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Bitcoin price analysis, insight and prediction.

How Likely Will Bitcoin's Price Decouple from the Stock Market?
In times of economic uncertainty, Bitcoin has strongly correlated with the stock market.
Reasons Why the Bitcoin Price will Plunge Soon
Why the Bitcoin price could plunge soon? Reasons include technical analysis, DeFi hype collapse, US Dollar index and gold price correlation, and economic conditions
Could Stock Market Turbulence and US Elections Send Bitcoin Crashing Down?
Bitcoin has plunged from highs of more than $11K to lows of $10,400, and analysts have looked at US stock markets to explain the cryptocurrency’s price dip.
Bitcoin Less Risky than Cash or Gold says MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor
Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy says Bitcoin is less risky than gold and cash and said the firm would not hesitate to dump the BTC portfolio if they had to.
PrimeXBT Analysis: Bitcoin Hash Rate Sets New ATH, Fundamentals Scream Buy The Dip
In stocks, company profit margins and operating expenses are top priorities in fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis in forex currencies could involve looking at each nation's GDP or country's political health. Commodity fundamental analysis looks at supply, demand, and environmental factors.
Bitcoin Is 10X Better than Gold, Says Tyler Winklevoss
Bitcoin has been increasingly compared to gold, with many bulls such as Tyler Winklevoss saying that "BTC was better at being gold than gold."
BlackRock, Vanguard, and Norway Now Indirectly Own $110 Million of Bitcoin, Ahead of Stock Sell-Off
This huge acquisition of Bitcoin enabled Norway, Vanguard Group, and BlackRock to indirectly own more than 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) altogether.
Bitcoin and Ethereum are Risking a Second Price Dip
Reasons why both Bitcoin and Ethereum are at risk of a second price dip this week.
Bitcoin Price Breaks $11K Again, but Can’t Maintain Bullish Momentum
Over the weekend, Bitcoin broke past the $11,000K mark once again but has fallen back to record an approximate price of $10,900 since then.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Explains Why Bitcoin is "The Best Internet Currency"
Bitcoin (BTC) and DeFi tokens have been all the rage lately, with crypto investors anticipating BTC’s next bull run and the DeFi industry booming in growth.

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