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Ripple Faces Trademark Lawsuit in Australia for 'PayID' Infringement
Ripple Labs is facing a lawsuit by New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) for allegedly violating intellectual property rights for the branding of ‘PayID’.

Coca-Cola Vendors Accept Bitcoin in Australia and New Zealand
Amatil, the Coca-Cola company's biggest distributor in Australia and New Zealand has partnered with Centrapay, a payment startup to enable customers to pay with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Reserve Bank of Australia Will Explore Wholesale CBDC with ConsenSys Ethereum POC
The Reserve Bank of Australia has partnered with leading Australian banks and ConsenSys Software to explore wholesale CBDCs and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The Reserve Bank of Australia Refuses to Join the CBDC Bandwagon
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has refused to join the bandwagon with respect to the development and issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Australia Securities Exchange Moves For Blockchain Technology, CHI-X Calls For More Regulatory Supervisions
Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) plans to switch to distributed ledger technology by April 2021, replacing its clearing system, registry, and settlement with the technology for the sole purpose of cutting costs for customers.

Bitcoin Adoption Accelerating in NGO Sectors Across Australia, Europe, And North America
NGOs are now cashing in on cryptocurrencies. A new report reveals that an increasing number of charities continue to adopt bitcoin cryptocurrency majorly across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Reserve Bank of Australia Meeting Finds No Strong Case for CBDC or e-AUD
The Reserve Bank of Australia has found no strong public policy-case to issue a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC).

KPMG Launches Blockchain-Integrated Supply Chain Platform in Australia, China & Japan
Big Four audit firm, KPMG has announced that it has rolled out a blockchain-enabled track and trace platform dubbed KPMG Origins in Australia, China, and Japan. The platform leverages on emerging technological innovations, such as blockchain and internet of things sensors (IoT), as well as analytics and data tools.

New South Wales Treasury Proposes Flexible Regulatory Reform For Blockchain
Australia’s New South Wales is proposing a flexible regulatory reform to accommodate the thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem

Australian Senator Bragg Releases New Draft on Digitial Assets
Australian Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg proposed a new draft of the titled Digital Assets (Market Regulation) Bill 2022, aimed at regulating digital asset exchanges.

Australia Tax Office Says Crypto Under Focus This Tax Season
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has highlighted four major problem areas it wants to focus on this taxation season, and digital currencies are prominently featured.

Australia Announces 'Token Swap' Campaign to Accelerate Crypto Regulation
Australian federal government will implement a “token mapping” exercise to inform future regulation of the country’s crypto assets, laying the groundwork for “determining how crypto assets and related services should be regulated.”

Huobi to Expand Footprints in Australia, Seeking Regulatory Approval for Crypto Trading
Huobi Global is trailing the same footprints as its counterparts as it filed its application to be registered as a digital currency exchange provider with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

Australia’s Financial Regulator Issues First Regulatory Roadmap for Crypto Assets
The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority admitted that although the crypto sector is small, its rapid growth poses risks in the future if it remains unregulated.

ASIC Bans BitConnect National Executive for His Part in Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Ponzi Scheme
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has officially banned a former National Representative of BitConnect from providing financial services for seven years.

Australia’s Securities Regulator Approves the Launch of Crypto ETFs
Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has finally opened the door for crypto ETFs to trade on Australian stock exchanges.

Australia to Continue Treating Cryptos as Assets
According to the Australian government's budget announcement on Tuesday, legislation will be put upon treating digital currencies such as bitcoin as an asset.

Australia's Federal Police Force Floats Crypto Unit: Report
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has launched a new unit to help focus its fight against crimes that are perpetrated in the digital currency ecosystem.

Australian Companies Signed Deal to Develop Blockchain-Driven Virtual Power Plants
Power Ledger, a Perth-based energy trading software company, and Powerclub, an Australian electricity wholesaler, have signed a deal to offer households unparalleled authority over their energy usage via a blockchain-based virtual power plant.

VeChain and Alipay Join China-Australia Blockchain Supply Chain Project for Sustainable Shipping
A joint Australian-Chinese supply chain and trade finance project got a major boost last week as AliPay, Mastercard, and crypto firm VeChain joined the initiate.

Banking Giants CIBC and Aussie's NAB Partners to Use RippleNet Solution
North American banking giant, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), and the National Bank of Australia (NAB) have inked a partnership to bolster each other’s cross-border payments settlement, with Ripple’s RippleNet solution.

Australian Securities Exchange Postpones Migration to Blockchain Settlement System Due to Coronavirus Concerns
The Australian Securities Exchange has further postponed the replacement of its current CHESS system with a new blockchain-based settlement system due to coronavirus concerns.

Australian Government Explores the Viability of Blockchain For Land and Property Conveyancing Transactions
The Australian government is piloting a blockchain database to find out its viability on conveyancing transactions. Signs 5-Year Deal with Australian Football League, Worth $25m Sponsorship announced that has signed a five-year partnership agreement with the Australian Football League, sponsoring it for $25 million to develop sports business.

Western Australian Police Force Seized 1.5 Million Worth of Crypto in a Drug Investigation
The Australian Border Force (ABF), the Western Australian Police Force announced that the team has arrested a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman over drug probe, seizing and frozen an incredible amount of 1.5 million worth of cryptocurrency found in the electronic device held by the culprits.

How Bitcoin Donations Supported the Noble Cause of Taming Australian Bushfires
The harm caused by the Australian bushfires necessitated immediate response, and the Crypto Fire Alliance, a group of Australian and international blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses, stepped in to curb the situation through philanthropy.

Australian Judge Allows Plaintiff to Use Bitcoin as Collateral Bond
In Australia, a New South Wales (NSW) court has allowed a cryptocurrency exchange account to be used as a collateral bond for legal costs.

Shiba Inu Prepares NFT Crypto Game Shiba Eternity’s Last Pilot Test in Australia
The first testing of Shiba Eternity took place in Vietnam, where in the recent past Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based play-to-earn game, exploded as a viable source of income among users.

The Adoption of Bitcoin May See Considerable Increase if the Proposed Cash Ban in Australia Activates
Under the new bill being considered by the Australian Parliament, people could be jailed for two years and pay a fine of $ 25,200 for just using more than $10,000. If this bill is passed, it will force its citizens to look away from traditional fiat currencies and go for decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Visa Approves Australian Startup CryptoSpend to Issue Debit Cards in Cryptos
The world's leading payment giant Visa approves the Australian startup CryptoSpend to issue debit cards for its customers to consume through cryptocurrencies.

Australia’s Finance Minister Warns Crypto are High Risk Assets
Australia’s Financial Services Minister Jane Hume warned that the cryptocurrencies are volatile and high-risk assets, investors must be aware of risk after the recent massive price correction of the global crypto industry.

Australia Breaks Into Top 3 Nations for Crypto ATM
Australia has 234 crypto ATMs, third worldwide behind the US and Canada. Australia has added 16 ATMs since Jan. 1, while Spain has lost 4 and El Salvador hasn't.

National Australia Bank to Launch Ethereum-Based Stablecoin
NAB will introduce an Ether-based Australian dollar-pegged stablecoin. Reports say the AUDN stablecoin streamlines cross-border transfers and carbon credit trading.

Aussie Baseball Team Perth Heat to Start Paying Players and Staff in Bitcoin
Australian baseball team Perth Heat is incorporating Bitcoin into its business practices and is making preparations to offer salaries in the cryptocurrency.

Australias Commonwealth Bank Halts Crypto Rollout
CBA conducted an initial pilot but paused the project with no time set when the second pilot would take place.

Australian Bitcoin ATMs Demonstrate Lightning Network
Coolangatta has its first Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin Lightning ATMs operate like regular Bitcoin ATMs but faster. Crypto ATMs number 38,602, with 6,071 added in 2022.

Australian crypto executives urge caution on regulation
Crypto CEOs warn against classifying all digital assets as financial instruments. Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones said he was "not that enticed" to creating new rules for a financial product. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian financial authorities support recognising all crypto assets as financial products (SMH). SMH editor-in-chief David Jones argues the FTX crash proves crypto regulation is needed. Mistakenly Refunds $10.5M to Aussie User
Melbourne resident Manivel Thevamanogari and her sister Gangadory Thevamanogari sought a refund of 100 Australian dollars from in May last year but was accidentally returned 10.5 million Australian dollars, according to Australian local media 7News.

Australian Farmer Teams Up with FreshChain for Watermelon Traceability via Blockchain
Andrew Martens, an Australian owning Marto Farms, has joined hands with Fresh Chain Systems, a local tech firm, in deploying blockchain technology on his watermelon labels to propel traceability. Buyers across Australia will, therefore, be able to trace the originality of the fruit.

Australia and Singapore Authorities Completes Trial for Blockchain-based Cross-Border Document Verification
Australian and Singaporean authorities have conducted a blockchain trial for cross-border digital trade document verification.

Power Ledger Partners with Power Club To Roll Out Blockchain Plants in South Australia
Powerledger enters into a partnership with Powerclub, an Australian electricity wholesaler for better energy usage, allowing the integration of power club's blockchain ledger application.

1 Million Aussies to Enter Crypto Over the Next 12 Months, Says Swyftx Survey
A study suggests that Australians are looking for alternative investment opportunities during a time of rising turbulence in international markets.

Crypto Remain the Most Popular Investment Assets Compared to Gold in Australia: Survey
A recent survey from BTC Markets exchange has revealed that the embrace of crypto like Bitcoin is largely more popular than precious metals such as Gold.

Reserve Bank of Australia May Still Have Its Eye on CBDC After All
Reserve Bank of Australia's Tony Richards has said that the RBA will continue to consider the potentials of issuing a CBDC.

Australian CBDC Pilot Test to Commence Next Year - RBA
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has published a Whitepaper to give additional insights into its proposed Central Bank Digital Currency, dubbed the eAUD.

Reserve Bank of Australia Rolls Out CBDC Pilot Project
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has launched a year-long trial to explore a central bank digital currency's (CBDC) business models and innovative use cases.

Four Countries to Conduct Cross Border CBDC Payment Trials
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has joined forces with the central banks of South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia to kick start a project dubbed Dunbar aimed at testing the use CBDCs in cross border payments.

Coinbase Introduces PayID and Premium Services for Aussie Retail Customers
Coinbase offers three new services for Aussie clients. One of these features would allow customers to use PayID as a way to top up their accounts with Australian Dollar transfers.

Binance Australia Appoints Former DigitalX EXEC Leigh Travers as New CEO
Binance exchange officially announced yesterday that hired former DigitalX CEO and director Leigh Travers as the CEO of Binance Australia.

FTX Continues Global Expansion, Launches Subsidiary Division in Australia
FTX has continued with its lines of expansion with the latest establishment of a new office in Australia.

Facebook, Google, Twitter Face $600 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Cryptocurrency Ad Ban
The trio of Facebook, Google and Twitter have been slammed by a $600 million class-action lawsuit by a group of companies and individuals backed by Sydney based JPB Liberty

Australian Business Icon Dick Smith Threatens The Guardian With Lawsuit Over Bitcoin Scam Ads
Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith is threatening The Guardian with legal action after it hosted ads linked to fake news of Smith supporting a Bitcoin and crypto scam.

ACC Sues Meta Alleging Scam Crypto Ads
Australia’s competition watchdog sued Meta Friday, alleging scam advertisement of cryptocurrency investments by asking local celebrities to promote them on its social media platform.

Holon Partners with Gemini, Launches Australia’s Lowest Fee Crypto ETFs
Holon has launched Australia’s first unlisted retail Bitcoin, Ethereum and Filecoin funds. The crypto funds provide investors with low fees and regulated access to the burgeoning blockchain and crypto worlds.

Aussie Trading Platform Collapses after User's Damning Complaints
MyCryptoWallet, a platform that operates as a trading platform in Australia went bankrupt. A situation that was inevitable as many of the platform’s users started complaining that they were unable to access their funds on the exchange.

Australian Crypto Exchange BTC Markets Accidentally Exposes 270,000 Customer Names and Emails
BTC Markets, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, has accidentally exposed customers’ data, an incident that has put users at risk of phishing attacks.

Market Downturn Triggers Delisting of Crypto ETFs in Australia
Crypto winter is considered to have caused low demand for such ETFs in Australia. Cosmos Asset Management said it plans to delist three of its cryptocurrency ETFs on the Cboe stock exchange.

Australia's First Bitcoin ETF to Launch on Apr 27
Australia’s first bitcoin ETF will be listed on the Cboe stock exchange next week, The Australian Financial Review reported on Tuesday.

Australian Online Broker SelfWealth Becomes the First Platform to Add Crypto for Trading
Australian online broker SelfWealth plans to list 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, on its trading platform for trading before the end of this year.

Australian Federal Agency Ex-Employee Evades Prison Despite Illegally Mining Ether and Monero on Supercomputers
A former employee of an Australian federal agency avoided prison despite mining cryptocurrency on government supercomputers.

Australians Lost Over $70M to Scam Crypto Investments in H1 2021
Australians continue to suffer from online scams. More than half of the $70 million in losses were to cryptocurrency, especially through Bitcoin, a study says.

Australia Records Over $14 Million Losses to Crypto Scams in 2019
Scamwatch, an Australian website dedicated to reporting scams saw an increase in crypto relating scams amounting to $14 million

Australian Scammers Prefer Crypto than Credit Cards: Report
Australia's local media outlet disclosed a total loss of $84 million was reported to the ScamWatch website in 2021, a figure that is reasonably higher than the $27 million reported in 2020 and $19 million in 2019.

How Australia's National Blockchain Roadmap Will Change The Future
Australia was one of the first countries to recognize the immense potential of blockchain technology and to incorporate it into various sectors in the country. Extends Free Crypto Tax Reporting Services in Australia
Cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new crypto taxation service for Australian recently, enabling their clients to import their crypto transaction to generate a report and file to the government.

Australian Senator Andrew Bragg: Blockchain Can 'Rebuild Confidence' in Financial Services
Australian Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg has expressed optimism on the potential of blockchain technology to help ‘Rebuild Confidence’ in the financial services sector

Australia-based Zip Considers Adding Crypto Trading Options within a Year
Australia-leading digital retail finance and payments company Zip Co Ltd is considering adding cryptocurrency trading options for customers.

Australia's National Blockchain Steering Committee Mobilizes Domestic Developer Community
The Australian National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee is seeking expressions of interest from its domestic blockchain community to create working groups on supply chain and credentialing.

ASX Delays Blockchain-Based CHESS Replacement to April 2023
The Australian Securities Exchange has delayed the blockchain replacement for its CHESS settlement system for financial products, until April 2023.

Australia Sponsors Two Blockchain Pilot Projects for AU$5.6M
The Australian government has allocated more than 5.6 million Australian dollars to support two domestic blockchain pilot projects, enhancing the domestic productivity and competitiveness of the Minerals and Food and Beverage sectors.

Australian Online Neobank Volt has Partnered with Crypto Exchange BTC Markets to Provide Bank Service
Australian online bank Neobank Volt revealed that it has partnered with crypto exchange BTC Markets (BTCM) to provide bank services for Australian crypto investors.

Australian Top Bank Commonwealth Bank to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading for Retail Customers
The largest bank in Australia – Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) – is set to develop a platform that allows its customers to trade cryptocurrencies.

Welcoming the Future of Finance with Blockchain
Blockchain is not limited to creating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, it has the potential to entirely remodel every industry out there, including the financial institutions.

BNPL Payment Firm Afterpay Urges Senate to Support AUD-backed Stablecoins for Cutting Merchant Cost
The BNPL payment company Afterpay expressed their intention to the Australian Senate to launch the Australian dollar stablecoin soon, saying that crypto will help merchants reduce related payments.

Australia Zoo Rolls Out NFT Project to Pay Tribute to Wildlife Warriors’ Conservation Efforts
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wildlife Warriors’ role in protecting injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife, Australia Zoo has launched an NFT project to raise funds and awareness to protect Australia’s wild places and wildlife.

Is China Hacking Australia? Cryptojacking Cyberattacks Hit Hard Down Under
The Australian Cyber Security Center has published a report highlighting vulnerabilities that are being exploited by hackers using cryptojacking malware.

Blockchain-Based Tenancy Platform via REIQ-Igloo Collaboration in Australia
Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has partnered with an Australian technology firm, Igloo in setting up a blockchain-based tenancy platform that will propel productivity and efficiency in Queensland's real estate sector.

Australia Uses Blockchain to Enhance Cross Border Trade With Singapore
The Australian Border Force (ABF) is launching a blockchain trial that is targeted at enhancing cross border trades with Singapore

Australian Female Hacker Sentenced to 2 Years of Prison for $400K Ripple (XRP) Crypto Heist
Australia recorded one of its first cases of cryptocurrency theft recently.