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Mistral AI Unveils Non-Production License to Foster Openness and Sustainable Growth

Luisa Crawford May 31, 2024 05:31

Mistral AI launches Non-Production License to balance innovation and business growth.

Mistral AI Unveils Non-Production License to Foster Openness and Sustainable Growth

Mistral AI has introduced a new Non-Production License (MNPL) aimed at balancing the principles of openness and the necessity for sustainable business growth, according to Mistral AI Blog.

Advocating for Openness in AI

Since its inception, Mistral AI has championed the cause of openness in artificial intelligence (AI). The company believes that openness is not only a catalyst for innovation but also a crucial safeguard for transparency and accountability in the rapidly evolving field of AI technology.

Despite these ideals, Mistral AI notes that openness in AI is under threat. The ongoing debate around this topic is being used by some to fortify the positions of incumbent players in the highly competitive AI industry. Mistral AI remains vocal in defending the principles of openness and is committed to continuing this advocacy.

Supporting the Developer Community

Mistral AI's business model and community empower developers globally to create cutting-edge applications using the company's independent and open technology. The company takes pride in the numerous talented innovators who choose to work with its models and platforms.

However, while it is gratifying to see community and partners building high-margin products with Mistral's models, this does not always contribute to Mistral AI's own success, research, and independence. To address this, the company has introduced the Mistral AI non-production license (MNPL).

The Mistral AI Non-Production License

The MNPL allows developers to use Mistral AI's technology for non-commercial purposes and to support research work. This license is designed to ensure that those who build businesses based on Mistral AI's work do so in a manner that is fair and sustainable for all parties involved.

Under this new license, the Codestral model is now available. This move aims to strike the right balance between Mistral AI’s commitment to openness and its responsibility to foster business growth. The company’s mission is to make frontier AI accessible to everyone, and it is more determined than ever to achieve this goal.

Future Licensing Plans

Mistral AI has confirmed that it will continue to release models and code under the Apache 2.0 license while progressively consolidating two families of products under both the Apache 2.0 and MNPL licenses. This approach ensures that the company remains true to its principles of openness while also supporting its business objectives.

The introduction of the MNPL by Mistral AI marks a significant step in the AI industry, balancing the need for open innovation with sustainable business practices. This new license is expected to foster a fairer environment for developers and businesses alike.

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