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TRON Welcomes NFT Collectors into the MegaCryptoPolis Metaverse
It’s no secret that TRON has been eyeing a foray into NFTs and digital collectibles for some time; only last week, Justin Sun was pipped to the punch to purchase Beeple’s NFT art collection at Christie’s. The TRON founder placed a last-minute bid that fell just short of the $69 million the work eventually went for.

FC Barcelona Preparing to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency & NFTs
Barcelona plans to enter into the metaverse landscape. The football club sees emerging technologies as a potential area that could enable it to shape its future shopping experiences and generate revenues.

The Crypto Market in 2022: Trends and Predictions
The future for crypto is bright, with some already well-established and well-known cryptocurrencies increasing their price by up to 400% by the second half of 2022, at least according to the impressive predictions of some – perhaps overly – optimist analysts.

Top 4 crypto events to watch in 2022 besides The Merge
Following up on the rapidly developing blockchain technology, let's take a look at what the crypto community is looking forward to in 2022 – the biggest milestones for some of the most popular blockchain systems besides Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Time Magazine to Add Ether to Its Balance Sheet as Part of Efforts to Support Metaverse Newsletter with Galaxy Digital
Under a partnership with Galaxy Digital, Time Magazine will hold Ether as part of its corporate balance sheet and produce metaverse-related content.

Genesis Report Reveals Institutions Seek Diversification of Digital Assets
Genesis had a blockbuster Q4. The expansion was noted across all business lines. Read on to find out the details and to see the industry's prospects.

Walmart to Launch its own Crypto and Collection of NFT
US retailer Walmart is actively engaging in Metaverse, with documents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office late last month, showing that the company is preparing to create its own collection of crypto and NFTs.

NFT will Become the Revenue Model of Metaverse,Co-founder of Tether William Quigley says
William Quigley, the co-founder of the stablecoin- Tether (USDT), said the business model would undergo radical changes in the future. The delivery of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will become the revenue model of Metaverse and Crypto.

The Graph Onboards The Guild as Subgraph Developer with $48M Grant
The Graph Foundation has awarded a $48 million grant to The Guild to help develop subgraph solutions to build the We3.0 ecosystem.

Emirates Airline to Roll Out Bitcoin Payment and Enter the Metaverse
To optimize customer satisfaction rates, Emirates Airline has revealed plans to adopt advanced digital solutions, such as cryptocurrency, metaverse, and blockchain.

S. Korea's Democratic Party Backs Support for Crypto, Metaverse
Song Young-gil, leader of the ruling Democratic Party, stated that the South Korean government should stop the crackdown on the crypto sector and start nurturing it instead.

The Sandbox, FlickPlay Collaborate to Accelerate Interoperability in Metaverse
With the metaverse expected to be worth between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, virtual world gaming platforms The Sandbox and FlickPlay have joined hands to enhance its adoption by offering players a blockchain asset.

Nvidia Plans to add Innovation in the Metaverse with Software, Marketplace Deals
Nvidia Corporation has set its eyes on adding more creativity in the metaverse based on various marketplace and software deals.

WildWorks Joins Crypto Games, Launching Tokenized Avatars and Virtual Worlds in Jan
Interactive game company WildWorks said it will enter the field of encrypted games and establish a new department focused on the development of the NFT virtual game community.

BSN Has Partnered with MetaverseSociety to Launch the South Korean BSN Portal Operator in November
BSNbase has partnered with the South Korean MetaverseSociety to launch the BSN portal operator in November, supporting Korean developers to quickly and efficiently build and operate blocks through its localized BSN platform Chain application.

MetaWeek to Take Place in Dubai on March 7-10, 2022, Shaping the Future Trends for Metaverses and Blockchain
Investors, NFT artists, blockchain brightest minds, DeFi experts and DAO representatives will converge to UAE for a week-long event with a full-scale trailblazing digital and physical networking experience. Community leaders will discuss what will define development of blockchain space and the upcoming realm of Metaverses.

Crypto Opinion with Mike Ermolaev: Cassio Gusson from Cointelegraph Brazil on Metaverse, Crypto Philosophy, and the Future of Crypto
Check out this week’s Q&A by ChangeNOW's Head of PR Mike Ermolaev as part of a series of interviews with cryptocurrency experts. His questions are not just crypto-related, but also personal – answers to which will inspire you.

Radio Caca's Vitaliy Tyan on the "truest" DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 Reshaping Reality
Mike Ermolaev, ChangeNOW's Head of PR, conducted an exclusive interview with Vitaliy Tyan, the Head of Marketing at Radio Caca (RACA), a pioneer in the metaverse arena. He learned what drives giant DAOs like RACA to succeed, what the future of education will look like in the Metaverse, and how the organization plans to expand. They also discussed NFT interoperability and escapism in the Metaverse.

MetaWeek in Dubai to bring together artists, NFT creators, investors, and blockchain Masterminds
A week-long event, set for March 7-10, 2022, will cover how paradigm-shifting technologies revolutionize and scale in industries like finance, art, cybersecurity, media and investment.

Cypher Capital Rolls Out Worth $100m Blockchain and Digital Assets Fund
To expand the blockchain ecosystem, UAE-based venture capital firm Cypher Capital has launched a $100 million seed fund with a special interest in digital asset investments.

HBAR Foundation Launches $250m Metaverse Fund
The HBAR Foundation launched a $250 million Metaverse Fund, which aims to integrate Hedera Hashgraph's Web3 metaverse world for consumer brands.

ProShares Files for New Metaverse ETF With U.S. SEC
The metaverse is likely going to see an exchange-traded fund from ProShares, according to a Tuesday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bloomberg reported.

Metaverse Gaming Firm MetaBlaze to Conduct Second Round of ICO on April 20
MetaBlaze, a metaverse and blockchain-driven gaming company, will conduct its second ICO round on April 20 at 9 AM EST.

Animoca Brands Partners with Untamed Planet to Develop Untamed Metaverse
Animoca Brands has announced a partnership with Untamed Planet to develop and publish Untamed Metaverse, a game to help nature conservation efforts.

Space Runners Raises $10M Funding to Democratize Blockchain-Backed Fashion Metaverse
Space Runners announced that it raises $10 million in a funding round co-led by Polychain and Pantera Capital. The company wants to use the funding to expand its NFT product lines.

Metaverse will change the world in 2022
After Facebook has announced to change its name to "Meta" last summer, the whole world has focused on a term called "Metaverse". The word "Metaverse" has been searched in Google and Youtube every day. However, Meta is not a decentralized organization that is not a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a Web.30 concept, and GameFi players may not like it.

Crypto Market Overview: BTC, ETH, Top Metaverse Coins
The concept of digital ownership has surged in popularity over the past few months, and the technology that is seen to secure persistent digital experiences has become an increasingly hot topic, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

Jewellery Provider SFLMaven Rolls Out Bitcoin Payments, Eyeing for Metaverse
SFLMaven, a luxury jewellery and goods provider, has started accepting Bitcoin payments in the real world and the metaverse for high-end vintage jewellery items.

Decentraland's Virtual Land Sells for a Record Value of $2.4m in Mana tokens
A piece of virtual real estate in Decentraland was sold for a record value of $2.4 million in cryptocurrency, according to Reuters.

Top Three Altcoins to Watch This Week: DOT, AVAX, and MANA
With a mildly volatile weekend done with, investors are looking forward to another new week in hopes of charting a positive trade history across all markets. Here are three altcoins to watch ahead of the new week.

Mastercard Files for 15 Crypto & Metaverse Related Trademarks
Mastercard has filed for 15 trademarks related to NFTs, crypto and metaverse.

Tencent to Offer Metaverse Business Support in Japan before Feb
Tencent reportedly will launch services for supporting the virtual space "Metaverse" business to Japanese companies before February.

$75M Capital Raised by Blockchain Founders Fund for Metaverse and Web3
Singapore-based venture capital Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) has announced the launch of a new Venture Capital Fund II to support emerging projects in the cryptocurrency, Metaverse and Web3 space.

Facebook Sets up $50M Investment Fund for the Development of Metaverse
Social media giant Facebook announced a two-year grant of $50 million to strengthen the interpersonal connection between reality and virtual reality, consumer hardware and promotion of Metaverse products' development.

$400M Funding helps Gemini valued at $7.1B to Build a Decentralized Metaverse
American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini raised $400 million through growth equity financing, led by Morgan Creek Digital. Now it is valued at US$7.1 billion.

HSBC Enters Metaverse Space through Collaboration with the Sandbox
HSBC is leaping into the metaverse to engage with customers, increase sales, widen its social media reach, and demonstrate its relevance.

American Express Weighs Entry into Metaverse and NFTs Business, Trade Filing Shows
American Express could get into the field of metaverse and NFTs, which have become a key value driver within the financial industry.

Sandbox Launches Metaverse Accelerator Program, Offering $50M for 100 Startups
Virtual Metaverse gaming platform Sandbox has launched the Metaverse accelerator program, which will provide 100 startups with $50 million in start-up capital to promote the development of the Metaverse.

Fidelity Launches Two ETFs Tracking Metaverse and Crypto Sectors
The new ETF offerings enable Fidelity investors to participate in the emerging digital assets ecosystem through exposure to related equity securities.

Tech Stocks to Grow this Year thanks to Crypto & Metaverse, Wall Street Analyst Says
Cyrus Mewawalla believes that tech companies whose operations extend into the metaverse and crypto will end up in gains at the end of the year, despite the massive uncertainties that might be experienced in the stock market this year.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Enters into Metaverse, Investing in Meta Company Genies
Bob Iger has become a new co-owner of Genies, as the metaverse firm raised fresh capital to accelerate its growth. Iger has made his first investment in the metaverse area.

Top Indonesian Football Club Enters the Blockchain Gaming Arena, Partnering with LGG
To offer its fans new experiences in the blockchain gaming sphere, two-time Indonesian football league champion Persib Bandung has partnered with Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG).

Virtual Assets Investment Opens Opportunity to H.K. Residents, While Adrian Cheng Invests in Sandbox
As residents in Hong Kong struggle to purchase physical property, The Sandbox's virtual assets could be a lucrative investment opportunity for many.

NFTs to be Instrumental for Fashion Industry in the Metaverse, GlobalData Analyst Says
With NFTs continuously taking the world by storm, these digital assets are perfect for fashion in the metaverse, according to Amrit Dhami, a thematic analyst at GlobalData.

HK-based Animoca Brands Partners with S. Korea's Cube Entertainment for K-pop Metaverse & NFTs
Animoca Brands is partnering with Cube Entertainment to build a metaverse and non-fungible tokens as K-pop has been taking the world by storm.

XVI Citizens to Introduce 16 Personalities as NFTs
The 16 Personalities idea is turning into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and entering the metaverse for the first time through the XVI Citizens project.

CVS Pharmacy Files for NFT and Metaverse Trademarks Registration
Healthcare giant CVS Pharmacy has filed for a new trademark with the intention of offering Non-Fungible Token (NFT) related products.

Lamborghini Ventures into NFTs with New Collection
Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini is launching its own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection to cement its foothold in the emerging digital art world.

Sportium Announces Strategic Partnership with Dapper Labs
Sportium has announced the successful close of investment from Dapper Labs with both signing an MOU as they both pursue a strategic partnership in helping Sportium fulfil its potential.

Sotheby's Metaverse to Launch Largest NFT Charity Auction with Sostento
Sotheby’s Metaverse announced that it has partnered with Sostento for the "biggest non-fungible token (NFT) charity auction ever".

Adidas' new NFT Collection Owners to get Custom Merch Access
Adidas is launching its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection named ‘Into the Metaverse’ on December 17 as the global apparel brand looks to extend its foothold in the NFT space.

Krafton Partners with Solana Labs to Develop blockchain-based Games
Game developer for PC and mobile devices Krafton partners with Solana Labs to develop blockchain-based games and services in the Metaverse world.

CSOP to List First Metaverse Concept ETF on HKEX
CSOP Asset Management Limited is set to launch Hong Kong's first Metaverse exchange-traded fund on February 21, 2022, according to the company's disclosure document.

The Metaverse: A New Virtual World to Live In?
The metaverse is here to stay. The digital transformation that's currently taking place is seen as the next big development in the evolution of the internet.

President Erdoğan of Turkey Intends to Host Virtual Forum in the Metaverse
Turkey's President has instructed officials of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to conduct work on new developments, including metaverse.

Manchester City to Build Etihad Stadium Replica in the Metaverse
Premier League Champions, Manchester City, is making plans to build a replica of the Etihad Stadium in the metaverse.

Binance Invests another $5m in Metaverse Startup Ultiverse
Binance is putting in a fresh $5 million investment in metaverse gaming startup Ultiverse, after leading a $4.5 million seed investment a week earlier for the firm.

Indian Couple Tie their Knot in the Metaverse, Offering 3D Experience for 500 Guests
Have you ever thought about getting married virtually? An Indian couple decided to arrange their first wedding of its kind in the metaverse.

Hong Kong's Regal Hotels Announces Entry into Metaverse with Project MetaGreen
Hong Kong's Regal Hotels Group has announced its entrance into the metaverse with project MetaGreen, scheduled for completion by October 2022.

MetaHollywood Aims to Become Largest Hollywood-Themed Metaverse
MetaHollywood is building the largest online community within a Hollywood-themed metaverse following a joint venture between Animoca Brands and the Planet Hollywood Group.

52% of Game Developers Concern about Regulatory Uncertainty, Report says
A new report from the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) showcases the majority of active developers about 52% in the space are concerned about the impacts of regulations in the near future.

Drone Racing League Partners with Hivemind's Playground Labs, Launch First P2E Game on Algorand Blockchain
Professional drone racing League joins the Metaverse world by launching its first game on the Algorand blockchain in partnership with Playground Labs.

PCCW, HKT Becomes 1st Hong Kong-based CMT to Join the Metaverse
PCCW and HKT have become the first Hong Kong-based communications, media and technology (CMT) organisations to join the metaverse following a partnership with The Sandbox.

Qualcomm Announces $100m Metaverse Investment Fund
Qualcomm's fund will go to companies building the metaverse using augmented reality, mixed reality or virtual reality.

Samsung Plans to Develop Top-Notch Metaverse Devices to Foster Accessibility
Samsung Electronics has revealed plans to make the metaverse more accessible by developing innovative devices as it sees it as a new business model.

Binance.US to Establish Office in Portals, the Metaverse Platform on the Solana Blockchain
The US branch of the world-leading Binance exchange, Binance.US, is opening an office in Portals, the Metaverse platform on the Solana blockchain.

Standard Chartered Enters The Sandbox Metaverse
Banking giant Standard Chartered has entered the metaverse with The Sandbox to build a virtual space for its clients and supporters.

BTC, ETH Gain Ground & The Top 5 Metaverse Movers to Watch
After the short bearish trend amid the Russia-Ukraine tensions, the crypto market has started to gain ground again. Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by about 1% and 5% respectively during the last week. Many other cryptocurrencies have followed. The popularity and market capitalization of the Metaverse tokens also continues to grow.

Stress Test Passed: These Metaverse Tokens Prove Resilient While Other Cryptos Fall
I will change my mind and agree with the bear market camp if the price of Bitcoin plummets below $31,000 (which seems very unlikely).

Meta to Build World's Fastest Supercomputer for Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg Confirms
Meta is reported to be building the world's fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer as part of the plans to build a virtual metaverse.

Shiba Inu Announces Metaverse Initiative Codenamed "Shiberse"
Shiba Inu announced the launch of the Shiberse, a metaverse world that will be focused on redefining the incentivization model for its growing community.

KuCoin Exchange Launches its Meta Office As KuCoin’s First step on Metaverse
KuCoin Exchange has announced it will launch virtual offices in a visually stunning virtual reality skyscraper called Bloktopia.

ByteDance Taking a Deep Dive into the Metaverse
TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance is making moves to escalate its influence on this nascent ecosystem - metaverse - in the East.

Hong Kong's MTR Becomes World's 1st Transport Operator to Enter The Sandbox Metaverse
Hong Kong's MTR Corporation has become the first global transport operator to join The Sandbox metaverse to create new and immersive experiences in the virtual world.

Citi Sees the Metaverse to Reach $8 Trillion to $13 Trillion by 2030
Citi expects the metaverse to be worth between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, given that the exponential growth of NFTs has brought it to the limelight.

Hong Kong-Based LOST Launches World's 1st Escape Room in Metaverse
Hong Kong-based LOST has launched the world's first escape room in the metaverse.\

What Really Is the Metaverse? Review of the Most Popular Virtual Worlds
Even though everybody is talking about it now, it is difficult to answer what the Metaverse is exactly. In this article, I’ll break down the history of the term and review some of the most important use cases.

Metaverse will be a Trillion-dollar Market in Future: Grayscale
Cryptocurrency investment giant Grayscale released a report on Thursday stating that by 2025, the revenue of the virtual gaming world may grow to $400 billion.

Taiwan Musician Jay Chou Enters the Metaverse NFT Market, Earning Nearly $10M
Taiwanese pop singer and musician Jay Chou has ventured into the meta-universe, earning nearly $10 million.

Facebook Rebrands to Meta, Seeking to Develop the Metaverse
The pioneering social media giant, Facebook Inc, has rebranded its name to Meta as it seeks to foster the development of the metaverse, a term made famous by the current craze in the NFT ecosystem.

Nissan and Toyota Enter the Metaverse in Grand Style
Japanese auto giants Nissan and Toyota have entered the metaverse, aiming at occupying a bigger proportion of the vehicles market.

DBS Eyeing for the Metaverse
Southeast Asia’s largest financial institution, DBS, is reportedly eyeing a move into the metaverse, a trend that many banking giants are looking to become pioneers in.

Chinese Tech Giants Cautiously Invest in the Metaverse
Chinese mega unicorns are certainly investing in the metaverse, despite many firms are taking a cautious approach, given Beijing’s current crackdown on tech companies.

U.S. Air Force Files Trademark Application for Digital Metaverse 'SpaceVerse'
The U.S. Air Force (USAF) files a trademark application for "SpaceVerse" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to expand military training into the metaverse.

Tsinghua University Opens First Metaverse Lab in China
Tsinghua University has launched China's first metaverse laboratory, dedicated to studying the growth and expansion of the new digital industry in the country.

Dubai Regulator Establishes Virtual HQ in the Sandbox Metaverse
Dubai is committed to growing the domestic digital asset sector, a local crypto regulator announced on Tuesday that it has created a virtual headquarters in The Sandbox metaverse platform.

Metaverse Unicorn The Sandbox Targets to Raise $400m Funding at $4b Valuation
The Sandbox metaverse is in negotiations with investors as it looks to raise $400 million in the latest funding round.

Aventis to Become Asia's 1st Graduate School to Enter Metaverse
Aventis Graduate School unveiled its metaverse roadmap and become Asia's first graduate school to enter the metaverse.

Samsung Debuts New Fan Experience on Decentraland
Samsung Electronics America is defining the scope of its metaverse ambitions as it has launched a new store dubbed the Samsung 837x on Decentraland.

Metaverse Seen to Bring in Big Investments, Says Morgan Stanley
The metaverse is a booming investment topic, Morgan Stanley said in a research note, and stock sectors are already making the most of it.

McLaren Enters the Metaverse through InfiniteWorld
McLaren Automotive, a British automotive manufacturer, has entered the metaverse by giving customers a new level of experience where they can mint and sell NFTs.

HSBC Rolls Out Metaverse Fund for Premium Clients in Singapore and Hong Kong
As the metaverse continues to gain momentum, HSBC Holdings has established a fund to render investment opportunities to its high and ultra-high net worth investors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard for $68.7B, Enters Metaverse
Microsoft announced that it has acquired Activision Blizzard for $68.7b, laying the foundation for Microsoft's entry into the Metaverse and accelerating its gaming business.

Why Upland’s Virtual Land NFTs Are The Future Of Crypto
The asset class of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is quickly growing and coincides with the rise of parallel worlds where people are spending more of their time and money.

Is Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality the Future?
For years, advocates of virtual reality have struggled to overcome several major barriers to mass adoption — centralised corporations controlled user accounts, hackers eliminated digital assets, and developers lacked incentives to create quality VR content. Now, blockchain is changing the game.

DeFi - Find Out What's Happening in Macau on This Exciting Topic
DeFi is explored in Macau by some of the leading names in this space. The FinWise Summit is second to none in delivering quality content at a fast pace

The Thrill Behind Non-Fungible Tokens
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset whose ownership is blockchain-based, and its value is pegged on its uniqueness. Some of the most common use-cases of NFTs include event tickets, game items, digital collectibles, software licensing, digital certificates, in-game props, authentication certificates, and domain names.