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Decentralized Exchanges—UniSwap vs SushiSwap Explained
A quick insight into the world of decentralized exchanges and the ongoing war between Uniswap and Sushiswap.

Bitcoin Withdrawals from Exchanges Surge to a 17-Month High
New data from Glassnode reveals that Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals from crypto exchanges have hit a 17-month high of 2,288.125.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Back Away from Ripple's XRP, but not Uphold
While major cryptocurrency exchanges have backed away from Ripple’s XRP, Uphold remains a steady supporter of the token.

MAS to Tighten Oversight on Crypto Exchanges as it Looks Toward Functional Regulations
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is currently making several enquiries from crypto companies within its borders in preparation for a more comprehensive crypto regulation

Upbit Becomes the First Exchange to Register with FIU as September Deadline Looms
Upbit has now registered with FIU as other exchanges move to follow this lead before the September 24 regulation deadline.

South Korea's Banking Association Cautions Against Growing Altcoin Influence
The Korea Federation of Banks wants its members to keep track of altcoins that trade on crypto exchanges.

FATF Virtual Assets Guidelines for Cryptosphere Review
With the growing concern of virtual assets/cryptocurrencies being used as a medium for the financing of illegal activities, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issues revised guidance from time to time to combat money laundering and terrorist financing involving virtual assets (VAs) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs).

UK Requests Crypto Exchanges to Report Suspected Sanction Breaches
The UK authorities have introduced the new rules in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The regulations cover all valuable digital assets.

India Plans to Ban Private Cryptos like Bitcoin in Favor of National Cryptocurrency
India plans introducing a new bill to ban private cryptocurrencies as well as introduce a national digital currency.

South Korea Top Four Crypto Exchanges Launch Joint Venture To Abide By AML Regulations
The heads of Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, and Upbit signed a memorandum to form a company with a system, which will enable them to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations.

DEA Special Agent O’Kain: Regulated Bitcoin Exchanges Are Good For Law Enforcement
DEA Special Agent Patrick O’Kain spoke at the LA Blockchain Summit on Bitcoin on the role of government agencies in policing the digital asset and blockchain space.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler Asks Congress to Regulate Crypto Exchanges
Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, has urged US Congress to create a regulatory framework for crypto exchanges in the United States.

UK’s Financial Watchdog Raises the Alarm on BitMEX Being Unauthorized
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK mandated with regulating financial markets and service firms in the nation has blown the whistle on Seychelles-based crypto exchange BitMEX for not being authorized.

Central Bank of Russia Intends to Bring Crypto to Stock Exchanges
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is reportedly making plans to permit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to start trading on the nation’s regulated stock exchanges.

South Korea Strengthens the Supervision of Crypto Exchanges,Nearly Two-thirds of Exchanges Forced to Close with $2.6B in Losses
Financial Times reported the South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has begun to tighten the supervision of local and overseas cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Korea, resetting a new deadline on September 24.

South Korea Authorities Seize $47M in Crypto from Tax Evaders
South Korean authorities have made the largest crypto seizures in the country's history. $47 million in digital currencies have been confiscated.

US CFTC Charges BitMEX For Operating Illegal Crypto Derivatives Exchange
The United States CFTC has charged operators of BitMEX for operating an unregistered trading platform and violating anti-money laundering procedures.

Turkey Government Considers Introducing New Regulations After Collapse of Two Crypto Exchanges
Turkey is discussing plans to tighten crypto regulations after two local exchanges collapsed a few days ago.

Russia’s Central Bank Orders Local Stock Exchanges to Avoid Listing Crypto-Related Funds
The Bank of Russia has instructed local stock exchanges not to list any cryptocurrency services to firms.

Ripple Addresses “Unproven Allegations” from SEC Lawsuit as Shuns XRP
With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s lawsuit hanging over Ripple, has also chosen to delist XRP, effective on January 19, 2021.

Binance Acquisition of CoinMarketCap for $400M Just a Stone’s Throw Away
Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges globally, is reportedly ready to splash out nearly $400 million USD to attain CoinMarketCap, the most popular crypto data aggregator. It is alleged that the deal is in the final stages, and it is just a matter of time before it is revealed later this week.

Indian Crypto Exchanges Seek Clarity on Legal Status and Taxability from the Reserve Bank of India
Crypto exchanges and companies in India are still seeking regulatory clarity and tax status from the Reserve Bank of India following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the crypto industry earlier this year. India’s Supreme Court reversed the ban placed by the central bank on financial institutions offering crypto-related banking services. It is two months after lifting the ban, crypto exchanges and firms are now seeking clarification regarding the nature of their operations.

Singapore’s Court of Appeal Finds Crypto Exchange Culpable of Malice in Momentous Ruling
In a landmark ruling, the Court of Appeal in Singapore noted that Quione, a cryptocurrency exchange, was disloyal to reverse several transactions on its network. This action constituted a breach of contract; hence the law had to take its discourse.

Senior Worker at Bithumb Triggered Hacking Vulnerability
A senior worker at Bithumb, a leading South Korean crypto exchange, is in a tight spot after a Korean court discovered that he is liable for web safety legislation breaches. As a result, his misdeeds made the crypto exchange vulnerable to a 2017 hack that led to the loss of cryptocurrency holdings worth $6 million USD.

US Crypto Holders Trust Banks and Exchanges for Custody
A recent survey by Paxos revealed that a majority of US crypto holders still trust banks, exchanges, and mobile payment apps for custody of their assets. Despite high-profile collapses and poor risk management practices, crypto owners continue to trust intermediaries for holding crypto assets. The survey also found an increasing desire among consumers to purchase Bitcoin and other digital assets from traditional banks, presenting a significant untapped opportunity for banks to expand their offerings.

Busan's digital exchange plans exclude global crypto exchanges.
Busan, the city of South Korea, has moved a step closer to forming a local crypto exchange. But it has dropped most of the global centralized exchanges from its plan after FTX's collapse. The five exchanges included Binance,,, Huobi Global and FTX. Busan City intends to establish an exchange that divides digital assets into securities and non-securities.

South Koreans transacted $4.3 billion through illegal crypto exchanges
In 2022, South Koreans transacted $4.3 billion through illegal crypto exchanges, comprising almost 70% of all illicit money traffic captured by officers. The transactions aimed to purchase foreign virtual assets to sell in the country later due to the South Korean regulatory regime isolating the local market.

Japan's FSA Warns Binance and Others for Operating Without Registration
Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) has warned several foreign cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, of conducting business in the country without proper registration, violating the nation's fund settlement laws. The FSA has been cracking down on unregistered crypto exchanges since 2020, and this warning signifies that the cryptocurrency industry in Japan and other nations is facing greater regulatory scrutiny.

Hedera Mainnet Exploited, Leading to Theft of Liquidity Pool Tokens
Hedera Hashgraph has confirmed a smart contract exploit on its mainnet, resulting in the theft of liquidity pool tokens from decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that use code derived from Uniswap v2 on Ethereum. The suspicious activity was detected when the attacker attempted to move the stolen tokens across the Hashport bridge, leading operators to temporarily pause the bridge. The exact amount of tokens stolen is unknown, and the Hedera team is working on a solution to remove the vulnerability.

Colombian Bank Banco de Bogotá to Support Customers to Transfer funds to Crypto Exchange
Colombia-based commercial bank Banco de Bogotá will support customers to transfer funds to cryptocurrency exchanges for trading through its banking services.

Nigeria Plans to Regulate Digital Asset Platforms
Nigeria’s SEC is considering new regulations for digital asset platforms, allowing licensed digital exchanges to list tokens backed by certain assets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether will not be among those assets. Nigeria aims to register fintech firms as digital sub-brokers, crowdfunding intermediaries, fund managers, and tokenized coins issuers. Crypto exchanges will not be registered until the central bank provides clear regulations.

South Korea Plans to Suspend Crypto Taxation Until 2023
Crypto investors in South Korea might have a sigh of relief because the government intends to delay imposing crypto taxation until 2023.

Revenue for United States-based Coinbase Exchange Beats Expectations for 4th quarter
Coinbase exceeded Wall Street profit projections in Q4 2022 despite a drop in exchange transaction volumes.

New York Attorney General Letitia James Sues CoinEx
CoinEx was sued by New York Attorney General Letitia James for selling bitcoin without registering.

South Africa Sets Year-End Licensing Deadline for Crypto Exchanges
According to Bloomberg, South Africa has mandated that all crypto exchanges operating within its borders must secure licenses by the end of the year. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), the country's financial regulator, has already received approximately 20 applications since the licensing process was initiated a few weeks ago.

Bank of America Believes Bitcoin Could Mean More Money for Salvadorans
Bank of America, a leading US-based multinational investment bank, acknowledged that Bitcoin (BTC) could trigger a progressive digitalization of the financial system translating to more money for workers in El Salvador.

South Korean Banks Earns More Than Double Revenue from Crypto Transactions in Q2
Despite heavy fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market in the second quarter of this year, South Korean banks enjoyed a sharp increase in revenue from crypto transaction fees.

Crypto Market Consolidation and Key Trends in Q2 2023
Q2 2023 saw a slight 0.14% increase in the crypto market, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) rising by 6.9% and 6.0% respectively.

BitMEX Co-Founder Proposes Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin
Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, has proposed creating a new stablecoin called the Satoshi Nakamoto Dollar (NUSD) or NakaDollar. Unlike major reserve-backed U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins, the proposed NakaDollar would be pegged to the sum of $1 worth of Bitcoin and one inverse perpetual swap of BTC against USD, without relying on any USD reserves. The stablecoin's peg to the U.S. dollar would be maintained via mathematical transactions between the new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) authorized participants and derivatives exchanges.

CoinMarketCap Crypto Report: Top 20 Exchanges Mark a 36% Drop in Spot Trade Volume from Previous Quarter
In the first half of 2023, the cryptocurrency market has seen significant shifts in exchange activities, according to a comprehensive analysis by CoinMarketCap. to Launch Crypto Exchange in Hong Kong Following Government's $6.4M Investment in Web3
Hong Kong's current budget allocates millions to the Web3 and crypto industries to "keep up with the times," allowing to establish a local presence.

Crypto Traders Exodus from Indian Exchanges due to High Tax Rate
With Binance app downloads skyrocketing to 429K in August, traders are leaving Indian crypto exchanges based on a fallout triggered by a significant tax change.

TZERO Shut Down Crypto Exchange
Customers may "orderly remove" assets on March 6.

US Prosecutors Seek Lengthy Sentence for Crypto Shadow Bank Executive
US prosecutors seek a sentence of at least 7 years imprisonment for Reginald Fowler, a former minority owner of the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, over his alleged involvement in shadow banking practices through Crypto Capital Corp, an alleged crypto shadow bank. Fowler is accused of acting as an unlicensed money transmitter and deceiving financial institutions through Global Trading Solutions (GTS), a firm he established under Crypto Capital in 2018. GTS and Crypto Capital are alleged to have processed approximately $750 million in cryptocurrency transactions, providing unlicensed crypto firms with unlawful access to the U.S. banking system.

Solidus Labs Reports $2 Billion in Wash Trades on Decentralized Exchanges
Solidus Labs has revealed that at least $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been wash-traded on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs) since 2020. The study analyzed 30,000 DEX liquidity pools, finding 67% were tainted by wash traders. Solidus Labs has developed tools to identify and counteract market manipulation, including Token Sniffer and DEX-based A-A Wash Trading Detection. The partnership aims to ensure safe crypto trading across both centralized and DeFi markets.

Kaspersky’s Expert Take on KYC and AML: Stock vs Crypto Exchanges
In Part 2 of our interview, Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia, Kaspersky shared how Kaspersky provides cybersecurity solutions for stock and crypto exchanges to address KYC and AML concerns. He also walked us through the Kaspersky Application Security Assessment and explained its significance in safeguarding assets in crypto exchanges.

Crypto Exchange Web Traffic Hit 473.3 Million Visits in October
More participants are eyeing the cryptocurrency sector, given that the crypto exchange web traffic has witnessed a 15.5% increase month-on-month (MoM).

Japanese Crypto Trading Activity Fell as COVID-19 Pandemic Hit in March
The Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association has reported that during the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a decline in active crypto-trading in Japan.

Blockchain.News Presents: State of DeFi Survey
Blockchain.News State of DeFi Survey

Malaysia's National Stock Exchange Conducts Blockchain PoC to Digitize Bond Market
Malaysia’s national stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia will conduct a blockchain Proof-of-Concept (PoC) dubbed "Project Harbour" to explore the DLT management of the country’s bonds market.

Losing Access to your Crypto Wallet: Dangers and How to Not Lose your Funds?
Dmytro Volkov is the CTO at CEX.IO. He optimized the technology and processes at the exchange, as well as the trading and analytics systems and integrations with external systems. Created the CEX.IO Broker platform to trade derivatives. Also, he has over 15 years’ work experience in IT, including over 10 years in the financial market, and is an author of trainings on financial and tech topics.

What is Crypto Arbitrage? Trading on Crypto Pricing Imbalances of Exchanges
Crypto arbitrage is a term used to describe a method of crypto trading that takes advantage of price imbalances for digital assets on exchanges.

What Is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?
DEX is a blockchain-based exchange that allows people to directly exchange encrypted tokens with each other.

Bitcoin Surged for Eight Consecutive Days, a Feat since December 2020
Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory for eight consecutive days, as revealed by crypto analytic firm CryptoCompare.

The Ratio of Bitcoin’s Supply on Exchanges Hit a 6-Month Low
Statistics by on-chain metrics provider Santiment show that Bitcoin’s ratio of supply on crypto exchanges hit a six-month low.

Ethereum Accounts for Nearly Half of the Trading Volume on Top Exchanges
Ethereum accounts for almost half of the trading volume on top exchanges compared to a quarter a year ago.

The Number of Ethereum Deposits on Crypto Exchanges Hit a 5-Month Low-What This Mean
The number of ETH deposits on crypto exchanges continues to diminish, given that it reached a 5-month low of 548.940.

Bitcoin on Exchanges Experience a Sharp 50-Day Drop, Suggesting Diminishing Sell-Side Pressure
Bitcoin on crypto exchanges has plunged to a 50-day low, as acknowledged by on-chain metrics provider Santiment.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Breaches 3,000 BTC for the First Time
The Bitcoin Lightning Network has been seeing an uptick in activity because it crossed the 3,000 BTC capacity for the first time.

Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hits a Monthly Low as Consolidation Continues
Bitcoin has found itself in a consolidation state based on low transaction volume.

Bitcoin Futures Perpetual Funding Rate Turns Positive as BTC Balance on Exchanges Slip to a 3-Year Low
A surge in Bitcoin's price has been instrumental in flipping BTC futures perpetual funding rate positive.

Bitcoin Wallets Transferring Funds to Crypto Exchanges have Doubled Since January
Glassnode, an on-chain market analytics firm, has disclosed that addresses sending Bitcoin to crypto exchanges have doubled since January 2020.

Bitcoin Inflows to Exchanges on the Rise, Which Could Signal a Bearish Momentum
An increase of Bitcoin inflows to crypto exchanges is being witnessed.

Bitcoin Inflows Into Exchanges Hits a 5-Month Low
Bitcoin inflows into crypto exchanges dropped to a 5-month low.

474,968 Bitcoin Trades Worth $4.4 Billion Were Liquidated In the Last 24 Hours Making Price Plunge Inevitable
New data by Bybt reveals the liquidation of $4.4 billion worth of Bitcoin futures, which triggered the cryptocurrency's pullback.

Crypto Whales Moving BTC to Exchanges Sees Bitcoin Price Bounce at $17,250
The Bitcoin price corrected fell and bounced at $17,250 as crypto whales moved their BTC to exchanges, presumably to cash in as BTC approached a new all-time high of $20,000.

18,000 Bitcoin Whales Circle the Crypto Market, Each Holding At Least $1 Million in Bitcoin
Glassnode’s recent report shows that the number of Bitcoin addresses holding at least $1 million worth of Bitcoin has increased by 38%. Currently, there are 18,000 Bitcoin whales.

Bitcoin Exchange Balances At Two Year Low
A decrease in bitcoin balances on exchanges signals that many investors could be holding for the long-term.

Bitcoin Whales Return To Exchanges Stifling BTC Relief Price Rally Above $19,500
The Bitcoin price surged out above $19,500 earlier today, recorded as high as $19,570 on major exchanges before dropping to $19,050 due to selling pressure from BTC whales.

On-Chain Transactions Above $10 Million Skyrocket on the Bitcoin Network
More large accounts or organizations are taking part in the Bitcoin network as on-chain transactions above $10 million have gone through the roof.

Bitcoin Supply Held by Long-Term Holders Hit ATH as BTC Exchange Outflows Dominated
Long-term holders have emerged to be significant players in the Bitcoin ecosystem as their accumulation continues to scale the heights.

Bitcoin Addresses Sent to Exchanges Record a Monthly Low as BTC Hits a 17-Day High
New data by Glassnode reveals that crypto addresses sending Bitcoin to exchanges have recorded a monthly low. What does this mean?

Bitcoin's Balance on Exchanges Hits a 4-Year Low Amid Traders Becoming Overly Optimistic
As Bitcoin (BTC) continues hovering around the $20K area, the balance on exchanges is shrinking.

One Million Bitcoin Held By Dark Web Marketplaces and Cybercriminals, Chainalysis Data
Data from Chainalysis reveals that almost one million Bitcoin is circulating on the dark web between bad actors and illicit darknet markets.

Whales are Depositing Bitcoin on Crypto Exchanges - What This Means
Ki Young Ju, the CEO of on-chain analytic firm CryptoQuant, has revealed that whales are depositing Bitcoin on exchanges.

Bitcoin’s Percent Balance on Exchanges Hits a 3-Year Low Amid Open Interest Breaking the Record at $19B
Bitcoin’s percent balance on exchanges has been downtrending after hitting a three-year low of 13%.

Bitcoin Revisits $50K Amid More Than 1 Million BTC Addresses Transacting
This price surge in the Bitcoin network also saw an uptick in addresses transacting, given that they hit a two-month high.

Ethereum’s Non-Exchange Whales Record the Highest Tokens in their Custody Since 2016
New data by on-chain metrics provider Santiment reveals that Ethereum’s non-exchange whales are on an accumulation spree as they continue buying more ETH.

Ethereum Stored on Crypto Exchanges Sinks to a Two-Year Low, What This Means for ETH
On-chain analytics provider Santiment has shared data showing that Ethereum(ETH) held on crypto exchanges stands at 13.35% of its total circulation supply.

Ethereum Shifting to Cold Wallets for DeFi-Related & Holding Activities
ETH supply on exchanges has been shrinking by being transferred to cold storage.

Total Value Locked in Ethereum 2.0 Hits a Record-High Amid ETH Supply on Exchanges Nosediving
Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract continues to see an uptick in investments based on a surge in the total value locked (TVL).

Ethereum Gas Fees Surge to a Monthly High, Supply on Exchanges Continues to Decline
Ethereum's total fees has hit a monthly high of 746.026 ETH.

Ethereum Stands at Significant Support Based on the Purchase of Over 10 Million ETH
More than 10 million Ethereum was bought between $3,426 and $3,536, which is a very significant supply wall for support.

Ethereum’s Supply on Exchanges Remained Low During the Crypto Rally—What this Indicator Means for ETH
ETH’s strong surge continued and rallied above $660, however, the cryptocurrency faced a slight correction and is now trading below $650.

ETH Balance on Exchanges Sink to a 2-Year Low as Miner Revenue Hit a Monthly High
Ethereum (ETH) has been undergoing a mass exodus away from crypto exchanges recently, given that its balance dropped to a two-year low.

Ethereum Exchange Inflow Volume Hit a Monthly Low of $34.27 Million
According to digital asset firm Glassnode, Ethereum exchange inflow volume reached a 1-month low of $34,277,495.88.

Will Ethereum's Records Biggest Crypto Exchange Outflow in 2022 Propel More Upward Momentum?
Ethereum witnessed the largest crypto exchange outflow this year, given that coins exited in droves to the tune of more than 180,000 ETH.

Ethereum Addresses with at least 0.1 ETH Hit All-Time High as Amount Held on Exchanges Drops
Number of Ethereum addresses holding 0.1+ coins just reached an ATH of 3,716,113, according to on-chain data provider Glassnode.

Ethereum Surpasses $38K for the First Time Since Mid-May as Large Transaction Volume Hits $16.15B
Ethereum’s price has been experiencing an uptick, with the latest being a surge above the psychological level of $3,800 since May.

More Money has Flowed into Ethereum than Bitcoin in 2021
Ethereum has emerged as the victor because more money has trickled into its network than Bitcoin in 2021 based on the market capitalization metrics.

Thailand to Implement In-Person KYC Step for Crypto Exchanges
Thailand has introduced a new method of verifying clients’ identities for crypto exchanges.

South Korea’s Crypto Market Gears up to Legitimacy, With Banks Eyeing a Share of the Cake
With the incoming South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yeol, pledging the easing of crypto regulations, the market is on a solid path to being significantly legitimized.

Ripple CEO Hints that XRP Operations Will Be Fine Despite SEC Lawsuit and Previous Failure to Settle
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse demystified certain things pertaining to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s lawsuit.

Ethereum Supply on Exchanges Diminish to 12%, Signifying a Holding Culture
Despite retracing from an all-time high (ATH) price of $4,860 recorded earlier this month, Ethereum supply on exchanges continues to nosedive.

BNB, HT, and FTT Experience a Surge Ahead of Coinbase Listing
Since Coinbase announced its listing, its valuation has gone from 70 billion U.S. dollars to its current value of 91.5 billion U.S. dollars. The direct listing of the exchange had made investors re-examine the future potential of digital currency exchanges and cryptocurrencies. In the past few weeks, the three major platform-derived currencies BNB, HT, and FTT have risen several times.

Crypto Ads to Pop up in Super Bowl
Cryptocurrencies may dominate this Super Bowl ad and emerge as the winner. Coinbase, FTX, Crypto. com, Bitbuy will all be involved during Super Bowl ads.

Google To Allow Crypto Exchange & Wallet Advertisements in August
Google announced an update of its crypto ad policy and its financial products and services policy to accept crypto exchange & wallet advertisements in the coming August.

Top Executives at CoinMarketCap Quit Just Months After Binance Acquisition
Carylyne Chan, the interim CEO at leading crypto data provider CoinMarketCap is the latest executive to quit following her public announcement on August 31. The mass exodus from the company has been alarming because she follows the footsteps of four other top executives who have left the company just four months after it was purchased by Binance.

Huobi Global Moves its Central Operating Base to Gibraltar
Huobi Global, one of the world’s largest digital currency trading platforms has announced the move of its operational headquarters to Gibraltar, a small British enclave in the Southern part of Spain.

Russia Restricts Anonymous Cash Deposits to Online Wallets
The Russian Government has put strict limits on anonymous deposits made to online wallets. While it is not a complete ban, the initiative by lawmakers is promoted as a step to deter illegal activity such as money laundering and illicit drug transactions and could affect up to 10 million users.

Canadian Tax Agency Asks Coinsquare Crypto Exchange to Hand Over Clients Personal Data
The Canada Revenue Agency has requested a judge of the Federal Court to force a crypto exchange to hand over information about all its customers.

U.S. Requests Crypto Exchanges to Avoid Russian Running away from Sanctions
The U.S. is reportedly urging major crypto exchanges to make sure no Russian individuals or institutions escape from the sanctions by using cryptocurrencies.

US SEC Chair Gary Gensler: Coinbase and Other Crypto Exchanges Must Register with Agency
After raising concerns over Coinbase’s lending product, US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has once again reiterated that cryptocurrency exchanges should register with the commission.

Coinbase Goes Down, Causing XRP Token Price to Flash Crash on the Crypto Exchange
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange experienced technical difficulties that knocked down XRP token’s price on the platform by 30%.

Coinbase Appoints Marc Andreessen in Management Reshuffle Ahead of Potential IPO
Coinbase has made a board reshuffle that sees the additions of Silicon Valley mogul Gokul Rajaram and ventures capitalist Marc Andreessen. The reshuffle comes amid rumor of a potential Coinbase IPO.

Crypto Exchange Trading Volumes Hit a Monthly High of $348 Billion in November
New data by CoinGecko reveals that the monthly trading volumes across crypto exchanges surged to an all-time high of $348 billion in November.

Kraken CEO Reveals Why It Is a Huge Risk for Crypto Exchanges to List XRP
Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has addressed Ripple’s legal woes with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over XRP.

Indian Exchanges are all Out on Crypto With Ads Ahead of Coming Festive Season
Indian crypto exchanges are planning huge ad campaigns to attract new users ahead of the upcoming festive seasons.

Ukraine’s Largest Bank Privatbank Suspends Money Transfers to Crypto Exchanges amid Martial Law
Other local banks in Ukraine have also imposed restrictions authorized by the country’s central bank under the current martial law.

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2021
It can be extremely scary to invest in cryptocurrencies especially for a new time investor due to the constant news they hear about scams.

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Resigns, Following Criminal Charges by CFTC and DoJ
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has stepped down from his position, alongside Samuel Reed, the company's CTO.

Coinbase Secures Registered VASP from Dutch Central Bank
Nasdaq-listed digital currency trading giant Coinbase Global Inc has announced its official registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank — DNB).

Bitfinex CTO: Keeping Crypto Safe with State-of-the-Art Cyber Security
Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex and Tether tells us why safety and security should always be a top priority for crypto exchanges.

Binance Exchange Mulling Plans to Establish Central Headquarters in France
Binance Holdings Ltd, the operator of the world’s largest digital currency trading platform by volume, has its eyes on France as a likely location of its central operating headquarters. Launches Global Brand Campaign Featuring Hollywood Veterans
Centralized digital currency trading platform has launched its Global Brand Campaign with a video commercial.

Bitcoin’s Outflow from Exchanges still Heavy Despite Looming Correction, says Crypto Trader
Veteran market and crypto trader Michael van de Poppe has noted that despite the current price correction, Bitcoin outflows from exchanges are still sizable.

KuCoin Exchange Restores All Token Deposit and Withdrawal Services Following Massive Hack
KuCoin announced yesterday that the withdrawal and deposit services for all tokens will finally be resumed on the crypto exchange.

Portuguese Crypto Exchanges Hit with Bank Account Closures
An increasing number of commercial banks in Portugal have begun closing accounts associated with crypto exchanges. The move is contrary to what is expected as crypto exchanges in the country hold central bank licenses.

KuCoin Loses $150 Million Due to Security Breach But Compensation to Follow
KuCoin, a Singapore-based crypto exchange, has disclosed the suspicious withdrawal of large amounts of Bitcoin, ERC-20, and Ether.

Creditors of Defunct Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Can Now File For Claims With Audit Firm Following Massive Hack
The creditors of the now-defunct New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia can now file for claims with appointed audit firm Grant Thornton. Receives In-Principle Approval Tokens Permit from the MAS
Digital currency trading platform has been granted the In-Principle Approval token permit from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for its Major Payment Institution License.

Billions of Dollars Exit Exchanges as Investors Scuttle Towards Safety
Investors are withdrawing their funds from exchanges amid the FTX implosion

Coinbase to Suspend XRP Token Trading in January as SEC Sues Ripple
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange will delist XRP, following the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s lawsuit against Ripple.

Coinbase Welcomes New Chief Legal Officer from Facebook's Legal Team: Introducing Paul Grewal
Coinbase proudly announced in a July 8 blog post that a new addition will be made to the crypto exchange’s legal team. Paul Grewal, a former US magistrate judge in California and Deputy General Counsel for Facebook, will be joining the ranks of the digital currency exchange.

List of Crypto Exchanges to Delist XRP Grows, as Bitstamp Halts XRP Trading
XRP’s price has been trading at lows of $0.28 and will likely plummet further as more and more crypto exchanges delist it.

Major Korean Exchanges Delisting Litecoin Subject to New Privacy Feature Concerns
Five major South Korean crypto exchanges issued investors’ advisories concerning Litecoin. These exchanges said they are committed to preventing money laundering and crime through technology.

Bitfinex Launches $400 Million Bounty Hunt for 2016 Hackers Who Stole $1.3 Billion in BTC
Bitfinex has launched a 400 million dollar bounty hunt in search of the hackers responsible for the theft of nearly 120,000 Bitcoins from the global exchange in 2016.

$1.7 Billion Rehabilitation Plan for Mt. Gox Hack Victims Shelved Until December
Victims of the now non-defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox will have to wait on their refund following a 2014 hack, which triggered the loss of over 150,000 Bitcoin.

FTX Officials Says the Exchange Has Been Compromised by Hackers
Despite being the most embattled exchange, FTX has suffered a multi-million cyberattack

DeFi Bubble Burst: SushiSwap and Uniswap Lead the DEX Token Crash, Reaching New Lows
Uniswap's UNI token reached a new low at $2.478 today, dropping by 83.48% from $15 of a record high on Sept. 17, the first day it launched.

The Top 10 Bitcoin Exchanges for Casino Players
Exploring the 10 best Bitcoin exchanges for online casino players, mostly looking for newcomer-friendly sites and a couple of more advanced propositions.

XRP Price Slumps as SEC’s Ripple Lawsuit Worries India’s Crypto Exchanges
US lawsuit against Ripple blockchain company worries crypto exchanges in India.

5 of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Use in 2021
Cryptocurrency exchanges remain the primary gateway to the industry, providing an opportunity to trade and earn a profit. Here are five of the best platforms.

Why Crypto Exchanges Must Reinvent Themselves to Stay Relevant or Else Face Extinction
As the industry matures, crypto exchanges must face up to higher responsibilities. Crypto market is becoming to mirror that of traditional markets. Cryptocurrency exchanges, therefore, must reinvent themselves to maintain their relevance.

Chainlink's Supply on Exchanges at a New Low Since 2017, Confidence in LINK Price to Surge is High
Chainlink’s percent of supply sitting on exchanges has seen a new low, with the lowest supply amount on exchanges seen since its ICO in September 2017

Why Cryptocurrency Exchanges Still Supporting XRP May Be Forced to Delist The Token Soon
The cryptocurrency exchanges that are still supporting XRP and have not yet moved to delist it may be forced to do so eventually.

Ethereum Whales' on Exchanges Continue to Shrink, Addresses with at Least 0.01 ETH Coins Hit ATH
Ethereum whales’ holdings on crypto exchanges are diminishing, suggesting that they are being moved to cold wallets.

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission to Ban Privacy Coins from Exchanges
South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) will ban privacy-centric digital assets or “dark coins” from exchanges as they present a high money laundering risk.

Bitcoin Sell-Off Incoming: Bitcoin Whales Return to Major Crypto Exchanges
CryptoQuant Alerts warns that Bitcoin whales are moving huge quantities of BTC onto major crypto exchanges indicating a huge sell-off could be imminent.