Blockchain-Powered A-Medicare Platform Gains Popularity on Social Media

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The A-Medicare platform that is engineered through blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other cutting edge technologies has excited Americans based on its quest to make quality healthcare available and affordable to all citizens.

Through a post on Instagram, A-Medicare’s founder and CEO Enzo Zelocchi shared its stunning development making it gather more than 15 million views, as well as exceptional responses. 

So what is the A-Medicare platform?

It is a universal health care system that provides affordable healthcare and offers programs using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning through a free platform portal where users get credits required to pay some or all of their health care. 

The healthcare riddle in the United States

The issue of healthcare has been contentious in the US because the quest for quality healthcare has prompted the affordability subject. 

The A-Medicare platform seeks to eliminate this challenge by presenting a universal health care system that offers quality and affordable low-cost healthcare. This will be undertaken through two solutions.

First, the system will offer a fully integrated data source founded on artificial intelligence, big data analytics, medical research, blockchain, and computer science. This will enable interested parties to access accurate data needed in healthcare service provision. 

Secondly, the platform will use advanced machine learning to enhance effectiveness in healthcare services by minimizing costs. 

Zelocchi noted: "Our mission is to decrease the cost of health care and to improve its efficiencies in all aspects using Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology." 

The A-Medicare platform seeks to resolve the concern of access to quality and affordable healthcare among the American populace. 


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