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Torchy’s Tacos Enhances Operations with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS

Torchy’s Tacos implements Oracle Simphony Cloud POS to unify operations and improve guest experiences.

  • Jun 10, 2024 13:43
Torchy’s Tacos Enhances Operations with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS

Torchy’s Tacos, an Austin-based restaurant chain renowned for its craveable tacos and award-winning queso, has integrated Oracle Simphony Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) to enhance its operations across 125 locations in the United States, according to Oracle blog. This strategic move aims to unify digital engagement channels and streamline operational efficiency through automation and real-time data analytics.

Operational Improvements

The adoption of Oracle Simphony Cloud POS allows Torchy’s Tacos to manage its staff and costs more effectively, thanks to improved onboarding processes, better inventory management, and accelerated service speed. The platform also facilitates more efficient online and mobile ordering, potentially boosting sales.

“Though each Torchy’s Tacos location has its own unique and different design, our commitment to top-notch ingredients is found in all our kitchens,” said Thai Tran, Chief Technology Officer at Torchy’s Tacos. Tran emphasized the importance of an enterprise-grade restaurant platform that offers flexibility and seamless integration of kitchen, inventory, and supply chain systems.

Technological Integration

Torchy’s Tacos is equipping its locations with Oracle Workstation 6 and mobile tablets, allowing staff to engage with guests table-side and send orders to the kitchen in real-time. By leveraging the extensive library of validated restaurant integrations available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Torchy’s Tacos now boasts a robust technology stack capable of expanding to meet new operational needs.

The Simphony Transaction Services and Business Intelligence APIs, core components of Oracle’s digital technology platform, ensure real-time menu changes are communicated to guest-facing endpoints. This automated transaction data also updates back-office systems, providing greater visibility into business performance.

Expert Insights

“Torchy’s Tacos is a great example of how modern restaurant operators are balancing business performance with brand promise,” remarked Simon de Montfort Walker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Restaurants. He noted that Oracle’s digital transaction platform enables Torchy’s Tacos to swiftly test new concepts and technologies, thereby increasing value for the business, guests, and staff.

Torchy’s Tacos selected Oracle in Q4 FY2023, underscoring its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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