Present-day Blockchain Industry Hindered by Structural Scarcity of Talents

Brian Njuguna   Aug 18, 2019 02:06 1 Min Read (37).jpg

Chen Xin, a senior official at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has asserted that the digital economy has become a notable player in China’s development and economic growth. The trend witnessed is progressing at an alarming rate. 

The digital economy has emerged to be a formidable force in the present age as people’s work and lives are significantly transformed. For instance, costs have been reduced, whereas efficiency has been elevated. As a result, conventional industries have attained exceptional development standards.

Nevertheless, Xin affirms that a problem exists in the blockchain field based on the structural shortage of skills. As a result, this ought to be viewed as the primary hindrance of the blossoming of the current blockchain sector. 

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