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NVIDIA Unveils New RTX-Powered AI Hardware and Software at COMPUTEX 2024

NVIDIA introduces RTX AI laptops, enhanced video tools, and open-source modding platforms at COMPUTEX 2024.

  • Jun 06, 2024 04:19
NVIDIA Unveils New RTX-Powered AI Hardware and Software at COMPUTEX 2024

At COMPUTEX 2024, NVIDIA announced several cutting-edge RTX-powered technologies aimed at enhancing AI performance for creators. The latest offerings include new AI laptops, advanced video tools, and an open-source modding platform, according to the NVIDIA Blog.

New AI Laptops and RTX Technology

NVIDIA introduced new AI laptops from ASUS and MSI, such as the ASUS ProArt PX13 and P16 and MSI Stealth 16 AI+ laptops. These laptops feature dedicated RTX Tensor Cores that significantly boost AI performance. They join a lineup of over 200 existing RTX AI-accelerated laptops and are optimized with Windows 11 AI PC features.

Advanced Video Tools

The company also revealed enhancements to RTX Video technologies, which improve video quality in real-time using RTX GPUs. These technologies, including RTX Video Super Resolution and RTX Video HDR, are now available in the free VLC Media Player. Popular creative apps like DaVinci Resolve and Wondershare Filmora will soon benefit from these AI-enhanced features.

Additionally, NVIDIA's new H.265 Ultra-High-Quality (UHQ) mode, powered by the NVIDIA NVENC, will be integrated into DaVinci Resolve and Cyberlink PowerDirector. This mode increases video encoding efficiency by 10% without compromising quality.

Open-Source Modding Platform

NVIDIA's RTX Remix, a modding platform for remastering classic games with RTX, will soon be made open-source. This will enable modders to streamline asset replacement and scene relighting processes. The platform will also be accessible via a new REST API, connecting it to other modding tools like Blender and Hammer.

DLSS 3.5 and Ray Reconstruction

Creative applications are increasingly adopting NVIDIA's DLSS 3.5 for higher-quality ray-traced visuals. The 3D modeling platform Womp is the latest to integrate DLSS 3.5, enhancing interactive, photorealistic modeling in the viewport.

Chaos Vantage and D5 Render, two professional-grade 3D apps, have also reported performance boosts of up to 60% with DLSS 3.5 and a 4x increase from all DLSS technologies.

AI Toolkit for Developers

NVIDIA introduced the RTX AI Toolkit, an end-to-end workflow for customizing, optimizing, and deploying AI models on RTX AI PCs. Partners like Adobe, Topaz, and Blackmagic Design are integrating this toolkit to accelerate AI performance within their creative applications.

Developers interested in exploring these tools can find more information on the NVIDIA Blog.

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