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Terminating Fake News with Blockchain
What's real and what's fake in the media world is increasingly difficult to discern. The war against fake news rages on, but there is one new weapon in the arsenal against misinformation: Blockchain

Blockchain news一周汇总杂谈
Blockchain news一周汇总杂谈

Major Chinese Financial News Outlet Unveils Crypto Tracking in Mobile
One of the largest financial news portals in China, Sina Finance has enabled cryptocurrency tracking to its mobile app, as revealed by the tweet of cnLedger.

Blockchain-Based Startups Empower Individuals to Identify Fake News
The fight against misinformation is just starting. Yet startups like Blackbird.AI and Civil are making it easier for Internet readers to identify and discount fake and misleading news. Find out more >

Artificial Intelligence Might Help Eradicate Fake Cryptocurrency News
Deepfakes may jeopardize the future because they might make fake news to blend seamlessly into our daily lives. As a result, people’s actions and viewpoints might be substantially influenced, especially in the crypto space.

New York Times Experiments with Blockchain to Combat Fake News
The New York Times made an announcement regarding their new project by their research and development team focused on experiments using blockchain.

Top 7 Credible Blockchain News Websites That Are Worth Reading in 2020
You might be familiar with the term “blockchain” if, during the recent years, you have been using cryptocurrency. Yet, if you search about it, you may find different definitions. We bring you one simple version: blockchain is a list of records, also known as a database or a” public book” that records bitcoin transactions.

Is the Price of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Driven by Fake News?
The BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) price chart is peculiar to analyze. Given the state of cryptocurrency investment, it is safe to say that a large influencer of crypto value is derived from speculation, and BSV is plagued by speculation as its chain leader, Craig Wright, continues to claim that he is Satoshi Nakomoto—the anonymous original creator of Bitcoin.

Good News for European Wine Lovers! EY Ensures Wine Traceability with Blockchain
“Big Four” professional services firm EY has provided its blockchain solution, the EY OpsChain Solution to Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd.’s TATTOO Wine Platform for determining the quality, provenance, and authenticity of new and vintage wines, EY official press release revealed on 23 May.

Crypto Market Update 24 June 2019
Latest news from the crypto markets

Crypto Market Update: 29 May 2019
The latest news from the Crypto Market

Digital Assets Market Update 12 August 2019
Latest news and updates from the digital assets market

117 Smuggled Crypto Mining Machines Seized by Iranian Police
The Iranian provincial police had apprehended an individual who was said to be smuggling in cryptocurrency mining machines. This was reported by the local news agency Fars News, on July 31.

North Korea Is Making Its Own Version of Bitcoin
The hermit state is reportedly in the early stages of creating its own cryptocurrency, Vice News reports.

Polish Crypto Exchange BitMarket Co-Owner Found Dead
According to the local news, Niemiro was found dead in the city of Olsztyn near his residence, it was suggested that Niemiro had committed suicide.

CCN Took a Full U-Turn on its Shutdown Decision
Cryptocurrency news outlet has U-turned its previous decision of shutdown, revealed by the Founder Jonas Borchgrevink in the website 12 June.

Alibaba Protects Digital Copyright with IPP Platform
Alibaba – the Chinese e-commerce giant will launch blockchain initiatives on intellectual property protection to better serve their clients, the Chinese local news outlet Sohu reported 23 May.

The digital assets market is continuing to grow at a significant pace, with the total market cap last week rising by almost 20% - here's the latest news.

PayPal Exposed of Overcharging Clients: Can Bitcoin be the Remedy?
The news has been making the rounds again as grievances have been seen expressed about the exploitative conversion fees being charged by PayPal.

TikTok Owners Launch Blockchain and AI company with Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper
TikTok owners agree to a new partnership to advance blockchain advancements with Chinese News Outlet, Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper Company.

People’s Bank of China Announces Its Digital Currency is Ready
The central bank of China has announced that its digital currency can now be said to be ready. Speaking in a major event, the China forum as reported by local news site Shanghai Securities News on August 10, the deputy director of the people’s Bank of China (PBoC) Mu Changchun stated that over five years of rigorous research work has been put into creating a prototype that adopts the Blockchain architecture

Former CoinDesk Editor-in-Chief Pete Rizzo Gets Hired by Kraken Digital Asset Exchange
A report from Kraken Digital Asset Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange firm based in San Francisco, informed that it has hired former CoinDesk journalist, Pete Rizzo who served as an Editor-in-chief in the news industry.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Acquires SAP’s Blockchain Technology to Streamline Soda Supply Chain Processes
The current breaking news indicates that Coca-Cola bottlers now is rolling out SAP’s blockchain to make its supply chain more efficient and transparent.

Blockchain Daily Digest – October 21st, 2019
The Malaysian news outlet The Edge Markets reported in mid-October that the largest Malaysian bank (Maybank) would work alongside the National Bank of Cambodia to encourage cross – border payments and remittances.

Steve Bannon Expresses his Admiration for Bitcoin
Co-founder of Breitbart News and former chief strategist for US President Donald Trump's administration, Steve Bannon has expressed his admiration for Bitcoin saying that it is a part of the "global populist revolt" in a CNBC News Squawk box on August 2