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Astar (ASTR) Network Releases Comprehensive dApp Staking v3 User Guide

Astar Network unveils detailed guide for dApp Staking v3, covering staking, rewards, and token management.

  • Jun 11, 2024 04:23
Astar (ASTR) Network Releases Comprehensive dApp Staking v3 User Guide

Astar (ASTR) Network has released an extensive user guide for its dApp Staking v3, detailing every step required for stakers to efficiently manage their tokens. According to Astar network, the guide provides instructions on how to stake, claim rewards, and withdraw tokens, all in one place.

Introduction to dApp Staking v3

In the latest version of dApp Staking, all tokens are unstaked from all dApps at the end of each period but remain locked. Users must re-stake their tokens at the beginning of each new period. The guide emphasizes the importance of voting and staking anew in every period.

Getting Started

To begin, users should visit the dApp Staking page on the Astar Portal, ensuring they are connected to the correct network, whether it's the Shibuya Network (testnet), Shiden Network (mainnet on Kusama), or Astar Network (mainnet on Polkadot). Notably, Ledger users can now participate in dApp staking using their Ledger device.

Discovering Projects

The guide introduces a streamlined process to discover projects, including new features like staked TVL and project leaderboards. Users can learn more about projects through the project's card and also consult resources such as the Astar Forum, DefiLlama, or DappRadar for additional information.

Voting and Staking

Users can vote and stake by clicking the 'Vote/Stake today' button on the dApp staking page or the project page. They can support multiple projects and enter varying amounts for each selected dApp. The guide explains how to view available tokens, locked tokens, and already staked tokens before confirming the transaction.

Managing Stakes

After staking, a new panel named 'Staking' appears on the Assets Page. This panel allows users to track their staking and locked tokens, view pending rewards, and manage their tokens. The guide details the process for unlocking and staking tokens, viewing rewards, and understanding the parameters for unlocking tokens.

Claiming Rewards

To claim rewards, users need to click the 'Claim Button' and sign the transaction. If there are many unclaimed rewards, multiple claim calls may be necessary. The guide stresses that all pending rewards on a dApp must be claimed before staking again.

Managing dApps

The 'My dApps Panel' allows users to see all the dApps they have staked on and manage their stakes. Users can move staked tokens between different dApps, add more tokens, and unlock tokens. The guide explains the process and the impact of moving tokens between dApps on rewards.

The guide also provides information on unlocking tokens to make them transferable. Users can follow a simple process to unlock tokens and track the remaining days until the tokens can be withdrawn. If users change their minds, they can re-lock the tokens for dApp staking.

Astar Network's guide is an essential resource for users participating in dApp Staking v3, providing clear and comprehensive instructions to ensure a smooth staking experience.

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