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Tether's Development Team Nears Completion of Advanced Mining Libraries

Tether's dev team is nearing completion of JavaScript libraries for mining, utilizing Holepunch.to technology. CTO Paolo Ardoino announced the development on Aug 5, 2023.

  • Aug 05, 2023 18:00
Tether's Development Team Nears Completion of Advanced Mining Libraries

In a recent tweet on August 5, 2023, Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Tether and Bitfinex, revealed that Tether's development team is on the verge of completing a set of "well polished" JavaScript libraries. These libraries are designed to command and interact with various types of cryptocurrency miners, including WhatsMiners, AntMiners, and Avalon Miners.

Ardoino described the libraries as "really high-quality stuff," emphasizing their super modularity and high level of polish. He also shared that he is personally involved in coding the core architecture of Tether's Moria mining farm orchestration tool, which is based on the technology from Holepunch.to, a company where Ardoino also serves as a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Without the need of servers, peer-to-peer (P2P) programmes may be made using the Holepunch.to platform. It offers a number of compact JavaScript modules that may be coupled to build different P2P applications, ranging from VPNs to communication tools. Additionally, without the requirement for operations management, the platform provides tools for distributing programmes to any user on any platform. Users just need to download the portions of the software that have changed since the last update, making updates quick and efficient. Additionally, as the user base expands, peers who download the applications also re-host them for new peers, boosting the app's network.

The CTO further hinted at the potential expansion of the tool to cover energy production monitoring, reflecting the growing importance of energy efficiency in cryptocurrency mining operations. This move could potentially provide miners with valuable insights into their energy consumption patterns, enabling them to optimize their operations for better sustainability.

In a forward-looking statement, Ardoino suggested that parts of the new technology might eventually be open-sourced. If realized, this could contribute to the broader cryptocurrency community by providing developers and miners with access to advanced tools and libraries.

As of now, the exact timeline for the completion and release of these libraries is not specified. However, given the advanced stage of development mentioned in Ardoino's tweet, the crypto community can expect further updates in the near future.    

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