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Blockchain-Based Driving Licenses in South Korea Hit One Million Drivers
Blockchain-powered driving licenses were made available as an option in South Korea in May.

South Korea Sets Up Panel to Accelerate CBDC Launch
In a bid to keep up with global trends in the development of a Central Bank Digital Currency, South Korea launches a 6-man panel to review regulatory issues

South Korea Proposes 20% Capital Gains Tax on Cryptocurrency Commodities
South Korea’s parliament has put forward a bill that could see crypto profits taxed by up to 20% as members argue that cryptocurrencies are commodities.

Top Banks in South Korea Select CenterPrime And Chainlink To Bring FX Rates Data to DeFi
Top banks in South Korea have selected Chainlink and CenterPrime to bring a blockchain-enabled decentralized finance solution for foreign exchange rates.

South Korea Contemplates Imposing 20% Tax on Cryptocurrency Proceeds
The South Korean administration might consider categorizing proceeds from cryptocurrency transactions as other income that is subjected to 20% tax, such as prize-winning or lottery.

OKEx to Shut Down Its Crypto Business Operations in South Korea by April
OKEX intends to shut down its crypto branch in South Korea. According to sources familiar with the talks, the move is attributed to new anti-money laundering regulations in the country.

South Korea Intensifies Blockchain in Banking but Rules Out Digital Fiat Currency
Wide application of blockchain technology is expected to affect people’s lives, business, education, governance, and other sectors. That is the reason, many countries explore and even deploy the huge potential of this technology. But the latest trend of the technology seems to have taken a new twist in South Korea. Now let’s find out why South Korea continues adopting blockchain in banking but rejects rolling out digital fiat currency.

South Korea Plans to Postpone Cryptocurrency Tax Rule to January 2022
South Korea is planning to delay the implementation of its crypto income tax rules to January 2022, extending it from its previous time frame of October 2021.

South Korea Passes Comprehensive Law Officially Legalizing Cryptocurrency Trading And Holding
A day after India’s Supreme Court lifted the ban on cryptocurrencies, South Korea has followed in their footsteps as the nation’s National Assembly has amended the Act on Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Information. This move fully legalizes cryptocurrencies in South Korea.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in South Korea: and Mecon Cash Will Enable BCH Withdrawals at ATMs
A strategic partnership between and Mecon Cash made it possible for Bitcoin Cash to be added to Mecon Cash’s M.Pay platform which has over 13,000 ATMs in South Korea, thereby making the withdrawal of BCH to South Korea nationals easy especially in places that are yet to integrate peer-to-peer electronic cash transactions.

South Korea to Pump In a Whopping $12.8 Million into Blockchain Industry
The adoption of blockchain technology is set to reach unprecedented levels in major countries, as recently announced by China’s President Xi Jinping. South Korea intends to follow suit based on the revelation made by the Ministry of Science and ICT that USD 12.8 million will be channeled to blockchain projects in 2020.

South Korea Declares Andong City as Blockchain Free-Trade Zone to Boost Medical Hemp Production
The South Korean government has designated Andong City as a free trade zone for hemp production, leveraging a blockchain network.

S. Korean Regulators Oppose Busan's Regulatory Measures for Foreign Crypto Exchanges
South Korean financial authorities expressed their opposite stance against Busan City to provide special regulatory support for partners to establish digital asset exchanges.

Korean Prosecutors Consulting if LUNA Classified "Security"
The probe into Terraform Labs by South Korean prosecutors is taking a whole new twist as watchdogs are making consultations on how best to classify the collapsed LUNA tokens - now known as Luna Classic (LUNC).

Upbit Becomes the First Exchange to Register with FIU as September Deadline Looms
Upbit has now registered with FIU as other exchanges move to follow this lead before the September 24 regulation deadline.

Korea's Financial Services Commission Officials Mandated to Declare their Crypto Holdings
Korea's Financial Services Commission employees are to report their digital currency holdings by May 7, as there have been concerns about insider information.

South Korea's Banking Association Cautions Against Growing Altcoin Influence
The Korea Federation of Banks wants its members to keep track of altcoins that trade on crypto exchanges.

Analyst Honored for Exposing South Korean Dark Web Crypto Child Pornography and Blackmail Site
Criminal analyst, Kim Reece, has been named as a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for her role in the takedown of the South Korean ‘Nth Room’ child pornography chat rooms hosting the content of Welcome to Video blackmail sex and exploitation site.

South Korea Top Four Crypto Exchanges Launch Joint Venture To Abide By AML Regulations
The heads of Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, and Upbit signed a memorandum to form a company with a system, which will enable them to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations.

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission to Ban Privacy Coins from Exchanges
South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) will ban privacy-centric digital assets or “dark coins” from exchanges as they present a high money laundering risk.

South Korea Crypto Sector Face Headwind over Stricter Legal Regulations Challenges ahead
Crypto sectors and retail investors face a tough time as the finical regulators in South Korea are about implementing tougher and stricter administrative measurements to supervise the crypto industry.

Over 2.2M Crypto Accounts Set to Trade With Restrictions in South Korea as Exchange’s Deadline Looms
As the South Korea crypto registration deadline looms, over 2 million accounts will be subject to restrictions in trading on multiple exchanges.

South Korea Strengthens the Supervision of Crypto Exchanges,Nearly Two-thirds of Exchanges Forced to Close with $2.6B in Losses
Financial Times reported the South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has begun to tighten the supervision of local and overseas cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Korea, resetting a new deadline on September 24.

South Korea May Have to Postpone Crypto Taxation, Lawmaker Declares
A push from one of the South Korean top lawmakers may stir the postponement of the crypto taxation billed to commence on January 1, local media reported.

South Korea Authorities Seize $47M in Crypto from Tax Evaders
South Korean authorities have made the largest crypto seizures in the country's history. $47 million in digital currencies have been confiscated.

South Korea Postpones Proposed 20% Crypto Tax until 2025
South Korean lawmakers have once again postponed the implementation of the crypto tax law until 2025.

South Korean Stakeholders Opposes the Proposed "Know-the-Sender" Rule
Some stakeholders are pushing back against the proposed Know-the-Sender (KTS) rule that the South Korean parliament is looking to pass into law.

South Korean Tax Specialists Advocate for Lowered Crypto Taxation
Members of the Korean Tax Policy Association are calling on the government to consider applying a low-level tax on crypto transactions. The South Korean administration is contemplating taxing cryptocurrencies as part of its tax reform plan for 2021, but specialists feel it requires in-depth conceptualization.

South Korean Telecom Giant and City Government Teams Up to Launch Major Digital Currency
KT, the largest telecom company in South Korea is planning to launch its blockchain-based digital currency in the second biggest city in the country, Busan.

Klaytn Adds Huobi to Growing Blockchain Governance Council
Klaytn has announced that Huobi has signed on as the latest member of its Governance Council for South Korean internet giant Kakao’s public blockchain project.

Banks Are Increasingly Starting to Offer Cryptocurrency Services in 2020
Banks have increased their interest in cryptocurrencies. Many of them have decided to join the cryptocurrency market, either by offering investments in cryptocurrency or by exploiting the capabilities of blockchain technology, which is already used in various areas with financial services.

South Korea’s Leading Crypto Exchanges Aid Police in Hunting "Nth Rooms" Blackmail Porn Members
The four primary crypto exchanges in South Korea, namely Coinone, Korbit, Bithumb, and Upbit, have reportedly offered to help police investigate the sexual exploitation of underage girls in the “Nth Rooms” scandal that has sparked a national outcry.

South Korea Sees Surge in New Blockchain Platforms for Trading of Unlisted Stocks
South Korea’s progressive-thinking and liberal attitude on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies got another boost on May 11. Industry sources revealed the upcoming launch of two new blockchain-based exchanges to bolster the financial trading of unlisted equities.

Korea's Educated Jobless Individuals are Building their Blockchain Expertise
Korea’s surging ahead with its blockchain and crypto aspirations. Weeks after the government announced a $400 million blockchain fund, a prominent university added blockchain curriculum to its coursework.

New Crypto Fraud Scheme In South Korea: What Rules Are in Place to Stop False Advertising?
The Ponzi scheme disguised as a crypto platform managed to acquire over $380 million USD for the CEO and other company staff. Corner Up was promising estimated returns of up to 200% to investors for each investment made.

Vietnam Favored by Korean Blockchain Companies
Vietnam has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide blockchain spectrum. As a result, Korean blockchain firms are seeking to setup base in this nation for the benefits rendered.

Samsung Securities Files Paperwork to Launch A Crypto Exchange
Samsung Securities is one of the seven major South Korean securities companies planning to establish cryptocurrency exchanges in the first six months of next year.

S Korea's SK Telecom Acquires 35% Stake on Local Crypto Exchange Korbit
SK Square, an investment company owned by South Korean wireless telecommunications company SK Telecom Co Ltd, has invested 90 billion won (about $75.4 million) in the crypto exchange platform Korbit.

South Korea's Top Remittance Payment Company Global Money Express Joins RippleNet to Expand Payments into Thailand
Ripple has established a connection with Global Money Express, Korea’s top non-bank remittance payment company to link with Thailand’s Siam Business Bank.

Former South Korean Deputy Minister Yong-beom Kim Joins Blockchain Research Institute
Yong-beom Kim, former first deputy minister of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of South Korea, will join Hashed Open Research, a blockchain and digital technology research institute, as CEO.

Seoul Prosecutors Reveal Terra's Do Kwon is Hiding in Europe
South Korean prosecutors believe Do Kwon is currently residing in Europe

South Korea Plans to Suspend Crypto Taxation Until 2023
Crypto investors in South Korea might have a sigh of relief because the government intends to delay imposing crypto taxation until 2023.

Solana and ROK Capital launched a $20 Million Fund to Promote the Ecosystem Expansion in South Korea
The Solana Foundation has cooperated with ROK Capital to jointly launch a $20 million fund, aiming to further expand Solana's blockchain ecosystem in South Korea.

South Korean Banks Earns More Than Double Revenue from Crypto Transactions in Q2
Despite heavy fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market in the second quarter of this year, South Korean banks enjoyed a sharp increase in revenue from crypto transaction fees.

South Korean Companies Adopt NFT Strategy to Attract the Younger Generation
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been endeared in the South Korean market as companies treat NFTs as one of the favourable marketing tools.

S. Korea's Democratic Party Backs Support for Crypto, Metaverse
Song Young-gil, leader of the ruling Democratic Party, stated that the South Korean government should stop the crackdown on the crypto sector and start nurturing it instead.

South Korean Crypto Exchange Fraudsters Sentenced
Six V Global crypto-exchange scam executives received eight-year jail sentences in South Korea. V Global reportedly duped 50,000 investors of $1.5 billion (2 trillion won) in a Ponzi-like scheme. Three executives have not been jailed since they claim innocent and can defend themselves in court.

One in Four South Korean College Students Has Invested in Cryptocurrencies
A study shows 23.6% of South Korean college students are investing in cryptocurrencies.

South Korea will Impose a 20% Tax on Capital Gains from Cryptocurrencies Next Year
The South Korean administration is not relenting on its quest to levy a 20% income tax on capital gains from crypto transactions in 2022 despite growing investor concerns for the taxation plan to be delayed.

South Korea to Provide Blockchain-based Digital Identities to Citizens by 2024
South Korea plans to provide citizens' digital identities encrypted by blockchain with smartphones in 2024 to facilitate its economic development.

South Korean Regulators Order Seizing 3313 BTC Linked to Do Kwon
The South Korean regulators have issued a directive to KuCoin and OKX to freeze the total of 3,313 Bitcoins worth approximately $67 million linked to Do Kwon.

South Korea probes crypto exchanges for local tokens
Korean Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU) launched a probe into crypto exchanges in relation to listing their in-house, self-issued tokens. While Korean crypto exchanges are barred from issuing native tokens, KoFIU's probe into the same is to ensure regulatory adherence for investor's safety. Initial investigations revealed that all crypto exchanges performed lawful operations across South Korea.

South Korea Launches “Emergency” Inspection of Crypto Exchanges Following Terra Crash
To boost investor protection following the recent collapse of LUNA and TerraUSD (UST) tokens, financial authorities in South Korea have beefed up crypto exchange inspections.

South Korea’s Jeju Island Leverages Blockchain to Curb Depleted Electric Vehicle Batteries
Jeju Island’s government representatives have revealed that a blockchain-powered electric vehicle waste-battery distribution management system has been implemented based on a multi-year support. It will track the history of receipts of waste-batteries acquired at the Jeju Technopark Electric Vehicle Battery Industrialization Center that opened in June 2019.

South Korean Hospitals to Usher in New Healthcare Era Using Blockchain Technology, AI and Big Data
South Korean hospitals intend to set the ball rolling in ushering in a new healthcare era using industry 4.0 technology like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data.

South Korea to Introduce Blockchain-Powered COVID-19 “Vaccine Passports”
In order to revive cross-border travel and keep infection risks under control, the South Korean government seeks to issue blockchain-backed COVID-19 “vaccine passports” to immunized citizens.

South Korean Bank, KB Kookmin, Shares Blockchain Strategy
KB Kookmin, a major South Korean bank, is planning to adopt blockchain technology into its internal processes.

EOS Foundation Signs MoU with Busan City to Boost Blockchain Investments
Following its recent partnership with crypto exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and Huobi to help develop the blockchain infrastructure in the city and the country, Busan, a city in South Korea, has now signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with not-for-profit organization, EOS Network Foundation.

Blockchain-Powered App to Seamlessly Assist Patients Request Medical Care and Insurance Cover
Seoul Medical Center is set to launch a blockchain-enabled medical information mobile app dubbed Seoul Care this month. This app will help patients plan medical treatments, look up prescription details, and check test results using their smartphones.

Kookmin Bank, South Korea’s Largest Bank Will Offer Cryptocurrency Custody
Kookmin Bank, the largest commercial bank in South Korea, will start offering Bitcoin custody services through a new partnership with crypto trading firm Cumberland Korea and blockchain venture fund Hashed.

Solana Launches $100m Web3.0 Fund for South Korean Startups
Layer-1 blockchain protocol Solana has launched a $100 million fund to back startups in the South Korea Web3.0 ecosystem through its subsidiaries Solana Ventures and Solana Foundation.

South Korean Investors Making more than $2,260 from Crypto to be Slapped with a 20% Tax in 2022
The South Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that investors making at least 2.5 million won, or approximately US$2,260 from crypto trading, will be subjected to a 20% tax from 2022.

South Korea’s Central Bank Launches Central Bank Digital Currency Pilot Program in Case of Future Necessity
South Korea’s central bank recently announced that it has launched a pilot program assessing the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The Bank of Korea has stated that there are no immediate plans to launch a CBDC, however, the pilot program will allow the central bank to be prepared in the future if the changing market conditions require its issuance.

Coronavirus Tracking and Surveillance May Have Consequences for the Protection of Personal Data Privacy
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently stated that the coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating,” as 20% of the world’s population goes into lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. People are told to stay at home as the world is entering a critical week, with over 381,761 cases confirmed around the world at the time of reporting.

Chinese Government to Consider Cross-Border East-Asian Stablecoin for Hong Kong Amid Implementing Controversial National Security Law
Chinese officials to consider a cross-border stablecoin in Hong Kong, to facilitate a cross-border payment network between three Asian countries, and four currencies China, Japan, and South Korea. The world’s second-largest economy is aiming to build Hong Kong into an international financial center in the digital economy era. At China’s annual “Two Sessions,” also known as the National People’s Congress, China’s most important annual political event in Beijing, officials set the decision to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong.

South Korea Seeks Tech Partner to Build the Pilot Program for CBDC
South Korea's central bank on Monday said it would choose a technology supplier to build a pilot platform for a digital currency, moving a step closer to creating a central bank-backed digital currency.

China Leads Pan-Asian Digital Currency Project to Compete with Facebook's Libra
Led by China, four Asian countries are in the early stages of developing a joint digital currency. The currency will help keep the Dollar and Libra in check

Messaging Giant LINE is Developing a Platform for CBDC
Japanese messaging giant Line is developing a platform to aid Asian central banks in their pursuit of central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

Shinhan bank Opens Door to Corporate Crypto Accounts, Paving the Way for Institutional Adoption
As the first domestic lender on South Korean soil, Shinhan Bank has rolled out real-name corporate accounts to enable transactions from cash to crypto based on its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Korbit.

Korea’s Jeju Island Introduces Blockchain-Fueled COVID-19 App for Tourism
To recover from COVID-19 tourism losses, South Korea has introduced a blockchain-powered digital app for visitors of Jeju Island to ensure safe travels.

South Korean University to Present NFT Certificates for Graduates
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), a top private university in Suwon, South Korea, seeks to present NFT certificates to three excellent graduates at the graduation ceremony.

Incoming South Korean President to Boost Crypto Adoption by Zero-Taxing Gains
Upon taking office in May, South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol vowed to zero tax crypto trading gains not exceeding 50 million won, approximately $40,000 similar to stock gains.

South Korean Advocates for Institutionalization of Cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Derivatives
A South Korean commission dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution Commission has proposed that the government ought to permit financial institutions to establish cryptocurrency-based products, such as Bitcoin derivatives as they will be instrumental in the long-term institutionalization of cryptocurrencies.

ADB Launches Blockchain Project for Cross-Border Securities Transactions in APAC
Asian Development Bank (ADB) is going to initiate a blockchain-powered project to connect securities depositories and central banks in the APAC region.

South Korean Kookmin Bank to Launch the First Crypto Fund
The largest banking financial institution in South Korea- Kookmin Bank has announced its plans to launch the nation’s first crypto fund, a move targeted at retail investors.

South Korea to Delay 20% Capital Gains Tax on Digital Asset Investments until Jan 2025
Before levying income taxes on virtual assets, South Korean lawmakers have called for the government to prepare for effective implementation of new rules.

South Korea’s Crypto Market Gears up to Legitimacy, With Banks Eyeing a Share of the Cake
With the incoming South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yeol, pledging the easing of crypto regulations, the market is on a solid path to being significantly legitimized.

Top Four South Korean Banks Announce Plans to Provide Cryptocurrency Custodial Services
Two of South Korea’s top banks have recently announced that they were looking into providing cryptocurrency custodial services to their clients.

LG Electronics Expands Business in terms of Blockchain Technology & Crypto
As part of its expansion plan beyond home appliances, South Korean tech giant LG Electronics intends to add blockchain, cryptocurrency, and medical devices as new sectors in its corporate charter.

Woori Financial Group To Provide Cryptocurrency Custody Services
South Korean Woori Financial Group has announced that it will establish a digital asset custody joint venture with Korean blockchain developing company Coinplug.

South Korean Watchdogs Request Interpol’s Red Notice against Do Kwon
The controversy surrounding Do Kwon’s whereabouts continues to grow, given that South Korean prosecutors asked Interpol to issue a red notice against the Terraform Labs’ founder.

Bithumb CEO Summoned by South Korean Authorities Following Police Raid on Offices
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bithumb Holdings, Lee Jung-hoon has been summoned by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit following the unit's incessant raid on the exchange.

Terraform Labs Staff Discloses LUNA's Potential Risk of Crash but Neglected: South Korean Authority
The staff of embattled blockchain startup Terraform Labs have been called for questioning as part of an investigation being carried out by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office’s joint financial and securities crime investigation team.

South Korean Court Apprehends Crypto Assets of “Nth Room” Ringleader
A South Korean court has frozen 15 cryptocurrency wallets belonging to Cho Ju-bin, the orchestrator of the “Nth Rooms” scandal. It came to the limelight following a national outcry following the sexual exploitation of underage girls by Cho Ju-bin and his team who was named and paraded through the Korean streets to face the public in March.

Prosecutors Raid Crypto Exchanges amid Terra Probe: Report
South Korean regulators have reportedly raided entities that are connected with Terraform Labs as another effort in the ongoing investigation of the case.

South Korean Prosecutors Arrest Key Do Kwon's Aid
South Korean prosecutors in charge of the Terraform Labs case have arrested a major employee of the embattled blockchain startup named ‘Yoo’.

South Korea’s Presidential Nominee to Raise Campaign Funds by Using NFT
The campaign office of Lee Jae-myung, a South Korean Presidential aspirant, has announced the plans to raise funds through a blockchain-based digital platform with plans to issue a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to donors afterwards.

South Korean Police Raid Bithumb Crypto Exchange For Second Time in BXA Token Fraud Case
Bithumb, the largest crypto exchange in Korea has been raided for a second time in five days by the South Korean police.

South Korean Police Raid Bithumb Crypto Exchange Headquarters On Fraud Allegations
South Korean Police have raided the headquarters of Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange as part of an investigation into fraud.

Police Search of South Korean Coinbit Crypto Exchange Finds 99% Trade Volume Manipulation
Coinbit, the third-largest crypto exchange in South Korea, has found itself in trouble with the authorities for alleged arbitrage manipulation of the transaction volume. Aims at Expansion in South Korea amid Crypto Meltdown
Singapore-based crypto exchange has been on an expansion drive, with its latest bet being in South Korea.

Major Korean Exchanges Delisting Litecoin Subject to New Privacy Feature Concerns
Five major South Korean crypto exchanges issued investors’ advisories concerning Litecoin. These exchanges said they are committed to preventing money laundering and crime through technology.

South Korean Watchdog Uncovers 14 Fake Bank Accounts Used by Crypto Exchanges
The South Korea financial regulator has uncovered 14 fake accounts used by crypto exchanges.

South Korea’s Financial Watchdog to Stamp Out Illegal Crypto Activities
South Korea’s financial watchdog, the Financial Supervisory Service and the Finance Ministry, has teamed up with various financial authorities to crack down on illegal crypto activities.

S. Korean Artist Management Firm Hybe Eyes Expansion into NFTs
Hybe, one of S. Korea's top K-pop management agencies, is planning to expand its marketplace for NFTs by collaborating with celebrities not managed by the firm.

South Korean Car Dealer Launches NFTs to Reduce Paperwork Costs
Han Sung Motor, a South Korean imported car dealer, has rolled out non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer customers a secure and convenient experience because they can check car details using their smartphones.