary Gensler to SEC chair—but this will not make the lawsuit against XRP go away.
Will XRP Fall Out of Crypto Top Five Ranking for the First Time since 2013?
XRP cryptocurrency has had a difficult run since 2017, with its price being stagnant on the market for the longest period of time.
Altcoin Price Analysis: XRP and AAVE
This piece analyzes the short-term price actions and momentum of XRP token and Aave protocol.
XRP Trading on Kraken to be Halted as SEC Lawsuit Kills Support for Ripple in the US
Kraken exchange has finally joined other cryptocurrency exchanges in announcing that XRP trading will also be temporarily halted on its platform.
The Likelihood that Ripple Will Win the Legal Battle against the SEC over XRP May Be Promising
As the pretrial court date between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission is rapidly approaching, the outcome of XRP still remains uncertain.
Ripple Powers Remittance Corridor between Malaysia and Bangladesh with RippleNet
Ripple has signed a deal with Malaysia and Bangladesh's financial services to provide a seamless remittance corridor between the two countries.
XRP Price Stable As Grayscale Plans to Dissolve XRP Trust Closing Investment Avenue for Institutions, But Why?
Despite the news that Grayscale’s XRP Trust is going to be dissolved and XRP may lose a significant amount of institutional investors, the XRP price has stabilized—But why?
Grayscale Will Dissolve XRP Trust In Reaction to SEC Lawsuit Against Ripple
Institutional-grade digital asset firm Grayscale will dissolve its XRP Trust as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pursues its lawsuit against Ripple
XRP Token is Classified as a Non-Security by the UK Treasury
The UK has released a report for crypto assets and stablecoins to deliver a more comprehensive overview of its financial system.
Who will Lead the Lawsuit against Ripple XRP? SEC Enforcement Director Steps Down
The SEC’s Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement will conclude his tenor by the end of this month.

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