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The Sandbox (SAND) Partners with Food Angel to Launch 'Food Rescue World'

The Sandbox collaborates with Food Angel to blend gaming and charity in 'Food Rescue World'.

  • Jun 02, 2024 07:20
The Sandbox (SAND) Partners with Food Angel to Launch 'Food Rescue World'

Blending Gaming and Charity: The Launch of 'Food Rescue World'

The Sandbox, a leading decentralized gaming virtual world and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Food Angel, a Hong Kong-based charity. The partnership has led to the creation of 'Food Rescue World', a unique gaming experience designed to merge the virtual entertainment of the metaverse with real-world charitable efforts, according to Animoca Brands.

World Food Rescue Week 2024: A Metaverse Initiative

In celebration of World Food Rescue Week 2024, players are invited to explore 'Food Rescue World' within The Sandbox. The game features Food Angel’s mascot, Rice Boy, guiding players through various quests. These missions involve collecting surplus food from markets, processing it in a central kitchen, and delivering meals to underprivileged families. This immersive experience aims to raise awareness about food conservation and the importance of sharing surplus food with those in need.

Incentives for Players

Players who successfully complete all the quests in 'Food Rescue World' can earn coupons from local partners such as Lalamove and Maxim's. These coupons can be used to support Food Angel's initiatives directly, thus bridging the gap between virtual actions and real-world impact.

Leadership Voices

Ms. Gigi Tung, founder of Food Angel, expressed her enthusiasm for the project. “By utilizing the power of the metaverse to expand our reach to the next generation, we hope to build a deep collaboration with The Sandbox. This innovative approach provides a new way to promote and ensures a sustainable future for our cause,” she said. Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, added, “We are proud that The Sandbox team, creators, and players can get involved in Hong Kong Food Angel and make a difference in the lives of local people in need by taking part in the Food Rescue World experience. The Metaverse for Good is a commitment of our platform to expand our actions in virtual worlds to make a meaningful and positive impact in the physical world.”

Community Engagement

To further support this initiative, members of The Sandbox Hong Kong team visited Food Angel’s kitchen earlier this month to assist in preparing food ingredients and meal boxes. This hands-on collaboration aims to bridge the efforts between the virtual and real worlds. The Sandbox’s Trusted Partners GoGoBox and Chord Hero also participated, engaging a wider community in this charitable act.

Ongoing Charitable Efforts

The Sandbox has a history of supporting various charitable causes worldwide, including conservation efforts and humanitarian aid. Food Angel joins a prestigious list of supported organizations such as UNICEF, the French Red Cross, Nori, and WeForest. The platform’s commitment to the 'Metaverse for Good' initiative continues to expand its reach and impact.

For more information, please visit Animoca Brands.

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