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The definition of a cryptocurrency is a digital asset containing cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and immutable. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of distributed ledger technology, blockchain — which allows it to be decentralized and immune to government control and interference. Transactions involving cryptocurrencies involve public and private keys, enabling minimal processing fees, allowing users to be able to make transfers without traditional third-party institutions.

Digital Currencies Impede US Treasury Sanction Efforts, Report says
The United States Treasury Department revealed that digital currencies pose a critical impediment to sanctions strategy and policies.
New York State Watchdog Orders Two Crypto Firms to Close Operations, Launching Further Investigations
The Office of the New York Attorney General (NYAG) has directed two unnamed crypto lending firms to halt their operations in the state, indicating these firms are involving ineffective registration.
Interactive Brokers Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Service for US Financial Advisors
Interactive Brokers has made steps closer to realizing its vision for unlocking broad access to what is regarded as lucrative. The brokerage firm has introduced a crypto trading service on its public market to make cryptocurrencies accessible to retail investors.
Zimbabwe Plans to Support Crypto ETFs, Calming Lower the Cost of Remittance
Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube, has confirmed that the country is exploring letting cryptocurrencies thrive.
Google Search Trends Show a Strong Correlation with Bitcoin Price
Google search trends have been positively correlated with Bitcoin price based on the current market trend.
Russia Considering to Impose Special Energy Tariffs on Cryptocurrency Miners
Russia is looking to impose special energy tariffs on crypto miners paying more, who are being accounted for massive electricity consumption.
Cryptocurrency Is Not Just A Passing Fad: Morgan Stanley CEO
Although Morgan Stanley CEO, James Gorman, has revealed that cryptocurrency is not a large part of the bank’s business, he admitted that it is not a fad that will fade away.
Crypto Can Stir Radical Improvements in Financial Services: BoE Deputy Gov
Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Cunliffe has pointed out that cryptos are viable enough to push “radical improvements in financial services.”
Long-Term Bitcoin Holder Supply Shock Hits a Record-High, Suggesting Price Could Surge in Months
On-chain analyst Will Clemente believes Bitcoin might witness a significant price appreciation in coming months based on the long-term holder supply shock.
Regulatory Uncertainty Keeps the Securities Company Out of Cryptocurrency: Citadel's CEO
Citadel’s chief has clarified that regulatory uncertainty around cryptocurrency keeps the securities firm away from investing in crypto assets.

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