SUSHI is the native token of SushiSwap. To learn Sushi tokens, the joiner needs to stake Uniswap LP tokens and will earn tokens from block 10750000 on. 100 tokens are created for every block.

SushiSwap to Redirect Trading Fees to its treasury
SushiSwap will shortly transfer all trade fees to its treasury. 99.85% of voters "clawbacked" 10,936,284 unclaimed SUSHI ($14.8 million) tokens.
Head Chef Says DEX Aggregator Will 10x SushiSwap's Market Share
In a Jan 16 Medium article, Sushi CEO Jared Grey detailed the DeFi platform. A Q1 DEX aggregator and 2023 decentralized incubator are planned. After a Dec 6 governance proposal showed that Sushi's treasury had 1.5 years remaining, new offerings were proposed.
SushiSwap CEO Suggests New Tokenomics For Liquidity And Decentralization
The chief executive officer of SushiSwap, Jared Grey, is working on revamping the tokenomics of the decentralized exchange Sushi. In addition to a token-burning mechanism and a liquidity lock for price support, time-lock tiers will be included for emission-based incentives. These features will also be available. Instead of receiving a portion of the cash generated by the 0.05% swap fee, SUSHI (xSUSHI) tokens that have been staked will be rewarded according to their emissions. It is possible to make withdrawals before the time locks have reached their full maturity, but any rewards will be lost and destroyed.
SUSHI Price Posts Significant Leap Amid GoldenTree’s $5.3M Stake in Sushiswap
SUSHI’s trajectory appears promising. It is important to look at why the price is rising, unlike other crypto prices.
Decentralized Exchange SushiSwap Nominates Jonathan Howard as 'Head Chef'
Decentralized exchange SushiSwap has nominated Jonathan Howard as Head Chef - an official title given to the project's chief executive officer.
Sushiswap Co-Founder 0xmaki Steps Down from Project Lead as DEX Exchange Begins New Chapter
Sushiswap Co-Founder 0xmaki has stepped down as project lead when the decentralized exchange struggles to navigate challenges of scams.
Binance Coin Sets New ATH as Binance CEO Hints at Token Burn
Among the altcoins that have recently rallied bullishly, Binance Coin surged to a new ATH of $586.23.
SushiSwap Deploys Contracts to Five New Networks as Ethereum Gas Fees Surge
SushiSwap has deployed its contracts to five new networks. What should be expected of SUSHI's price in the next few days?
Glassnode’s On-Chain Metrics Reveal DeFi Tokens Are Being HODLed Amid Price Run
Glassnode's on-chain data reveals the percent supply of DeFi tokens (SUSHI, AAVE, and MKR) are getting lower, suggesting investors are HODLing the assets.
SushiSwap (SUSHI) Token Price Surges Over 15% After Merger with
SushiSwap’s SUSHI token has become the best performing asset in the past 24 hours, and the DeFi token has been able to climb nearly 60 percent in a week.

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