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Bitcoin's Key Support Level is at $27000-27,500 if BTC Pullbacks below $30,000, says Analyst
Alex, a market and crypto analyst, has acknowledged that the $27,000-27,500 is the critical support level, which ought to be watched.
Behind the Bitcoin Price Rally: FOMO Buying Which Overpowered Profit Takers
Woo’s model suggested that the estimation of Bitcoin reaching $100,000 is a very low target according to the current trajectory.
Bitcoin Breaks $20k for the First Time, the Legend Continues
Bitcoin just broke $20,000 for the first time and reached a record high, marking a milestone of an inevitable trend in money and finance.
4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Dropped
We analyze 4 reasons why bitcoin dropped and may dip further.
Bitcoin’s Adoption Rate Puts Price at $100,000 by the end of 2021 and 30% of the World Owning BTC in 4 Years
Crypto analyst Willy Woo recently highlighted that with the Bitcoin adoption rate witnessed in history, 30% of the world would own Bitcoin in 4 years' time.
Paul Tudor Jones Says Bitcoin’s Price Path to Go Up, and “Cash May be Gone” in the Next 20 Years
Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones recently said in an interview that in the next 20 years, most people would be using some type of digital currency.
Active Bitcoin Addresses Hit Third-Highest Level in November
The number of active BTC addresses hit the third-highest level in November at almost 19.6 million Bitcoin wallets.
Bitcoin Price Model Suggests BTC to Reach $200,000 by the End of 2021 Despite Recent Dump
However, upon attempting to reach $20,000 again, Bitcoin was rejected and has plunged below $19,000, and is currently trading at $18,581.
Bitcoin Black Friday Sale Ends, Crypto Stock Up is Advised by Digital Currency Group Founder
Black Friday sales ended with a bang for Bitcoin, as the mainstream cryptocurrency climbed back up and regained value, after plummeting to lows of $16,500.
Bitcoin is Outperforming its 2016 Post-Halving Bull Run That Triggered the Record-High of $20,000
New data from ChartsBTC reveals that the Bitcoin (BTC) trend in 2020 is outperforming the post-halving bull run of 2016.

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