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Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 700 BNB Referral Rewards

Joerg Hiller Jul 10, 2024 11:58

Binance marks its 7th anniversary with a referral promotion, offering users a chance to share 700 BNB in rewards. Invite friends and earn up to 7 BNB.

Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 700 BNB Referral Rewards

In celebration of its 7th anniversary, Binance has launched an exclusive referral promotion, allowing users to share in 700 BNB worth of token vouchers. According to Binance, the promotion period runs from July 10, 2024, 08:00 (UTC) to July 23, 2024, 23:59 (UTC).

How to Participate

Participants must join the campaign by clicking the [Join Campaign] button on the Activity page. To invite friends, users can obtain their unique referral link from the same page and share it. For a successful referral, the new user must register via the referral link and achieve a cumulative trading volume of at least 100 USD on Binance Spot during the promotion period.

Referral Rewards

For each successful referral, the referrer will receive a 0.01 BNB token voucher, while the new user will receive a 0.005 BNB token voucher. Each referrer can earn up to 0.07 BNB from seven successful referrals. Additionally, new users can also become referrers and earn up to 0.07 BNB from their own successful referrals.

The first 777 referrers who complete seven successful referrals and whose new referrals collectively achieve a total cumulative Spot trading volume of 3,000 USD will receive an additional 0.1 BNB reward. The top seven referrers with the highest number of successful referrals can earn up to 7 BNB in token vouchers.

Terms and Conditions

Users from restricted regions are not eligible to participate. The referral link must be shared from the Activity page, and sub-accounts are not permitted for this promotion. Binance will calculate the value of trades based on the USDT trading pair price at the time of trading. Referrers must complete account verification (KYC) during the promotion period to be eligible for rewards.

Rewards for Promotion A will be distributed within 48 hours, while rewards for Promotions B and C will be distributed within 14 working days after the activity ends. Token vouchers must be redeemed within 14 days of distribution via the Rewards Hub.

Binance reserves the right to disqualify participants engaging in dishonest or abusive activities, such as bulk-account registrations or fraudulent practices. Additional terms and conditions can be accessed here.

This announcement is subject to change at Binance's discretion. Digital asset prices are highly volatile, and users should invest cautiously.

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