Crypto Experts Give Advice as the Digital Currency Industry Continuously Suffer from a Freefall

Godfrey Benjamin   May 13, 2022 04:05

There are hardly most of the investors in the digital currency ecosystem that is not being impacted by the ongoing market price crash.


While experienced traders might feel familiar with those tough times like this, the industry has continued to onboard more newcomers who have no experience when major dips like this are ushered in.

As a way to ease off many investor’s pains, market leaders have been sharing words of encouragement through tweets, and while these words are not enough to pacify an investor whose capital might have been washed away overnight, they can give insight and hope into what can help anyone come out of these challenging times stronger.

Solace from Haseeb Qureshi and CZ

Haseeb Qureshi, the Managing Partner at venture capital outfit, DragonFly Capital told his more than 55,700 Twitter followers that he believes everyone that has lost money can survive this onslaught as “Human beings are resilient,” and that “we habituate surprisingly fast.”

“There are no free lunches. Any time you think you found a way to make easy money, you're probably missing something. Edges are continually earned through hard work, and the universe will teach you that the hard way,” he said, adding “Everything compounds. When you lose your money, you are left with your skills and your knowledge, and those only grow. So much of my knowledge and experience comes from my past failures. Someone failing for the first time doesn't stand a chance.”

Binance founder and Chief Executive Officer, Changpeng Zhao, known on social media as ‘CZ’ said the fact that “we are in a new market, with many innovations,” there is a high level of probability that some of these “innovations will become successful, many won’t.”

Judging from these, CZ said there is the need to return back to the fundamentals, and by so doing, focus solely on building “real products, not reliant on short term incentives, or promotions, but with intrinsic value that people use.”

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