A designated storage location for digital assets (cryptocurrency) that has an address used for sending and receiving funds to and from the wallet. The wallet can be online, offline, or on a physical device.

Phantom Wallet Says Solana Hack Did Not Come From Systems
Blockchain wallet services provider Phantom has shared the update from its investigation into the security breach that affected top hot wallets built on the Solana protocol last week.
Meta to Shut Down Novi Crypto Wallet in September
Although Meta Inc said it will end the Novi digital Wallet, the firm plans to continue executing its existing fintech goals to boost greater financial inclusion as it looks ahead to the metaverse.
“What is Cryptocurrency” is the Most Googled Question in the Digital Asset Space, Study Shows
As already evident, cryptocurrency is transforming personal finance and piquing people's interest globally, a study by Crypto Wallet showed that questions about crypto were heavily searched on Google.
KuCoin Rolls Out Decentralized Crypto Wallet to Aid Web3.0 Exploration
The Seychelles-based crypto exchange KuCoin has rolled out a decentralized product dubbed KuCoin Wallet, supporting multiple tokens trading and multi-chain aggregation.
NOW Wallet to Support the Cashback Feature
Cashback feature is now available to all NOW Wallet users. Anybody who joins ChangeNOW Pro can receive 0.1% cashback from all their transactions in NOW tokens. Customers can earn up to 5000 NOW per month until the end of the year.
GameStop Launches Self Custodial Wallet for Crypto, NFTs
Video game retailer, GameStop Corp is advancing its reach into the Web3.0 ecosystem with the launch of its new digital currency wallet
Digital Payment Platform Wirex Expands Wallet Offerings with NFT Functionality
The new feature is set to enable Wirex users globally to track NFT collections while accessing their digital asset holdings.
Bitcoin Addresses at a Loss Hit a 2-Year High as Extreme Fear Engulfs the Market
The bearish momentum witnessed in the Bitcoin (BTC) market has made addresses at a loss to climb to a two-year high.
No Chivo Wallet Downloads in El Salvador This Year, Study Shows
A new study shows no Chivo wallets downloads this year in El Salvador, indicating the enthusiasm for the crypto adoption in the nation does not as promising as painted.
Over 50% Crypto Investors Backup Security Keys by Paper Wallets, Threatening its Vulnerability
New research by Unstoppable Domains, Efani, and NGRAVE found that more than half of crypto investors at 54% store their security keys on a paper wallet amid intensified cyber attacks.

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