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Tron is for decentralizing the web. The official website describes Tron as "one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world." The Founder and CEO of TRON is Justin Sun, a quite controversial figure. Tron coin is known as TRX.

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Justin Sun: Tron Network is Holding 3000 Bitcoin
Tron network, a blockchain-based decentralized operating system, is hosting 3,000 Bitcoin (BTC) configured as BTCTRON, according to its CEO and founder Justin Sun.

TRON Toasts Tether Takeover in Bumper Year for Blockchain Network
2020 will go down as a good year for crypto and a very good year for TRON. While the entire industry came on in leaps and bounds, the progress made within the ever-expanding TRON ecosystem was particularly impressive, giving even its skeptics pause for thought.

TRON Launches Sidechain Solution & Aims to List on Coinbase
Tron (TRX) announced the launch of Tron’s sidechain solution, the Sun Network, as revealed in the company’s blog on 11 August.

Tron CEO Justin Sun Denies Allegations of Third-Party Celebrity Promotions of TRX Cryptocurrency
Tron Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Justin Sun has come forward publicly to address the allegations that he paid celebrities to promote Tron.

Samsung Users Can Now Access TRON Blockchain Network from Their Devices
The incorporation of TRON network into Samsung smartphones not only favor users in terms of security but also it could facilitate the direct integration of crypto-wallets.

TRON Welcomes NFT Collectors into the MegaCryptoPolis Metaverse
It’s no secret that TRON has been eyeing a foray into NFTs and digital collectibles for some time; only last week, Justin Sun was pipped to the punch to purchase Beeple’s NFT art collection at Christie’s. The TRON founder placed a last-minute bid that fell just short of the $69 million the work eventually went for.

TRON Credited with Powering Record USDT Growth
With all the speculation around future growth of cryptocurrency protocols, it can be hard to gauge fundamental network health accurately. However, one metric that never fails is user adoption, an indicator that can be measured onchain. When applied to TRON, this metric shows that the network’s user base is proliferating very rapidly, with USDT accounting for a significant tranche of all onchain activity.

US Lawmakers Question Tron Founder Justin Sun and DLive CEO on Extremist Content Following Capitol Riots
Two U.S. lawmakers have questioned Tron founder Justin Sun and DLive CEO Charles Wayn in the wake of the Capital riots—asking them how they moderate extremist content.

$100 Million of Tether Swapped from Tron Network to Ethereum Blockchain
$100 million worth of Tether (USDT) has been transferred from the Tron network, a blockchain-based decentralized operating system, to the Ethereum blockchain.

Is YouTube Sensation PewDiePie a Tron and BitTorrent Shill?
PewDiePie has often had to turn to sponsors for income since the adpocalyspe on YouTube. Notable sponsors include GFuel energy drink and Origin computer products. This year, PewDiePie announced a new sponsorship with Tron and BitTorrent that has attracted the attention and suspicion of the crypto world.

Ethereum, EOS, & TRON: Which Blockchain Will Continue to Dominate the Dapp Ecosystem in 2020?
By measuring the success of how individual blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON have been performing in the first month of the new year, the data from January 2020 gives an insight into the year ahead.

Justin Sun Tweets Tron just Issued $1.3 Billion in Tether, Here's What it Means for Crypto
While the broader cryptocurrency market is still reeling from a multi-year bear market since 2017, stablecoins like Tether are seeing action. Billions of dollars in USDT have been issued since its launch and the addition of Tron-backed stablecoin issuance, coupled with the now-concluded Bitcoin halving, signals a volatile period ahead for crypto traders and investors.

FinCEN's Proposed Crypto Rule Does Not “Follow Proper Procedure”- Coinbase CEO
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong criticized the FinCEN's proposed regulatory procedure for cryptocurrencies, calling it ill-advised.

What Coinbase CEO’s Crypto Regulation Rumors Mean for Bitcoin if Pushed by US Treasury?
Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, warned that the Trump Administration may be targeting Bitcoin on its way out of office through regulation, but what impact could it have?

Justin Sun Finally Got His Long-Awaited $4.57 Million Dinner with Warren Buffett
Founder of TRON, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun had his long-awaited $4.57 million charity auctioned meal with Warren Buffett. Here's what happened.

Gemini Exchange Inks Deal with Samsung to Boost Crypto Adoption
Gemini, a leading American crypto exchange, has struck a deal with tech giant Samsung Electronics to bring crypto closer to Samsung Blockchain Wallet users in Canada and the United States. This integration will make users connected to the Gemini mobile app where they can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase CEO: Americans are Investing Their COVID Stimulus Checks in Bitcoin
Brian Armstrong, the CEO of US-based crypto exchange Coinbase, has revealed data showing how $1,200 deposits similar to the stimulus checks being offered to Americans by the government has skyrocketed this week. Coinbase is the leading crypto exchange in the American soil.

Dell Uses VMware’s Blockchain Solutions to Track Recycled Packaging Materials
Waste management is one of the main challenges after global warming, which affects the natural environment. Dell is committed to developing solutions to enable better waste management. Recently, Dell partners with VMware to track recycled packaging materials using blockchain.

Barred from Leaving China? Tron Founder Justin Sun Surfaces in San Francisco
Justin Sun was on the border control list by the Chinese government that can restrict him from travelling abroad due to alleged illegal fundraising, money laundering, gambling and involvement in pornography according to Caixin. However, on a live video broadcast on Justin Sun’s Twitter, he shows the Bay Bridge in the background, which meant he appeared to be in San Francisco.

Justin Sun's TRON to Receive $2 Million from US Government Aid Coronavirus Relief
Justin Sun’s Tron platform has obtained US government aid of more than $2 million in coronavirus relief. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc in the US financial markets. Particularly small-sized businesses are suffering from the economic shutdown meant to slow down the spread of coronavirus. With hundreds of thousands of employees in danger of losing their jobs, the US government created the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help small businesses stay afloat. The money does not need to be repaid.

1Bn Crypto Users Forecasted in the Next Decade, Says Coinbase CEO
Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase Global Inc, predicted there would be up to 1 billion users of cryptocurrencies within the next decade.

Tron DAO Reserve Buys $50M BTC, TRX
Tron DAO Reserve announced through Twitter that it bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin and Tron (TRX) to "safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market."

R3 - Revolutionizing Trade Finance with Blockchain
R3 leads the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world, creating initiatives using distributed ledger technology. Carl Wegner, the Managing Director and Head of Asia at R3, elaborates on the consortium’s reach with its broad ecosystem, on initiatives that are built on Corda, including, Project Voltron, Project Inthanon, Project LionRock, and Project Ubin in Asia.  

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells: How ETN Mass Adoption is Empowering the Unbanked
Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency that is making serious strides with mass adoption and real-world use in developing nations.

Coinbase CEO Avoids Mainstream Media, Prefers YouTube, Podcasts and Blogs
Brian Armstrong the Coinbase CEO, has joined the list of cryptocurrency executives who prefer to leverage their own blogs and platforms to distribute information to the media, as opposed to direct contact with any journalists.

Tron Foundation Launches its "Just NFT Fund"
The Tron Foundation has launched its" Just NFT Fund" to help bridge the gap between artists and the NFT metaverse.

Coinbase CEO Armstrong and Tech Giant Apple Butt Heads over Crypto and dApps
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has voiced his disappointment over Apple’s lack of flexibility on decentralized applications (dApps) operating on its App store.

Tron's Justin Sun Hopes USDD to Become First Stablecoin in “EthereumPOW ecosystem”
H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON and investor of Poloniex, a global cryptocurrency exchange, hopes that USDD the stablecoin would become the first one in the “EthereumPOW ecosystem” after the completion of the Merge. However, Sun reiterated that he supports the fork with the strongest community consensus and the largest hashrate instead of supporting one specific fork.

Stronghold Digital Mining Collects Coal Waste to Power Cryptocurrency Mining
Stronghold Digital Mining, based in western Pennsylvania, has found a new, environmentally friendly way to mine cryptocurrency, Reuters reports.

Tron's Total Active Accounts Surpass 25 Million, Is TRX Undervalued?
Tron has attained a huge milestone with the total number of accounts on the protocol surpassing 25 million.

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency DCEP Has Been Processed in Pilot Transactions Worth 1.1 Billion Yuan
In the race to be the first country to launch a functional CBDC, China appears to be in the lead, as it has begun experimenting with its digital currency.

Visa Crypto Executive: CBDC is the Most Important Trend for Future of Money
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could be the most important payment trend in development with the most profound effects on our systems of payment and money issuance according to Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of cryptocurrency.

How Crypto is Helping a Globally-Recognised NGO with Their Covid-19 Response
The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the world, causing almost half-a-million deaths, illnesses, and economic downturns. The World Bank argues that the deadly virus could push up to 60 million people into extreme poverty, wiping out the progress made in this area in the past three years.

Bitcoin is Moving to Strong Hands as Small Holders are Proving to be a Rising Force
On-chain analyst Will Clemente believes that Bitcoin is moving to strong hands given that its supply shock is at levels witnessed at the $50-$60K range.

What Can We Learn From Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's Coronavirus Outbreak Contingency Plan for Employees?
US health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the coronavirus “is not recognized to be spreading in US communities.”

Are These Top 5 Crypto Losers Just Struggling to Recover or Doomed to Fail?
Are These Top 5 Crypto Losers Just Struggling to Recover or Doomed to Fail?

Bitcoin Supply is Moving to Strong Hands amid BTC On-Chain Analysis Going Mainstream
The current Bitcoin correction has not dampened the spirits of strong hands, investors who hold for future purposes because they are accumulating more coins.

Tron's Justin Sun Acquires 4145 BTC for $152.8M
Justin Sun has acquired 4145 Bitcoin with $152,818,183 at an average price of $36,868.

TRON Founder Justin Sun Offers Bounty Reward for Twitter Bitcoin Scammers
As distressed Twitter users scrambled to get a sense of the recent Bitcoin attack that happened earlier this week, TRON founder Justin Sun spoke up and offered a $1 million bounty reward for whoever was able to uncover the identities of those behind the Twitter mass hack.

Despite Crypto Market Onslaught, These Altcoins Stayed Bullish
Not all of the top altcoins saw a plunge in their value in the Week-to-Date (WTD) period and here are three of the most resilient coins which printed good growth amid a sweeping bearish slump.

TRX Mortgage Lending Platform Now Available to Public On TRON’s Nile Testnet
The Tron Foundation announced that the TRON TRX mortgage lending platform which is being launched on the Nile test net is available for the public testing phase, according to a medium post on Monday. The foundation believes that the platform will expand the quality of Tron ecosystem and foster awesome ecological prosperity within the loans sector.

LG Electronics Expands Business in terms of Blockchain Technology & Crypto
As part of its expansion plan beyond home appliances, South Korean tech giant LG Electronics intends to add blockchain, cryptocurrency, and medical devices as new sectors in its corporate charter.

DBS Bank Joins R3-Backed Blockchain Trade Finance Network Contour Built on Corda
Singapore’s biggest bank, DBS Bank joined R3-backed Contour Network known for digitalizing global trade processes. Previously known as Project Voltron, Contour is a blockchain-based trade finance platform, built over R3’s Corda blockchain and was founded by R3 and major global institutions, including HSBC, ING, Standard Chartered, Citi Ventures, BNP Paribas, and Bangkok Bank, Bain & Company, and CryptoBLK. DBS Bank became the first Singaporean bank to join the network.

Tron Blockchain Launches USDD Decentralized Stablecoin by Tron DAO Reserve
Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain network, said that he has launched a USDD decentralized stablecoin pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1 through the Tron DAO Reserve.

Coinbase Will Not Bar Russian Users Unless New Laws Requires: CEO Brian Armstrong
Coinbase CEO says the exchange will not ban Russian users, citing the fact that many citizens are not supportive of the decision of their president to go to war against Ukraine.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Coinbase CEO's Apolitical Stance "Leaves People Behind"
Following the move by Coinbase to offer severance packages to staff who disagree with the ‘apolitical’ stance of the firm, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has slammed the move.

Coinbase Cuts Employees By 18% as Market Outlook Remains Bleak
CEO Brian Armstrong has announced that approximately 18% of all of Coinbase Global Inc’s workforce will be laid off as the cryptocurrency trading platform strategizes to navigate the now evident crypto winter.

Coinbase Finally Files IPO with SEC—Is Brian Armstrong a Capitalist or Cypherpunk?
The Coinbase Initial Public Offering (IPO) has finally been filed and now awaits the review and approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Coinbase Refuses to Mix Politics With Business, Offers Unsatisfied Staff Severance Packages
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has announced a generous severance package to staff who find it difficult to focus on the company’s missions.

Justin Sun Proposes the Establishment of Tron DAO Reserve and to Launch USDD Stablecoin
Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain network, is stepping up his responsibility in the broader digital currency ecosystem with the establishment of the Tron DAO Reserve.

19 Crypto Billionaires Rank among Forbes’ Annual World’s Billionaires List, Increased by 58% from Last Year
The number of crypto billionaires increased from 12 in 2020 to 19 in 2021, increased by 58%, according to the Forbes’ Annual World’s Billionaires list.

Tron Founder Justin Sun Wants to Spend $5B to Save Distressed Crypto Firms
While there has been no news of Tron bailing out any crypto firm thus far, Sun said he is willing to commit as much as $5 billion to save distressed crypto outfits

Tron Filmmaker Donald Kushner Creates Cryptosaurs in Metaverse & NFT Collections
Filmmaker and creator of the classic American tech film Tron, Donald Kushner, and his Gumbotron production team teamed up with Forj, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to create a new metaverse called Cryptosaurs and launch a related NFT collection.

Samsung Plans to Develop Top-Notch Metaverse Devices to Foster Accessibility
Samsung Electronics has revealed plans to make the metaverse more accessible by developing innovative devices as it sees it as a new business model.