Blockchains incorporate several important features such as immutability, encryption and distributed storage, which combined makes secure peer-to-peer transactions possible and in turn has created the means to end human dependence on credit and thus credit intermediaries. Due to these features, blockchain has been referred to as ‘the Trust Machine’ and is forecasted to transfer the trust from agencies and institutions which are enforced by law to machine-based networks guaranteed by technology and mathematics.

DeFi Protocol Wonderland Involves Cybercrime, Associated with Canadian Crypto Exchange Quadriga
A decentralized finance project called Wonderland involves a cybercrime associated with Canadian crypto exchange Quadriga, turning DeFi into a financial felon’s wonderland.
Wharton Accepts Cryptos as Tuition Fees for Blockchain Courses
The Wharton School officially accepts crypto as a payment method for blockchain courses through Coinbase exchange.
Robinhood's Shares Tumble 15%, Posts $423M Net Loss
Robinhood Markets Inc's shares tumbled 15% in after-hours trade as the commission-free brokerage firm saw a $423 million net loss in the last quarter.
Fireblocks Raises $500M, Taking Valuation to $8B
Digital asset infrastructure provider Fireblocks said that it raised $500 million from investors which lifted the company's value at $8 billion.
Asia's SoftBank and Temasek Join to Fund FTX US
FTX US reached an $8 billion valuation after receiving $400 million from Asian investment giants SoftBank Group and Temasek Holdings in its first round of funding.
Canada should 'plant a flag' in crypto, Says Wealthsimple Co-founder
The head of Crypto and stock trading platform Wealthsimple said the Canadian government should work on growing cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in the country.
Sandbox Launches Metaverse Accelerator Program, Offering $50M for 100 Startups
Virtual Metaverse gaming platform Sandbox has launched the Metaverse accelerator program, which will provide 100 startups with $50 million in start-up capital to promote the development of the Metaverse.
Crypto-Related Cybercrime Saw 30% Increase in 2021: Chainalysis
Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis said that there was a 30% increase in cryptocurrency-related cybercrime last year from 2020.
ADB Launches Blockchain Project for Cross-Border Securities Transactions in APAC
Asian Development Bank (ADB) is going to initiate a blockchain-powered project to connect securities depositories and central banks in the APAC region.
Former Goldman Sachs Marcus Head Launches Crypto Investing App with $33M
Former Goldman Sachs Marcus Head Launches Crypto Investing App with $33 million.

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