A Token represents an asset built on an existing blockchain (different from a coin).

Binance Launches Referral Promotion for African Users with 17,500 USDT in Token Voucher Rewards
Binance is launching a new referral scheme targeting users in the Africa region, offering a reward pool of 17,500 USDT in token vouchers. The promotion runs from September 18 to October 2, 2023, and requires users to register and complete KYC within the promotion timeframe. The rewards will be distributed within 20 days post-promotion.
KuCoin's Emphasis on Self-Regulation and User Security Highlighted at TOKEN2049
Alicia Kao, KuCoin's Managing Director, discussed the challenges and opportunities of cryptocurrency exchanges during the TOKEN2049 panel. She highlighted the importance of self-regulation and KuCoin's strict security protocols. KuCoin, a leading global exchange, has a user base of 29 million and endorses over 750 projects. The panel provided valuable insights into the crypto industry's future direction.
dYdX Founder Addresses Community Concerns Regarding Token Inflation
Decentralized exchange dYdX founder Antonio has clarified that there are no plans for additional token inflation to compensate validators on the dYdX Chain. The current token distribution model, which has reduced inflation by over 60%, will continue to be implemented. This comes amid growing discussions about the sustainability of dYdX's token model, with some users criticizing the token's distribution and others expressing concerns about the lack of a fee-sharing mechanism in the upcoming version of the platform.
Binance Fan Token Announces PORTO Trading Competition
Binance Fan Token has launched the PORTO Trading Competition, offering users the chance to trade on PORTO spot trading pairs and earn up to $750 in PORTO Gift Cards. New users can also receive a $5 PORTO Gift Card for registering using the "PORTOTC" referral code or link, totaling $7,500.
CyberConnect Fully Responsible for Proposal Fueling CYBER Token Manipulation Rumors
CyberConnect has retracted a proposal aiming to optimize CYBER liquidity across Ethereum, Optimism, and BNB Chain, citing rumors of CYBER token manipulation and market control. The revised proposal will focus on a bridge for free CYBER movement, undergoing a multi-day voting period and security audit.
Astar Network Publishes Tokenomics 2.0: A New Approach to Inflation, Fees, and dApp Staking
Astar Network unveils Tokenomics 2.0, introducing dynamic inflation, aligned transaction fees, and enhanced dApp staking for sustainable growth.
INX to renew Share and Token Repurchase Programs
INX announced the renewal of its normal course issuer bid (NCIB) to repurchase common shares and INX Limited's token repurchase program. Obtains Digital Payment Token License in Singapore has secured a Major Payment Institution License from Singapore's MAS, joining 3,427 licensed firms across banking, capital markets, and more.
Astar Network (ASTR) Announces Tokenomics 2.0 with Enhanced Burning Mechanism
Astar Network, a leading blockchain platform in Japan, has unveiled its Tokenomics 2.0 strategy, focusing on creating sustainable growth for its native token, ASTR.
OPNX to Launch FatManTerra Justice Token, Airdropping to LUNC and LUNA Holders
OPNX has announced the imminent launch of the FatManTerra Justice Token. This move comes in response to the commencement of legal proceedings against FatManTerra by several parties.

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