IBM Blockchain Technology Used for Salmon Traceability By Cermaq and Labeyrie

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Conscious consumerism is a term continuously making waves because people are becoming more keen on what they consume. For instance, people are concerned about the origin, safety, and nutritional value of what they drink and eat. 

As a result, Cermaq, a leading company in the farming of trout and salmon, has teamed up with Labeyrie, a notable French brand of smoked salmon, to propel the traceability of salmon through IBM’s blockchain technology

By leveraging on blockchain technology and QR-code, conscious consumerism will be prompted because consumers will be availed with information in photos and text about where the salmon they are buying was farmed, the food it was fed, and other relevant information. 

By scanning the QR-code present on the product packaging with a smartphone or tablet, consumers can access information about the salmon from egg to store. 

Blockchain to offer optimal traceability

“All Cermaq salmon is accompanied by a CV, containing comprehensive information about the fish; its origin, when it was hatched, which freshwater facility it came from, how big it was when it was transferred to seawater, at which seawater facility it has been farmed, as well as health and welfare information such as which vaccinations it has received, what it has been fed, and when it was harvested,” commented Cermaq.

Conversely, Brede Løfsgaard, the sales director at Cermaq Norway, stipulated that blockchain technology was playing an instrumental role in enhancing traceability and transparency.

He asserted: “This is a new and exciting project, which puts a larger emphasis on transparency and traceability in all parts of our value chain. This is something we as a company are very focused on, but also something we see that consumers want and expect.”

The project is stipulated to reassure consumers that the salmon they are buying is nutritious and healthy as it has been farmed sustainably and responsibly. 


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