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HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?
HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?

Thailand Finance Ministry Eyes Blockchain Technology to Revamp Service Delivery
Uttama Savanayana, Thailand’s Finance Minister, has revealed that his ministry wants to use blockchain technology for system upgrades intended for optimal service delivery to citizens.

BNY Mellon Joins Marco Polo Trade Finance Consortium
The Bank of New York Mellon, which boasts nearly $2 trillion under management, is the 28th bank to join the Marco Polo trade finance consortium. And according to CoinDesk, the bank is quite eager to go “live:”

Frankfurt Main Finance: Establishing Trust Between Continental Networks
Frankfurt Main Finance is one of the founding members of the World Alliance of International Financial Centres (WAIFC). The mission of the Alliance is to establish transparent networks that facilitate cooperation and sharing of best practices for financial centres globally in the face of breakthrough technologies and rapid social change.

Why is Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing the Banking and Finance Market?
As technology continues to evolve year after year, it becomes glaring that it is gradually sweeping every productive sector in the world, more importantly, finance and banking. This is so because the sector is about the most sensitive in every economy. It’s got to be, right? Money is important and needed by everyone – one way or another.

R3 - Revolutionizing Trade Finance with Blockchain
R3 leads the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world, creating initiatives using distributed ledger technology. Carl Wegner, the Managing Director and Head of Asia at R3, elaborates on the consortium’s reach with its broad ecosystem, on initiatives that are built on Corda, including, Project Voltron, Project Inthanon, Project LionRock, and Project Ubin in Asia.  

Crypto Assets Conference 2020: The Conference on "Blockchain & Finance”
On 9/10 March 2020, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, together with, is organizing the Crypto Asset Conference ( on the campus of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management for the third time. Blockchain technology was born through the invention of Bitcoin and has since then created hundreds of digital assets and spurred the development of business models building on decentralized networks. The conference covers both the public blockchain (crypto assets) and the enterprise blockchain domain (DLT). CAC20 makes the audience familiar with the current trends in DLT, blockchain and crypto assets.

Keep Big Tech out of Finance? Draft Bill Surfaced Ahead of Libra Hearings
The draft bill entitled “Keep Big Tech out of Finance” has appeared online ahead of Facebook’s hearing on 16 and 17 July. The bill is allegedly circulating among The United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, as revealed by media outlet The BLOCK on 13 July.

EY Ops Chain: Bringing Transparency and Accountability to Public Finance Management
Blockchain.News sat down with Jimmy Ong, EY Asia-Pacific Blockchain Leader to take a deep dive in EY Ops Chain and EY Blockchain Analyzer. In particular, we explore how EY Ops Chain facilitates a more transparent public finance tracking. Ong also shared an interesting use case when EY Ops Chain enables the tracking of blood in Canada.

BNY Mellon Joins the Marco Polo Network to Develop a More Open and Connected Trade Finance Network
The Marco Polo Network announced a new strategic partnership with the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) to create a vast financial atmosphere that will ensure economic as well as trade growth, making BNY Mellon a member of the top network of financial institutions which leverage blockchain technology for trade finance.

Exclusive: How Traditional Finance Can Help Crypto to Gain Trust and Adoption?
How traditional finance can help crypto to gain trust and adoption? Spoken in Next Block Asia, Bangkok, Matthew Lam of Blockchain.News moderated the panel discussion and shared his insights with the following speakers in the pain points of crypto in trust and adoption, as well as future of Facebook Libra and the killer dApp in financial markets.

HSBC Becomes the First Bank to Finance Transaction via Hyperledger
Multinational banking giant, HSBC has reportedly become the first bank to complete a financial transaction using the blockchain trade platform, based in Europe.

Thai Government Announces Blockchain Technology Adoption in Finance Agencies to Enhance Work Efficiency
The Thai government has remained visible as one of the leading governments committed to adopting blockchain technology. Many innovations concerning blockchain use cases can be learned from the government.

South Korea Is Looking to Put Trade Finance on the Blockchain
The South Korean government wants all trade to be on the blockchain, Coindesk reports.

ASIFMA: Tokenized Securities Might Bridge the Current Mainstream Finance with the New Digital World
ASIFMA (the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Associations) has availed a new white paper that reveals a roadmap for regulators and market participants on tokenized securities.

Financial Conduct Authority, on the 2 Key Initiatives to the Era of Open Finance
Following the Part 1 interview of the Financial Conduct Authority, Maha El Dimachki, Head of Payments of the FCA reveals some of her key initiatives in the FCA, including the significance of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) among the EU countries and the rationale of the Stronger Customer Authentication. As Co-Chair of Spectrum, the BAME Network Group at the FCA, El Dimachki also provided some advice for women in FinTech!

The Fourth Belt and Road Summit 2019 – FinTech Cultural Revolution for Inclusive and Green Finance
The fourth Belt and Road Summit jointly organized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held on 11 to 12 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With around 5000 government officials, professionals and entrepreneurs from 69 countries attended the summit, opportunities and innovations were shared and explored.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Signs a Blockchain Alliance Proposal to Foster Trade And Finance
Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce had signed a written proposal giving the Shanghai government departments and six financial companies an opportunity to establish an E-port area blockchain alliance with the sole aim of fostering international trade and financial services.

ConsolFreight Releases New Proof Of Concept To Advance The Role Of Logistics Providers In Trade Finance
"Banks are short-sighted in determining and validating the value of the goods being financed. They have drawn a very distinctive line between Logistics and Financial institutions, where the value of the assets is entirely disconnected from the process. Thus, leaving an untapped market of unfulfilled credit demand estimated at $1.6 trillion," says ConsolFreight's CEO, Ernesto Vila.

Oman Oil & Orpic Group and HSBC Digitize Trade Finance with the Execution of their First Blockchain Trade Transaction
Oman Oil & Orpic Group and HSBC Bank Oman have succeeded in carrying out their first trade transaction via blockchain technology.

Accenture Forms Strategic Partnership with TradeIX, Joining the Marco Polo Network
Professional services firm Accenture has partnered with TradeIX to create new use cases for the buyers and sellers in the trade finance market. TradeIX, a trade finance blockchain startup, previously launched the Marco Polo Network along with R3.

Major Chinese Financial News Outlet Unveils Crypto Tracking in Mobile
One of the largest financial news portals in China, Sina Finance has enabled cryptocurrency tracking to its mobile app, as revealed by the tweet of cnLedger.

Russian Prime Minister Sets Deadline For Adopting New Approach to Cryptocurrencies
The awesome wave of change has snaked into the Russian cryptocurrency market as their finance ministry advocates for a new regulatory framework to be adopted by the country’s legislative body. This proposition entails that cryptocurrencies will be classified under three separate legal categories or tiers as set by the Russia legislative body law. These tiers are virtual assets, technical tokens, and digital finance asses.

Crypto Wallet and Data Giant Reported to Raise $50M Funding Round
According to a report by Yahoo Finance, Blockchain is raising a VC fund to invest in both equity and crypto coins.

Binance Invests Heavily in Chinese Crypto Media Firm
According to a Bloomberg report, Binance has debuted an investment in China With a crypto Media and data sourcing company, Mars Finance.