3AC Withdraws $45m from Curve and Convex amid Bankruptcy

Godfrey Benjamin   Sep 07, 2022 02:05 2 Min Read

Three Arrows Capital (3AC) might have declared bankruptcy, but the firm is still conducting a number of robust transactions, according to insights derived from on-chain data. 


The company, which was also declared as a liquidated entity by a court in the British Virgin Islands, has unstaked a total of 20,945 staked ether (stETH), worth $33.3 million, from Curve Finance.

The transaction was discovered in part because the crypto analytics platform, Nansen, had already marked the wallet address used for the transaction as belonging to 3AC. Su Zhu ran the firm and also withdrew some funds, including 2,421 wrapped ether (3.98 million), 202.7 wrapped bitcoin ($4 million) and 4,051,367 USDT stablecoins from the Convex Finance protocol as well.

The wallet address attached to Three Arrows Capital that was used to initiate the transaction with Curve is also what is being used to keep hold of the unstaked $45 million. According to the balances in the Wallet at the time of writing, a total of $57.86 million.

Prior to its liquidation and subsequent bankruptcy, 3AC was a highly capitalized firm, serving as both a hedge fund as well as an active investment outfit in the broader Web3.0 ecosystem. The trading platform is known to be the prominent backer of key projects like Fireblocks and Terraform Labs.

The bet on Terraform Labs fueled its downfall, and the cataclysmic impact accounts for what has dragged many other crypto firms like Voyager Digital into the bankruptcy circle.

According to liquidation proceedings, it was discovered that the embattled crypto hedge fund owed as much as $3.5 billion to creditors, one of whom was

While Teneo Restructuring is in charge of the liquidation proceedings, some investors, particularly those with small stakes in the firm, can be adjudged as not having a visible edge in reclaiming their funds.

It is not immediately clear what the unstaked funds are meant for, as no comment or reference has been gleaned from 3AC or its representatives.

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