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Ethereum Team Leader Critiques University's Apathy Towards Crypto Education

Luisa Crawford Dec 04, 2023 09:30

Ethereum head, Péter Szilágyi, expressed frustration over his alma mater's lack of interest in blockchain technology, contrasting with global demand for blockchain education driven by major corporations and student interests.

Ethereum Team Leader Critiques University's Apathy Towards Crypto Education

The Ethereum team leader, Péter Szilágyi, recently expressed his dissatisfaction regarding his alma mater's apparent disinterest in providing students with opportunities to engage with Ethereum technology. Szilágyi's frustration was articulated through a series of tweets on December 3, 2023, where he recounted his efforts to foster genuine interest in Ethereum at his former university.

Szilágyi's attempts to spark enthusiasm included organizing a grant that allowed nine students to attend Devconnect, with all expenses paid. Despite this, he found that the students were unaware of the grant's source and showed little curiosity about it. His further efforts to initiate collaboration between students and industry professionals through university contacts also met with no response.

This lack of engagement from the university and students led Szilágyi to reflect on his own university experience, where there was a constant call for industry projects and funding, yet a noticeable lack of initiative to seize such opportunities.

Meanwhile, Ethereum's price has seen a significant increase, with a 20.10 percent rise over the past month, reaching a current value of $1,698.72. This growth contrasts sharply with the tepid response from academic institutions to the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Contrarily, there's an evident rise in demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain courses in educational settings globally. Large corporations drive this need, seeking professionals well-versed in blockchain technology. Companies like Oracle, Amazon, and Google are scouting for talent in this domain to develop blockchain-based solutions. Additionally, there's an increasing interest among information systems students to learn about decentralized applications.

In a recent development underscoring this trend, France announced the establishment of the Institute of Crypto-Assets. This institution aims to conduct research and offer support in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, signaling a growing recognition of these fields' importance in the contemporary digital landscape.

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