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The process that results in the release of certain amounts of a particular digital currency into its circulating supply. Mining is often the process that governs the verification of transactions and the addition of blocks to a blockchain.

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North America To Get Its First Bitcoin Mining Pool to Rival China’s Crypto Mining Dominance
US-based Titan crypto mining software company sets to launch the first Enterprise-Grade Bitcoin Mining Pool in North America.

Ethereum Mining Difficulty Has Reached an ATH
Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has attained a new mining difficulty all-time high of 4,745,167,085,193,270.

China's Inner Mongolia to Shut Down Bitcoin Mining Operations Due to Energy Efficiency Concerns
A major Bitcoin mining hub in China, Inner Mongolia will be shutting down its extensive mining operations by April of this year.

UK’s Argo Crypto Mining Firm Begins Paying CEO in Bitcoin
Argo blockchain crypto mining firm has become the first publicly listed company to pay its CEO in Bitcoin.

Authorities Uncover Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm In Kyrgyzstan
Federal authorities have uncovered a large illegal Bitcoin mining site in Kyrgyzstan in the territory of the Bishkek Free Economic Zone.

Bitmain Partners With Digital Currency Group's Foundry to Fuel Crypto Mining Business in North America
Crypto mining giant Bitmain has announced that it will be partnering with crypto mining firm Foundry to extend its services to North America.

Grayscale Investments Parent Company DCG Invests $100 Million Into Bitcoin Mining
Grayscale parent company DCG has announced its entry into Bitcoin mining.

Italian Authorities Bust Illegal Ethereum Mining Activities Using Airport Computers
Airport officials working at Italy’s Lamezia Terme International airport have nabbed a 41-year-old technician for unlawfully mining Ethereum using the airport computers.

How to Mine Without Buying A Mining Machine
Bitcoin’s price has been rising incredibly and continues to trend upward. Many people may think that if they cannot buy a Bitcoin mining machine, they are missing out on a huge opportunity to generate profit.

World's Second Largest Bitcoin Mining Company Raises $90M in US IPO
The world’s second-largest bitcoin mining equipment producer, Canaan Inc. raised $90 million during its initial public offering (IPO).

Kazakhstan to Secure $700 Million Funds to Boost its Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Projects
Kazakhstan's government is trying to secure a $700 million investment and reports that it is on track with its crypto mining farm project.

UK’s Argo Blockchain Buys 320 Acres in Texas to Build Bitcoin Mining Facility
London-based Argo Blockchain has joined an increasing number of firms seeking to construct crypto mining facilities in Texas, US.

Chinese Police Put MicroBT CEO Under Microscope Over Alleged Dispute With Bitmain
Chinese Police have just resumed its investigation of intellectual property infringement involving Yang Zuoxing, CEO of Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology and Bitmain.

Russian Tech and Political Oligarchs Opposes Blanket Crypto Ban
Tech and political oligarchs in Russia are expressing their full displeasure over the proposed blanket ban on crypto.

Crypto Miner HIVE Requested for Resubmission of Form 40-F
Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd said it received a letter from Nasdaq, requesting that the company renew its annual report on Form 40-F due to delays in filing submit plans to meet exchange listing compliance.

Spanish Lawmaker Tables a Proposal to be Bitcoin Mining Hub after Kazakhstan Internet Shutdown
Maria Munoz, a member of the Congress of Deputies, seeks to make Spain a Bitcoin mining hub following the turmoil that was continually rocking Kazakhstan.

Central Bank of Russia Intends to Ban Crypto Mining and Activities
The Central Bank of Russia is going on the offensive in relation to the digital currency ecosystem in the country as the apex bank is calling for a blanket ban on crypto-related activities.

Paraguay Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Crypto Mining and Trading
Paraguay is advancing its crypto bill. Though it appears taking clues from its counterpart, El Salvador.

Russian Blanket Crypto Ban May now be Limited to PoW Mining Activities
New reports emerging out of Russia now suggest that the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is looking to amend its proposed plans to enact a blanket bank on digital currencies

New York Senate Gives Moratorium on Bitcoin Mining Operations Per Climate Change Concerns
New York Senators are seeking a new law that clamps down on coal-powered mining while giving exceptions to green energy-powered Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Miners from Inner Mongolia and Sichuan Are Selling BTC Mining Tools
As the plans to clamp down on Bitcoin mining dawns in China, many miners in the mainland are listing their hardware for sale.

Crypto Mining May be Sacrificed as EU Continues to Battle Energy Crisis
With the energy crisis in the EU, member countries may be mandated to halt crypto-mining activities

Chinese Authorities Pressure Bitcoin Miners to Scale Down Operations
Authorities in Sichuan, China has been reportedly pressuring Bitcoin miners to scale down their operations due to electricity shortages. During the dry season, extending from October to April, the electricity supply drops in the province.

Sparks Fly: Bitcoin and Ethereum Debate on ETH’s Total Supply Goes Viral
Over the past few days, a central debate has been ongoing on crypto Twitter, fueled by Bitcoin and Ethereum advocates. Both Bitcoiners and Ethereans disagree on which cryptocurrency is better for use.

Malware Botnets Hijacked Microsoft SQL Databases to Mine Cryptocurrency Causing Concern
Guardicore, a cloud security and data center firm, has issued a report showing how a malware botnet, tracked as Vollgar botnet, has been hijacking Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) databases around the world and forcing them to mine the cryptocurrencies Vollar and Monero.

COVID-19 Hits Canadian Crypto Mining Firm Bitfarms, Forced to Lay Off Staff to Maintain Cost Efficiency
Publicly-listed Canadian crypto mining form Bitfarms has temporarily reduced employees because of the social and economic challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Bitmain's Board Makes Decision Ousting Co-Founder Ketuan Zhan
Bitmain has changed its company structure in the registration filing with government agencies. Leading to Wu becoming executive director and legal representative of the company.

Crypto Firms Join Forces to Push for Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining Upgrades
Spiral and Braiins lead efforts along with an industry working group to upgrade the current Stratum V1 protocol for miners.

UK Research Shows 66% Control of Hash Rate is Coming From China
Reporting on a study developed by UK based company CoinShares, as much as 66% of global hash rates come from and are controlled by Chinese Entities.

China Allows Building of Hydroelectric Plant in Well Known Bitcoin Mining Town
Government authorities in China have allowed construction to go ahead to increase the capacity of current hydroelectric plants in the Ya'an district of Sichuan, a town popularly known in cryptocurrency circles to be teeming with Bitcoin miners.

Bill Gates Foundation’s COVID-19 Vaccine is a Satanic Plot says Oscar-Winner
Microsoft’s recent patent for a human powered crypto mining system based on sensors that convert physical or mental activity into computer power has generated a lot of interest and captured the imagination of the public, but perhaps some are looking a little too closely.

Mina Stones to Propel Ethical Mining in Africa via Credits Blockchain
Mina Stones, a pioneer of Handcrafted African Fine Jewelry, seeks to avert the unethical mining problem in Africa by using Credits blockchain to alter the present gemstones supply chain.

IMF Educational Cryptocurrency Video Receives Backlash from Bitcoin and Crypto Experts
A video posted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on its social platform has generated a lot of criticism from the cryptocurrency community.

Vespene Energy Raises $4.3M Funding to Convert Landfill Methane into Bitcoin
Vespene Energy, a methane mitigation company, said that it is developing an infrastructure that will enable methane gas to produce electricity for Bitcoin mining.

The Fate of Cryptocurrencies in a Fast-Changing Financial Ecosystem
Cryptocurrency being a digital currency, created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography has been gradually modifying the world of finance as well as other sectors such as e-commerce and since its creation in 2009.

Bill Gates Denies COVID-19 Vaccine Microchips and Satanic Conspiracy Theories
Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and billionaire philanthropist, has responded to conspiracy theories that his charity foundation is planning to use the coronavirus vaccine to implant microchips into the global population. The conspiracy itself appears to have started with a patent for a very innovative cryptocurrency mining system filed by Microsoft earlier this year.

Tables Turn for Japanese Man After Being Convicted for Secretly Installing a Crypto Mining Program
The Tokyo High Court has dismissed the acquittal of a 32-year-old Japanese man who had been let off the hook by the Yokohama District Court in March 2019 after being accused of unlawfully inserting a cryptocurrency mining program dubbed Coinhive.

New York-Based Power Plant Greenidge Generation Mines $50,000 Worth of Bitcoin on a Daily Basis
Greenidge’s 65,000-square-foot facility was initially built in 1937 as a coal plant before eventually being closed down in 2011. The plant remained dormant for five years before Atlas Holdings, Connecticut-based private equity company, converted it into a natural gas plant in 2016 to generate clean energy. Because of the high power that crypto mining machines use in their operations, countries have initiated stricter measures to discourage miners from conducting their mining activities. Some of these measures involve increased electricity fees, which have compelled most miners to move to other cities with favorable electricity billing.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Remains Steady as Miners are Wiped Out by China Floods
Recent China floods did not affect the Bitcoin network hash rate. However, some miners were not spared as they were wiped out.

World Economic Forum Partners with Mining Companies to Design Blockchain Solutions
According to a Medium post released on Oct. 25, seven major mining and metals companies have decided to partner with World Economic Forum (WEF) to experiment, design, deploy blockchain solutions and sustainably maximize blockchain sourcing of raw materials.

Ukrainian Security Department And Law Enforcement Uncover a Crypto Mining Farm in a Railway Subdivision in Lviv
According to a report, Ukrzaliznytsia has uncovered a hidden cryptocurrency mining farm in the Lviv railway subdivision, which has been making use of the country’s electricity without paying for it. This secret mining company was discovered by Ukrzaliznytsia's security department, in conjunction with law enforcement officials.

Largest U.S. Public Pension Fund Holds Over 100,000 Shares in Bitcoin Miner RIOT Blockchain
The largest U.S. public pension fund, CalPERS increased its stake in RIOT Blockchain (RIOT), a Bitcoin mining firm, during Bitcoin’s sensational price surge at the end of 2020.

Hypervine Pilots Blockchain-Enabled Satellite Data Project to Curb Climate Impact of Mining Sector
Hypervine, a blockchain construction company based in Glasgow, Scotland, has revealed the kicking off of a blockchain-powered project that will utilize satellite data to boost efficiency in the mining industry. Expressly, it will be funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

China's Bitmain shows Bitcoin Mining remains Profitable After Posting $300 Million in Revenues
Bitmain, one of the largest mining equipment makers globally, has reported revenues of $300 million thus far in 2020. While its business has faced turmoil in recent times, the core strategy continues to reap benefits.

Ripple (XRP) CEO on How China Is Controlling Bitcoin and Will Potentially Dominate All Cryptocurrencies
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse explained why the majority of Bitcoin (BTC) was controlled by China, as he discussed the country's role in the blockchain sector.

BlockFi to Sell $160 Million in Bitcoin Mining Machine
BlockFi aims to offer $160 million in loans secured by 68,000 Bitcoin mining equipment. November saw the crypto lender declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Defaulted loans may be undercollateralized.

Iranian Crypto Miners get Cut Off as Country Activates Energy Saving Mode
The Iran Grid Management Company, also known as the Tavanir, has cut off the power supply to the country’s licensed cryptocurrency miners, a significant step against its backing for the controversial adventure.

Russia's Apex Bank Grants DFA License to Atomyze, the Nation's First
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has granted the Digital Financial Assets (DFA) services license to Atomyze LLC, the first startup in the country to become an asset manager.

BTC Mining Firm Griid to be Listed on NYSE, valued at $3.3B
Bitcoin mining company Griid announced that it will merge with Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code "GRDI".

Huobi & BTC.Top Reportedly Suspends Business Operation in China
Cryptocurrency mining operators, including Huobi and BTC.TOP, are reportedly halting their business in mainland China, sources said.

Argo Blockchain IPO: Lawsuit Claims Miner Made Untrue Statements
Argo Blockchain's 2021 IPO investors launched a class-action lawsuit.

Iran Bans Crypto Mining to Avert Major Blackouts in Winter Season
Iran is banning cryptocurrency mining for the second time this year in order to reduce the strain on the nation’s power grid.

Core Scientific seeks to sell $6.6 million in Bitmain coupons
On Jan. 25, bankrupt Bitcoin mining business Core Scientific filed an emergency move to sell Bitmain coupons.

Argo Blockchain regains stock listing compliance with Nasdaq
Nasdaq relisted bitcoin mining company Argo. Nasdaq's listing standards demand a minimum closing bid price of $1 for 30 consecutive working days, which the firm did not meet. After Nasdaq notified ARBK about noncompliance in December, shares recovered.

China Anhui Province Becomes the Latest Region to Crack the Whip on Crypto Mining
Anhui, an eastern Chinese province, has become the latest region to shut down all crypto mining activities, according to local media, citing an acute power shortage.

Bitcoin Mining Technology Luxor Completed $5M Series A Funding Led by NYDIG
Luxor announced the completion of a Series A funding with a total value of $5 million.

HIVE Purchases Additional 4,000 New Bitcoin Mining Machines
HIVE Blockchain, a publicly listed firm based in Canada, has announced a purchase of 4,000 Bitcoin mining machines to increase its hash rate production.

Bitcoin Slips to 4-Month Low as Kazakhstan Internet Shutdown Hampers Mining
Bitcoin dropped below $42K for the first time since September 2021 as the market remains in the red.

Hive Blockchain Generated 465.1 BTC, 2957 ETH in July
Hive Blockchain said it currently holds 3,091 Bitcoin and 6,820 Ethereum as of August 4, 2022, after producing 278.5 BTC and 2,957 ETH in July.

Fidelity Investments Acquires $20M Stake in Bitcoin Miner Marathon Digital
Fidelity Investment Inc now has a 7.4% stake in Marathon Digital Holdings, a major crypto mining firm in North America.

Dorsey's Payments Firm Block Starts to Begin Mining Bitcoin
Block Inc, formerly known as Square, will begin mining Bitcoin with its mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Mining firm Compute North Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Crypto mining firm Compute North has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a federal court as it had been struggling to survive due to the market downturn.

Mike Novogratz Considers Galaxy's Helios Purchase "Transformative"
Galaxy Digital Holdings CEO Mike Novogratz dubbed the Helios mining transaction "transformative." Dec. 28 saw the crypto investment firm's $65 million purchase of Argo's main mining plant. Galaxy operates trading, asset management, crypto mining, venture investments, and investment banking.

Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Announces Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results, Beating Analyst Expectations
CleanSpark announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022, with total revenue for the quarter quadrupling year-on-year to $33.5 million and adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation (Ebitda) of $22.5 million.

Nasdaq-Listed Riot Blockchain Posts a Profitable Third Quarter
Riot Blockchain Inc, one of the few blockchain companies to be listed on the Nasdaq has posted yet a profitable third quarter performance.

VanEck Launches Mining ETF on List Today
Investment firm VanEck has launched a mining ETF (DAM), which will officially go public on Wednesday.

Elon Musk: Lightning Network Needed to Fix Scalability Problem in Bitcoin Network
Elon Musk urges that layer-2 payments Lightning Network is essential to offer the required bandwidth for Bitcoin transactions to solve its scalability problem.

Why Energy Experts are Watching the Crypto Market Closely
Words like Bitcoin and Oil Market seem to have no correlation between them. However, given the kind of small world we are living in, there's more than meets the eye. Check out this article which explains the perfect correlation between Bitcoin and Oil Market and why energy experts are keeping a close watch on the crypto market.

Celsius Mining Sells $1.3M Equipment
Celsius Network's mining division is selling $1.3 million in mining equipment. In July 2022, the firm went insolvent, locking up $4.7 billion in consumer deposits. Core Scientific closed over 37,000 Celsius-owned mining equipment in January.

Marathon Reveals Over $80m Exposure to Bankrupt Crypto Miner Compute North
Compute North, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, owes as much as $500 million to at least 200 creditors. Now the crypto miner got over $80 million in funding from Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

Russia Mulling Crypto for Cross-Border Payments
Russia is reportedly mulling the plans to allow cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments as on one of the survival measures explorable as the country continues to battle sanctions from the West for its invasion of Ukraine

Bit Origin Limited Signs LOI to Acquire 30.62% Equity Interests in Horizon Mining Ltd
The planned acquisition would be another major step forward for Bit Origin Limited to accelerate its efforts into the crypto mining business.

Nvidia Agrees to Pay $5.5 Million to SEC Fine for Failure to Crypto Mining Disclosures
The SEC said it found that Nvidia misled investors in 2017 and 2018 on how cryptocurrency contributed to the profits in its gaming business.

Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Acquires 36 MW Facility, 3,400 Antminers for $25M
CleanSpark made the acquisitions to expand its operating presence while maintaining cost-effective production rates.

Bitcoin Miner Compass Mining Establishes 75 MW Hosting Partnership with Compute North
Compass Mining, a Bitcoin mining hosting and brokerage services firm based in Delaware, US, announced the completion of a partnership with colocation provider Compute North to secure at least 75 megawatts (MW) of energy capacity for its TIER 0™ data center in Granbury, Texas.

Luna Trading Draws Online Discussions in China Despite Crypto Ban
Despite being banned in China, cryptocurrency is gaining attraction in the country as the value of some of the world’s most prevailing digital currencies and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has increased.

U.S. sanctions: Customers suing Compass Mining
Compass Mining customers are suing for $2 million for fraud. The firm terminated connections with Russian hosting provider Bit River and didn't restore clients' Bitcoin machines. It cut connections with Bit River over non-applicable US sanctions.

Hut 8 Mining Corporation Ramps Up Fight Against Power Supplier
Hut 8 Mining sued Ontario over power supply to a newly built crypto mining plant.

Crypto Trading Volumes in Exchanges Sank by Over 40% in June
The ripple effect of the recent crypto market crash continued to be felt as trading volumes at major exchanges nosedived by more than 40% in June.

Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Acquires Mawson’s Georgia Mining Facility, Rigs for Up to $42.5M
CleanSpark continues to pursue growth in a sector ripe for mergers and acquisitions amid a bear market.

Bitcoin Mining in China Dropped before the Latest Crackdown
New research conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) shows that Bitcoin mining in China has already nosediving even before the government started cracking the whip on crypto mining in May.

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific Apparently Declares Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Due to dropping income and BTC prices, Core Scientific filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas. In July 2021, the company was valued at $4.3 billion. Due to a lengthy bear market, Core Scientific sold 9,618 BTC in April to continue functioning. Microsoft has banned cloud customers from mining cryptocurrency to improve service reliability.

Latvian National Extradited to the U.S for Crypto and Wire Fraud
Ivars Auzins, a Latvian citizen, accused of committing securities and wire fraud using eight companies that alleged to mine or invest in crypto assets, was extradited to the United States to face a six-count indictment charge.

Allegations of fraud against Compass Mining after company cuts ties with Russian
Compass Mining customers are suing for $2 million for fraud. The firm terminated connections with Russian hosting provider Bit River and didn't restore clients' Bitcoin machines. It cut connections with Bit River over non-applicable US sanctions.

Ethereum Miners Revenue Percentage Reaches Monthly Low
The percentage of miner revenue from fees on the ETH network reached a monthly low of 36.145%.

Marathon Digital Overclocks To Get An Edge
North America's biggest Bitcoin mining business is overclocking its machines. Overclocking increases a computer's CPU clock speed above its manufacturer's limit. Marathon Digital mined 4,144 BTC in 2022, including 475 in December.

May 13: ALT Coins Give You Wings
Trade Strategy: Similar to yesterday. I've closed my long volatility trades, and will start to sell some volatility here and whenever it spikes. While implied volatility has sharply declined from 100% to 80% since Sunday, the longer-term average before the 12 March crash is around 55-60% so there's still juice to be short vol.

Matrixport's Evolved Enterprise-Grade Cactus Custody and Holistic Approach to KYT and AML Compliance
Matrixport is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency startup which was launched by former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu. Established in July 2019 with the goal to offer over-the-counter trading, lending and custody services for crypto, Matrixport boasts a systematic security model, global distributed infrastructure and business-focused security innovation capability to assure the security and reliability of users' assets.

Matrixport: Jihan Wu's Spin Off Start-up Meeting Demand for Cryptocurrency Services Beyond Bitmain's Mining Ecosystem
Cynthia Wu is the Head of Business Development and Sales at Matrixport where she is also focused on building business for Cactus Custody and managing Matrixport’s key investor relations. In this first part of our exclusive interview, Wu shares her insights with Blockchain.News on the state of the Bitcoin mining, the surge in Bitcoin’s Hashrate and the potential impact that the coming Bitcoin halving will have on Bitcoin miners.

PowerGhost: The Mining Malware to Watch in 2020
In Part 3 of the interview, Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia, Kaspersky shared with us the state of cryptocurrency mining malware and he believed we should watch out for Powerghost in 2020! Yeo also explained the cybersecurity solutions of Kaspersky on quantum computing.

Amun AG, on 7 Unique Metrics of Bitcoin Valuation
We have exclusively spoken with Lanre Jonathan Ige, Researcher of Amun AG on the limitations of traditional valuation approach and some unique metrics for Bitcoin valuation.

Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Thinks Mining Monero on HTC Phones is a “Fool’s Game”
Ethereum co-creator has downplayed the partnership between HTC and Midas Labs, which enables Monero mining on mobile phones.

Microsoft Patents Cutting Edge Human-Powered Crypto Mining System
Microsoft has filed for a patent for a cryptocurrency mining system that will leverage the data collected from people as they interact with advertising or exercise.

Bitcoin on Showtime: Winklevoss Biographer Writes BTC Mining Plot for Billions
Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series Billions featured a cryptocurrency mining scheme being executed in a prep school.

Microsoft’s Crypto Patent Fuels Another Right Wing Satanic Conspiracy By Ex-CIA Agent
Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp has dragged Microsoft's crypto-mining patent right back into the center of another right-wing conspiracy.

US National Lab Computer Scientists Deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Thwart Illegal Crypto Mining
Los Alamos National Laboratory has created an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of identifying malicious codes that mine cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Crypto Market Capitalization Inches Closer to $3 Trillion
The cryptocurrency market capitalization is a stone’s throw away from the $3 trillion mark as it stands at $2.96 trillion.

Digihost Plans to Move Mining Rigs from NY to Alabama, Expand Energy to 55 MW in 2023
U.S.-based crypto miner Digihost Technology Inc. plans to move drilling rigs from New York to Alabama, expanding energy capacity to 55 MW in the second quarter of 2023.

Grayscale Launches Bitcoin Mining-Centered Investment Entity
Crypto asset management firm Grayscale plans to launch a new private co-investment opportunity in mining hardware that enriches the bitcoin ecosystem.

Compass Mining to Sold $30m Worth of Assets in Russia to Fend Off Sanctions
Compass Mining, an American cryptocurrency mining firm, is looking for buyers for its gears stranded in Russia in a bid to avoid being sanctioned by the United States Department of Treasury.

Argo Mining Crypto Production Rose to 219 BTCs in July
Argo not only mined more Bitcoins in July, but also generated higher revenues than the previous month. The crypto mining firm faced challenges of electricity costs and its 17 series machines during the month of July.

Argo Bitcoin Miner Sells 637 BTC to Offset Costs & Outstanding Loans
Despite the market plunge, Argo Blockchain recorded increased Bitcoin mining revenues in June. Argo said the success has been attributed to the increased Bitcoin mining produced by S19J Pro machines.

Stronghold Digital Mining Collects Coal Waste to Power Cryptocurrency Mining
Stronghold Digital Mining, based in western Pennsylvania, has found a new, environmentally friendly way to mine cryptocurrency, Reuters reports.

Greenidge Generation’s Bitcoin Mining Production Rose 18% in June
Greenidge produced 230 Bitcoins in June, an increase of 18% compared to production seen in May. The company also has ordered additional 200 mining machines to be on delivery to increase its mining ability.

New York Governor Cuomo signs PoW mining ban
New York governor Kathy Hochul signed the proof-of-work (PoW) mining moratorium into law on Nov. 22. PoW mining consensus is predominantly used by Bitcoin miners and a few other altcoins. The practice has been marred by controversies over its high amount of energy consumption.

Crypto Mining Demands Ramps Up in Vietnam Amid Bitcoin’s Price Surge
Surging Bitcoin’s price is currently creating greater demand for cryptocurrency mining in Vietnam. Increased interest in mining activities are also being seen in several regions across the world.

Musk Abandons Twitter Board, Tesla Builds Partnership to Make BTC Mining Eco-Friendly
Tesla's boss Elon Musk decides not to join the board, who recently become the biggest shareholder in Twitter. Meanwhile, Tesla, Blockstream, and Jack Dorsey-owned Block have teamed up to power a bitcoin mining facility with solar energy.

Greenidge Generation Recruits New Executive Leaders, Forecasts Losses in Q3
Bitcoin mining company and zero carbon power plant supplier Greenidge Generation has announced a transition of leadership and a possible loss in Q3

Bitcoin Mining Transforming Global Energy Crisis, Says Arcane Research
Arcane Research suggests crypto mining would help to resolve the energy crisis triggered by fossil fuels.

117 Smuggled Crypto Mining Machines Seized by Iranian Police
The Iranian provincial police had apprehended an individual who was said to be smuggling in cryptocurrency mining machines. This was reported by the local news agency Fars News, on July 31.

Texas City Fort Worth Becomes First Government to Mine Bitcoin in the US
Fort Worth, a City in Texas State, announced Tuesday to become the first city government to mine Bitcoin in the United States.

China’s Crypto Mining Clampdown Sparked by Illegal Coal Extraction
China’s latest crackdown on cryptocurrency mining was prompted by an increase in the illegal coal extraction.

Melanion Capital Advocates for Bitcoin Mining Against Swedish Government's Banning Call
Swedish authorities' call to ban Bitcoin mining across the EU has been faulted by Melanion Capital who says the position is "completely misinformed."

Bitcoin Accelerates the Development of Renewable Energy for Bitcoin Mining
The use of volcano power to mine Bitcoin (BTC) in El Salvador was propelling the leading cryptocurrency’s quest to accelerate renewable energy development.

Marathon Digital CEO Urges to Incentivize Bitcoin Miners for Embracing Renewable Energy
Fred Thiel, the CEO of Bitcoin mining firm Marathon Digital, has called on the Federal Government to incentivize miners for embracing renewable energy options to mine their cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Mining is a 'Net Plus' for the Environment: US Senator Ted Cruz
United States Senator, Ted Cruz has showered accolades on Bitcoin mining as a venture, taking a very divergent view from major critics who believe Bitcoin mining is damaging to the environment.

City of Niagara Falls Forces Blockfusion Bitcoin Miner to Shut Down Operations
In Canada, the city of Niagara Falls claims that Blockfusion Bitcoin miner violates local laws and produces environmental disturbances.

Bitcoin Experiences the Second-Largest Drop in Mining Difficulty in History
The latest Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment has experienced a major decline of 16%, representing the largest drop since late 2012.

South Carolina to Play Home for Greenidge's 175 Acre Crypto Mining Farm
Nasdaq-listed Greenidge Holdings has announced its plans to establish a new data center for mining cryptocurrencies in Spartanburg County, South Carolina State.

Bitcoin Miners are Squeezed By Lack of Data Centers Amid China's Clampdown
The clampdown on crypto mining from China has caused a shortage of space for the homeless mining machines.

EU Market Watchdog Speaks Against Renewable Energy Mining for PoW
The Vice-Chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), Erik Thedéen has taken a stance against the use of renewable energy for all PoW mining operations.

Chinese Police Discover Illegal Bitcoin Mining Activity in Mysterious Graves
Police in China recently discovered illegal Bitcoin mining, which was buried underneath a local cemetery. Power losses within the area caused the initial suspicion. A Chinese oil field company submitted a tip to the local police requesting them to investigate suspicious power losses in the northern city of Daqing, Heilongjiang province. The police officers arrived at the scene and spotted mysterious two grave mounds lying in the field.

Core Scientific Faces Bankruptcy With Over 78% collapse in Share Value
Bitcoin mining firm Core Scientific to file for Bankruptcy

Ameren Energy Corp Unveils its Secret Bitcoin Mining Operations
Missouri-based energy generation company Ameren Corp has unveiled its secret Bitcoin mining operations near the Sioux Energy Center in the state.

Crypto Miner Hut 8 Launches New Facility in Ontario, Bitcoin Mining Production Remains Robust
Hut 8 Mining Corp currently holds a total of 7,078 BTC on its balance sheet and continues to advance its operations by launching a new crypto mining facility in Ontario, Canada.

EZ Blockchain Introduces Immersion Cooled Crypto Mining Data Center Containers
Crypto Mining Company EZ Blockchain Creates Immersive Liquid-Cooled Data Center, Simultaneously Unveils Newest Product for Cooling Crypto Mining Containers, SmartBox 1500i.

Crypto Miner BIT Mining Raises $50M through Private Placement to expand its Mining Business Abroad
A Shenzhen-based cryptocurrency miner, BIT Mining, announced it will raise $50 million through private placement to expand its mining business to overseas markets abroad.

Russian Official Advocates Legalization of Bitcoin Mining
In a dramatic twist, the Russian Deputy Minister of Energy Evgeny Grabchak is pushing for the regulation of Bitcoin mining given the current realities in the country.

Iran to Introduce Additional Penalties for Illegal Crypto Mining
The Iranian government is going to pass new regulations to increase the penalties for illegal cryptocurrency mining using subsidized electricity.

New Wave of Green Energy Programs Influence Crypto Mining Sector
The mass exodus of crypto mining operations out of China based on intensified crackdowns has triggered the urge for sustainable and environmentally friendly mining activities.

Riot Blockchain Mines 318 BTCs, Decreased 28% Compared Last July
Colorado-based bitcoin mining company Riot Blockchain Inc. announced that it produced 318 BTC in July, a decrease of about 28 % from 443 BTC in July last year.

Core Scientific Signs Hosting Deal to Add 75 MW to ASIC Server Capacity
US-based crypto mining company Core Scientific has signed a colocation agreement to secure at least 75 megawatts of energy capacity for its data centres.

Argo Blockchain Inks Bitcoin Mining Machine Swap Agreement with Core Scientific
The London-listed Bitcoin mining company, Argo Blockchain, has inked a partnership with Core Scientific that will see both companies swap their BTC mining machines over the next few months.

Russia to Permit Partial Bitcoin Mining
Despite the back-and-forth stance toward crypto in Russia, serval Russian departments have reached a consensus that Bitcoin mining should be legalized in areas rich in electricity.

Russia Considering to Impose Special Energy Tariffs on Cryptocurrency Miners
Russia is looking to impose special energy tariffs on crypto miners paying more, who are being accounted for massive electricity consumption.

Ripple’s CEO Argues XRP Decentralization: Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Really Controlled by China?
The Ripple team has countered the SEC's decentralization argument claiming that Bitcoin is controlled by China as a result of the mining pool concentration. Is this true?

Topnotch Bitcoin Mining Machine Manufacturer Bitmain Suspends Sales due to Chinese Crackdown
The world's top bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it would suspend the sale of mining machines worldwide in response to the Chinese government's recent crackdown on domestic mining activites.

HashFlare founders arrested in $575M crypto scam
HashFlare's customers lease hashing power to mine cryptocurrency. The mining operation "defrauded hundreds of thousands" The founders allegedly laundered "criminal proceeds" through 75 properties, six luxury vehicles, cryptocurrency wallets, and thousands of mining machines. Alexei Potapenko and Turgin founded HashFlare. The company mined less than 1% of what it claimed and bought Bitcoin from third parties. The FBI wants scheme participants' information.

Core Scientific Sold 1,975 Bitcoins More That It Mined in July
Core Scientific mentioned that curtailment activities related to power shutdowns limited its Bitcoin production activities during the month of July. The company, however, said it mined more Bitcoins during July than the previous month.

Sweden Prefers Using Electricity for Job Creation Activities than Bitcoin Mining
Sweden is a major Bitcoin mining hub in Europe. The Government is seeking ways to track how much power Bitcoin miners use.

US Now Ranks Ahead of China in Total Bitcoin Mining Servers Hosted
The United States now ranks as the largest Bitcoin mining hub, ahead of China with 35.4% of the global hash rate as of the end of August.

Bitcoin's Hashrate Recovers and Hits New ATH at 182.01 EH/s
BTC miners have been able to dust themselves off following China's intensified crackdown, given that the hashrate reached historic highs of 182.01 EH/s.

Bitcoin Miners’ Control of BTC Network is Gradually Shrinking
Coin Metrics, a provider of on-chain and off-chain crypto asset market data, has released a new report showing Bitcoin miners’ control of the BTC network is decreasing.

Only 2 Million Bitcoin Left to be Mined Within a Projected Timeline of 118yrs
A total of 19 million of the total 21 million of the coin’s maximum supply has been mined, leaving barely 2 million before the generation of new Bitcoin ceases for good.

Thailand Sees PoW Mining Surge As China Ban Lingers On
As the popular saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison, the same can be said of crypto mining which is largely on the rise in Thailand amidst the persistent ban on related activities in China.

Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Inks $100M Deal as it Contemplates M&A
Bitcoin mining company Iris Energy has agreed on a deal to sell up to $100 million in shares to investment bank B. Riley, as the company contemplates mergers and acquisitions following a recent capital increase

China’s Ethereum Mining Pool Sparkpool To Stop Offering Services Following PBOC’s Clampdown on Crypto
Sparkpool, an Hangzhou-based Ethereum mining pool in China, has suspected of providing its services to its customers in China and further plans to halt the services abroad.

Hut 8 Purchases 5,800 Mining Rigs to Improve Productivity in Ontario
Hut 8 has bought new Bitcoin mining machines. The miner considers the purchase as part of efforts to alleviate a bottleneck in its production facilities.

Bitcoin Miner CleanSparks Buys 10,000 Miners at Discounted Price
American Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining company CleanSpark has announced the purchase of new 10,000 Antminer S19j Pro units for $28 million.

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Jumps by 3.44%, Reaching New ATH at 36.84 Trillion
Bitcoin's mining difficulty has increased by 3.44%. The increase means that more competition is rising.

Canaan Deploys 10,300 Mining Machines in Kazakhstan, Expanding its Mining Operations
Canaan announced that it has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of crypto mining companies and plans to launch joint mining operations in Kazakhstan.

Riot Blockchain Sees Growth in Q1 2020 Despite COVID-19 Disruption
Riot Blockchain Inc., one of the few listed public cryptocurrency mining companies in the United States on Nasdaq, reported financial results for Q1 of 2020, which ended on March 31. The company has seen a small growth in its earnings per share during this quarter. Riot Blockchain previously changed its name from Bioptix in 2017 after shifting its focus from biotechnology to Bitcoin mining. The company’s share price skyrocketed to a $38 high in late 2017, which then fell to $110 after Riot was accused of misleading investors by capitalizing on public interest in blockchain to drive up its share price. These claims have been dismissed on the basis that it was not proven that the company’s name was changed to drive up the share price.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Spikes 13.55%, Reaches New ATH of 35.6 Trillion Hashes
Mining difficulty has reached a new all-time record, indicating that more miners are participating in the network.