EZ Blockchain Introduces Immersion Cooled Crypto Mining Data Center Containers

Annie Li   Apr 01, 2022 09:50

Crypto Mining Company EZ Blockchain creates Immersive Liquid-Cooled Data Center, Simultaneously Unveils Newest Product for Cooling Crypto Mining Containers, SmartBox 1500i. - 2019-10-29T163816.567.jpg

EZ Blockchain has been committed to solving the global waste energy problem and using sustainable energy to connect the blockchain ecosystem.

EZ Blockchain said its latest product, the SmartBox 1500i, has a 20-foot container footprint while being a lightweight data centre capable of running up to 288 latest-generation cryptocurrency miners,

The electrical infrastructure configured with this device can increase the hash rate by up to 40% while also providing significantly lower noise, lower operating costs, longer device life, and ten times the cooling capacity.

Sergii Gerasymovych, CEO and co-founder of EZ Blockchain, said that:

" Our team of engineers has spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make this immersion cooling mobile data centre efficient, affordable, operationally seamless, and scalable. Finally, we can not only grow our operations in hot climates such as Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma but also provide a viable solution to other market participants".

The product has already started mass production, and it has launched a mobile data centre worth 10-15 MW to the market.

Image source: Shutterstock

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