A Token represents an asset built on an existing blockchain (different from a coin).

DeFiance Capital Seeking $100M in Funding to Invest in Liquid Tokens
Crypto Venture Capital firm, DeFiance Capital is in the process of raising as much as $100 million as it looks to invest in “Liquid Tokens.”
Brazil’s Securities Market Regulator Targets Mercado Bitcoin over Token Sale
Brazil's regulator has ordered Mercado Bitcoin, the largest local crypto exchange, to provide information on fixed-income tokens the exchange has issued over the last two years.
France’s CBDC Projects to Manage DeFi Liquidity, Settle Tokenized Assets
The Bank of France is currently working on its second stage of experimentation in wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC).
Kraken Has No Plan to Delist Tokens Labeled as Securities by the SEC - Incoming CEO
Kraken said it won’t remove such tokens from its exchange because it does not offer securities to users.
Celsius May Repay Customers With Wrapped Assets
Executives at Celsius Network are proposing to pay back customers by issuing new wrapped assets to trade on other platforms, a new leaked recording revealed.
Panda DAO to Refund Investors as it Explores Protocol Dissolution
Panda DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is putting forth a proposal to dissolve its treasury and repay its investors if the proposal is passed.
US SEC Files Lawsuit against Crypto Influencer Ian Balina
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought an enforcement action against Ian Balina, a popular crypto influencer for his involvement in the promotion of SPRK tokens back in 2017.
Ethereum PoW Fork Token Price Drops Over 60% A Day after Mainnet Launch
ETHPoW was trading as high as $60.68 on Thursday morning after the merge, but on Friday the new token experienced a huge plunge.
Token Management Platform Magna Raises $15.2M
Magna has raised $15.2 million at a $70 million evaluation. The funding round for the token management platform was led by venture capital firms Tiger Global and Tusk ventures.
KKR Tokenizing Part of its Private Equity Fund on Avalanche Blockchain
KKR plans to tokenize part of its second Health Care Strategic Growth Fund to expand individual investors’ access to private investment vehicles.

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