The French Army Validates its Judicial Expenses via Tezos Blockchain

Brian Njuguna   Nov 22, 2019 05:14 1 Min Read - 2019-11-22T113135.806.jpg

The French Army has revealed that it has been using the Tezos Blockchain to authenticate its judicial expenses through a smart contract. This development makes Tezos the first blockchain to be used for operative intentions by a public entity. 

The French Army and the Gendarmerie’s Information & Public Relations Center (SIRPA) have revealed that this project has been going on since September 2019.

Expressly, the Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division (C3N) has been authenticating judicial expenses experienced during investigations and storing them on the Tezos Blockchain. 

C3N has also been using an innovative program to attain cryptocurrency payments from Europol-allocated funds to cater for operational costs. For the traceability and auditability of these funds, C3N has been applying the Tezos Blockchain with the help of a smart contract.

The smart contract developed has been private because it can only be viewed by specific persons. This strategy has been put in place so that operational costs can be concealed, as exposing them could endanger continuing judicial investigations.

Blockchain is being viewed as an ideal technology to transform the operation of various armies across the globe. As reported by Blockchain.News on Nov. 20, the Chinese military is likely to adopt blockchain technology to ensure proper management of personnel data, improve their training and performance in mission. They also planned to provide soldiers with earned tokens, which could be spent on rewards. 


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