Study Says Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Pegs at 19%, H.K. Ranks 2nd for BTC Holding amid Political Landscape

Godfrey Benjamin   Aug 16, 2021 08:20 2 Min Read


Finder, an independent data comparison platform, has released its latest cryptocurrency report studying the current adoption rate on cryptocurrencies in the nascent industry. The global average for the percentage of people who own crypto is pegged at 19%.

The Finder’s crypto report highlights that Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular digital currency being backed by investors across all the nations. It also pointed out a big gender difference in the crypto adoption curve, with more men owning digital assets than women.

“The global adoption rate of crypto sits at about 19%, according to the study’s findings, but about 22% of men around the world own at least one type of coin, compared to just 15% of women. In fact, in none of the 27 countries in which the survey was run did the number of women owning cryptocurrency outnumber the number of men,” the report reads.

In Hong Kong, the ownership rate of crypto in this former British-colony city reaches 26%, which is unsurprising given the nation’s status as a hub of global finance, according to the report. 

The research said Hong Kong ranked 2nd overall for the highest percentage of people who own Bitcoin (18%), behind only Vietnam (20%); 30% of men say they own some cryptocurrency, compared to 23% of women. Those aged 18-24 are the most likely to own cryptocurrency at 35%. The report suggests another factor that may have resulted in such high ownership might be due to the changing political landscape in Hong Kong, with residents potentially turning to cryptocurrencies as a way of escaping China’s famously tight capital controls. 

This survey was conducted with more than 42,000 respondents spread across 27 countries across all continents. Notably, the top five nations known to have the highest adoption rate are all based in Asia. Vietnam leads the pack with a massive 41% crypto adoption rate, with the United Kingdom recording the lowest adoption rate of just 8%. The only African nation represented in South Africa and boasts of an adoption rate of 15%.

The number of released reports focusing on the crypto ecosystem has revealed that the industry is coming of age. reported earlier the possibilities of the digital currency space seeing increased growth tracks this second half of this year is high per a KMPG report.

The maturity experienced in the space cuts across every nation and age demographics, as shown by the Finder report. However, investors in the 25 to 34 age ranges are known to back crypto accumulation more than other crypto enthusiasts across some countries profiled.

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