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Blockchain: Technology for Sustainability
The teams of AB InBev, IECISA and Rewire were the winners of the Global Blockchain Challenge, thanks to their innovative blockchain-based solutions that excelled for their technical, business and legal development, scalability and social impact.

Blockchain Technology Implemented into Indonesia's Digital Economy
Bank Central Asia (BCA) is campaigning for Indonesian financial businesses to innovate and adopt blockchain technology to support its digital economy amidst rapid technological revolution.

Europe takes a proactive approach on regulation of Blockchain Technology
Europe takes a proactive approach on regulation of Blockchain Technology

CFTC’s New Chief Supports Blockchain Technology
The Commodity Futures and Trading Commissions, CFTC appointed a new chief who is also pro-crypto. Just as his predecessor J. Christopher Giancarlo, appears to have supported the established pro-crypto/pro-blockchain approach. In a recent interview, the newly appointed chief, Heath Tarbert gave a favorable opinion of blockchain technology.

How Blockchain Technology is Improving the Agricultural Sector
This implementation of the blockchain technology has led to the adoption of tactics like smart farming, which connotes the use of modern technology like Blockchain in farming practices.

Social Factors Influencing the Adoption of Blockchain Technology
Some factors could be necessary to drive the increase in the use of Blockchain technology are trust in what it has to offer and the level of awareness of this technology among people.

Google’s Quantum Technology Could Satiate Proof-of-Stake Detractors
Google’s newly achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ computing technology has been marked for some surprising applications in the cryptocurrency space. According to one researcher on the project, the technology could enhance the proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm.

Moody’s: Blockchain Technology to be Standardized in 2021
A research report published on September 5th by financial services company Moody’s stated that blockchain technology would most likely be standardized in 2021.

Blockchain Technology Reduces Cash Reliance In The Cannabis Industry
Ken Ramirez, CEO of Alt Thirty Six, said that the utilization of blockchain technology helps to reduce the reliance on traditional cash as a means of payment.

Thailand Finance Ministry Eyes Blockchain Technology to Revamp Service Delivery
Uttama Savanayana, Thailand’s Finance Minister, has revealed that his ministry wants to use blockchain technology for system upgrades intended for optimal service delivery to citizens.

ANNA Develops New Technology Strategy On Digital Assets
ANNA, a mnemonic for the Association of National Numbering Agencies apprised the public that it has developed a new technology task force on digital assets which will help to investigate the identification of digital assets in the likes of tokens and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology.

Holiday Rental Platform Seeks Blockchain Technology to Minimize Costs
EzyStayz, an Australian-based international vacation rental platform, is using blockchain technology to minimize costs, as well as enhance the home rental services it offers. It also seeks to revamp the duopoly witnessed in the home rental market via blockchain.

Will Distributed Ledger Technology Revolutionize Education?
Since the establishment of blockchain and its deliverance of many opportunities for with disruptive potentials, the question at the back of many minds have been numerous, this article is focused on answering some of those pressing questions.

Italian Soccer Giant Juventus Embraces Blockchain Technology
In a move widely celebrated by fans, Juventus Football club of Italy enters into a licence agreement with blockchain based fantasy football company, Sorare.

How Blockchain Technology is Shaping Digital Advertisements
There are thousands of ads everywhere, in our phones, applications, websites, there is hardly anywhere you would turn to (digitally) today without bumping into an ad, even when using ad blockers. According to Forbes, an average person is exposed to about 4,000 to 10,000 digital ads every day. They aren’t cheap; the standard ads we see every day on our phones cost billions.

Why is Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing the Banking and Finance Market?
As technology continues to evolve year after year, it becomes glaring that it is gradually sweeping every productive sector in the world, more importantly, finance and banking. This is so because the sector is about the most sensitive in every economy. It’s got to be, right? Money is important and needed by everyone – one way or another.

United States Department of Defense Tests Out Blockchain Technology to Enhance Cybersecurity
The United States Department of Defense (DoD) is considering implementing blockchain technology to enhance its cybersecurity.

Australia Securities Exchange Moves For Blockchain Technology, CHI-X Calls For More Regulatory Supervisions
Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) plans to switch to distributed ledger technology by April 2021, replacing its clearing system, registry, and settlement with the technology for the sole purpose of cutting costs for customers.

US Customs Agency Seeks to Adopt Blockchain Technology to Track Oil Imports from Canada
With the advancement of technology, the importance of oil and gas resources in promoting global social and economic progress is rising.

IBM’s Blockchain Technology Hand Picked By Coop Italia for Food Traceability
Coop Italia, the biggest retail chain in Italy, has acknowledged this attribute as it has selected IBM’s blockchain technology to enable its private label brand called Coop Vivi Verde to trace the origin of eggs in its supply chain.

World Economic Forum: Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Blockchain and DLT
Blockchain, an early-stage technology enabling the decentralized and secure storage and transfer of information, could become a powerful tool for tracking and transactions that can minimize friction, reduce corruption, increase trust and empower users.

Ford Test Drives the Use of Blockchain Technology for Energy Efficient Vehicles
Blockchain technology is currently been utilized by such tech-based companies like Samsung, Facebook, IBM and so on as listed on, these companies utilize different blockchain platforms but all to further solidify the position of blockchain technology in the tech world.

Government of India to Deploy Blockchain Technology at a National Level
The Indian government is eyeing the blockchain technology since it has a huge potential of being applied in various sectors such as banking, cybersecurity, education, and governance: securing the future of their economic development and growth. This strategic plan was made known in response to a question in the Lok Sabha as reported by the Indian Times on Nov. 27.

Technology and Participation: The Twin Pillars of a Successful Digital Asset Ecosystem
For any digital asset - cryptocurrency or token alike - to achieve any resemblance of a global, decentralized universal currency, it must have a viable ecosystem. And any viable ecosystem must consist of both technology and participation.

Blockchain - The Most Important Technology of This Century
Why we all need to talk about Blockchain.