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DAppstore Creator Decenternet’s Spyce Token to be Listed on BW Exchange November 22nd

Decenternet has created a marketplace for decentralized applications (dApp store) and a decentralized web browser. The token accompanying this new online ecosystem will be called Spyce. The BW Exchange plans on listing the Spyce token on November 22nd, 2019.

  • Nov 13, 2019 09:30
DAppstore Creator Decenternet’s Spyce Token to be Listed on BW Exchange November 22nd

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Decenternet, the creator of the dAppstore, has announced the launch of its token called “Spyce.” Spyce is scheduled for listing on the BW exchange beginning November 22nd, 2019.


Here we’ll give you a quick overview of Decenternet, the dAppstore, the Osiris browser, and the Spyce token. Spyce is likely to be an excellent crypto investment, as it amounts to placing a call option on the coming decentralized internet.


Decenternet – Web 3.0

The goal of Decenternet is to create a decentralized internet.


To this end, several working products are already in place, including a new web browser designed for the new internet, a decentralized application store, and a wallet with an accompanying token. All three have been integrated into a single platform.

Osiris Browser

A decentralized internet needs a browser unlike any other.

The Web 3.0 Osiris browser is the first-ever net-neutral browser that allows users to participate in the decentralized internet and all it has to offer. Osiris protects your private data, blocks ads, prevents censorship and works at least three times faster than the average browser.

Future upgrades to the Osiris browser include things like borderless payments, paying users through the open-source Liberty Ads Network, VPN-like features without the VPN, and more.

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Perhaps the most magnificent accomplishment of the Osiris browser is its integration with a marketplace for decentralized applications (dApps), also known as the dAppstore.


One of the primary problems keeping crypto from achieving mainstream adoption is usability. Most interfaces for interacting with cryptocurrency and related technologies are not user-friendly for the average person.


Most people don’t know how to cope with a browser extension like MetaMask or an address that looks like this:




For decentralized applications, the dAppstore solves this problem. Rather than configuring and engaging some strange and unfamiliar program, users can engage the dAppstore directly from within the Osiris browser. There’s no need to deal with multiple plug-ins or wallets – everything can be taken care of from within the browser. All users need to do is first sign up for the dAppstore and create a web-based wallet.


Decenternet believes this will be a major catalyst for helping dApps go mainstream. Of course, accompanying this adoption will be the Spyce token and the Spyce wallet.

Spyce Wallet

The Spyce wallet is the wallet that users need to participate in the dAppstore.

The Spyce wallet is also integrated into the Osiris browser. The wallet is web-based and will be linked to popular tokens like EOS, ERC, TRON and more.


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DApp games like Crypto Kitties, Bit Empire, Crypto Space Commander, Zombie Battle Ground and more have already garnered huge interest and seen large amounts of cryptocurrency change hands. This is only the beginning.


DApp's can be used to create all kinds of new and revolutionary platforms. Just a few include things like decentralized exchanges, prediction markets, and decentralized art marketplace that put artists in charge of selling their work and make forgeries impossible.

The dAppstore will generate demand for Spyce

All things considered, Spyce has a bright future. The age of decentralization is upon us and it requires a new conceptualization of the internet itself – in a word, Decenternet.


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The decentralized internet will spawn its own economy, a freer and more equitable one for all. Central to the economics of this non-centralized world wide web will be the Spyce token, which users will need to use to participate.


There are billions of internet users, and most of them won’t object to a faster and freer experience that lets them use decentralized applications with ease. This might even bring new users online who never would have been able to participate before. The demand for Spyce will be strong as a result.


Starting November 22nd, Spyce will be available for trading on the BW exchange.


Don’t miss the opportunity to be an early adopter of the decentralized web!





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