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Fintech Firm Bitlocus to Launch Crypto-Friendly Visa Debit Cards
The card will enable Bitlocus customers to transact their crypto holdings while also using the resulting funds anywhere Visa is accepted. Appoints Former Visa Boss as VP of Policy of EMEA
Digital currency trading platform, has tapped the services of Roeland Van der Stappen, a Brussels-based regulatory veteran as its new Vice President of Policy in charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

Exmo Trading Platform Stops Services in Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan
Cryptocurrency trading platform Exmo has announced it will stop serving traders and customers from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Research: Building Bridges Between Web2 and Web3 to Boost Mass Crypto Adoption, the leading payment solutions provider, has released the Demystifying Crypto report highlighting an outlook for the adoption of crypto payments in 2022. The report provides by far comprehensive insight as it reveals the results of surveys of over 30,000 consumers and 3,000 fintech businesses around the globe. We have picked the key takeaways to understand the prospects of B2B and B2C crypto payment solutions.

Visa Rolls Out Creator Program to Empower Artists with NFTs
Payment giant Visa has launched an initiative dubbed Visa Creator Program intended to help filmmakers, artists, fashion designers, and musicians revamp their businesses through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Visa's Head of Crypto Products Leaves Visa to Pursue Personal Payments Startup
Daniel Mottice, head of crypto products at payment giant Visa, announced his decision to leave Visa on Wednesday.

Visa Offers Crypto Development Program for College Students
Visa is offering an 18-month full-time crypto development program for undergraduates in the United States, which will focus on building a "fully fluent cryptocurrency team now and for the future".

Russian Banks Seeks Help from China's UnionPay amid Crackdown from Mastercard & Visa
In a bid to mitigate the strain on the users of these payment service providers, the Russian Central Bank said some of its indigenous financial institutions are looking at integrating UnionPay.

Four Payment Operators Join in Suspending their Services in Russia amid Ukraine Crisis
Four payment operators announce to suspend their payment services in Russia following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Small Bitcoin Holders are Stacking amid Visa's Crypto-Linked Card Payments Hitting $2.5B
Given that holding is a favored strategy in the crypto space, accumulation by small Bitcoin (BTC) holders continues to gain steam.

Non-Zero ETH Addresses Hit ATH, Ethereum Overtooks Visa in Trading Volume in 2021
Despite the crypto market limping based on massive liquidations, more participants continue joining the Ethereum network.

Nearly 25% of Small Businesses in 9 Countries Intend to Roll Out Crypto Payment Option: Visa
Payment giant Visa conducts a study indicating that almost a quarter of small businesses spread across 9 nations intend to introduce the crypto payment option this year.

Binance Exchange Looks to Acquire Outstanding Shares in Swipe
Binance Exchange, the world’s biggest trading platform by volume, is ending its year in grand style, with a recent announcement that it is set to acquire the outstanding shares in Swipe.

ChangeNOW Debit Visa Card Is Available For Pre-Order
Crypto processing and exchange service opened the pre-order of its own debit Visa cards. A batch of 10,000 cards is available for registered users in the ChangeNOW account. The pre-booked cards are planned to be issued and mailed to users in Q2 of 2022.

Visa New Crypto Consulting Services to Promote Mainstream Development of Cryptos
Payment giant Visa said that it will launch a new consulting service focused on the cryptocurrency field to help customers gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Financial Way of Future, Building Wealth Are Key Drivers of Owning Crypto: Study Shows
A study showed up to 42% and 41% of people think owning crypto is the financial way of the future and wealth-builders, respectively, according to Visa.

Visa Establishes Advisory Services, Helping Clients Maneuver their Crypto Journey
As part of efforts to expand the knowledge base of its clients and partners in their cryptocurrency journey, payment giant Visa has introduced a global crypto advisory practice as part of the consulting & analytics department.

Kucoin Global Users Can Now Purchase Crypto With Debit/Credit Cards
KuCoin exchange has launched the KuCoin Fiat Account, an avenue by which its customers around the world can fund their accounts using either a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Visa Developing Interoperable Transfers among CBDC Payments
Visa is rolling out a new interoperability feature facilitating digital currency payments among different parties. Visa aims to establish a bridge payment between digital currencies on the blockchain ecosystem.

PayPal, Visa, Amazon Named as Core Members to Help Bank of England Work on Developing UK’s CBDC
The Bank of England has announced the members of the technology and engagement forums, which will help the central bank coordinate exploratory work on a potential UK’s CBDC.

Visa Integrating Cryptocurrency Services into Brazilian Banks
Visa is further expanding its cryptocurrency services. The payment giant firm is working in Brazil to integrate cryptocurrency services into the local banking system. Appoints Former Visa Country Manager Patrick Yoon in Charge of South Korea Operations
Cryptocurrency exchange appointed Patrick Yoon, former Visa country manager, as the general manager of the South Korea region to be in charge of the market in South Korea and Mongolia.

Binance Exchange Floats Fixed Investment Function
Binance has launched a new service that lets users automate their investment activities.

Visa Steps into NFT Craze with CryptoPunk Purchase of $150,000
Visa has announced that bought a “CryptoPunk” NFT for almost $150,000 in Ethereum

Crypto Payment Provider Alchemy Pay to Launch Virtual Crypto-Linked Card Backed by Visa and Mastercard
The leading crypto payment technology provider Alchemy Pay (ACH) announced that it will launch the Virtual Crypto-Linked card, aiming to expand the scope of cryptocurrency payments to meet the growing demand for crypto-related card transactions.

Visa Approves Australian Startup CryptoSpend to Issue Debit Cards in Cryptos
The world's leading payment giant Visa approves the Australian startup CryptoSpend to issue debit cards for its customers to consume through cryptocurrencies.

Visa Card Holders Spend Over $1B in Crypto in the First Half of 2021
More than $1 billion worth of crypto have spent in the first six months this year by consumers globally, Visa announced Wednesday. The company said the amount it spent on goods and services by using its crypto-linked cards primarily.

Bitcoin Surges Higher as Visa Announces It Will Soon Support USDC Stablecoin
After Visa announced that it will support USDC as a settlement currency on its network, Bitcoin broke the resistance level of $55K and topped $58K.

Visa to Work with Bitcoin Wallets to Enable BTC Conversion to Fiat
Visa CEO Alfred Kelly has reaffirmed the company's plans to work with BTC wallets to make them interoperable with Visa for conversion from BTC to fiat currencies.

Visa CEO Says the Payment Giant Will Add Cryptocurrencies to Its Payments Network
Visa has come out in support of digital currencies and believes that cryptocurrencies have the potential to improve the value of digital payments and create more accessibility.

Mizuho Securities Research: 65% of PayPal Users are Ready to Use Bitcoin
According to a research report released by Mizuho Securities, the majority of PayPal's users see Bitcoin as a payment means.

Visa Blockchain Payments Will Help Promote Bank CBDC Integration
Visa is enhancing its blockchain payment drives among its merchants through research while forming partnerships with central banks for CBDC issuance

Wirex Moves on From Defunct Wirecard, Secures New Partnership with Railsbank
Crypto service provider Wirex has moved on from Wirecard,. The company has secured a new partnership with Railsbank

eToro Plans to Launch Debit Card in UK Ahead of Robinhood
As US-based investment app Robinhood delays its launch in UK indefinitely, eToro has revealed that it is planning to launch its debit cards for UK customers.

Visa Joins Mastercard and PayPal in Turning Bullish for Crypto and Digital Currencies
Shortly after Mastercard showed its hand on its stance on cryptocurrency, Visa published a blog announcing that the payments giant is advancing its approach towards digital currency. PayPal was recently rumored to have partnered with Paxos to provide crypto trading services.

Visa Crypto Executive: CBDC is the Most Important Trend for Future of Money
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could be the most important payment trend in development with the most profound effects on our systems of payment and money issuance according to Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of cryptocurrency.

Visa Applies for Blockchain-Based Digital Currency Patent to Potentially Remove Physical Currency
Visa has filed a patent application to create a blockchain-based digital currency on a centralized computer, according to a publication by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent was originally filed in November 2019, and was described as “Digital Fiat Currency.” The US dollar was mentioned as one of the fiat currencies to be used potentially, although the patent could also apply to other central bank digital currencies including the pound, yen, and the euro.

American Football Star Russell Okung Shows Massive Support for Visa-Backed Bitcoin Rewards Card
Russel Okung, a National Football League (NFL) star, has shown his support for Fold’s Bitcoin cash-back rewards card as it will take Bitcoin adoption to unprecedented heights. Speaking to Forbes, Okung revealed that he has invested in the Fold Visa card project as it is a game-changer by presenting people with a unique way of being part of the Bitcoin economy.

Visa Partners with Fold to Offer Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card
Visa, a prominent payment provider, has joined hands with Fold, a San Francisco-based Bitcoin cashback app, to offer a credit card that will enable consumers to gain Bitcoin rewards as compared to earning points. Through the strategic collaboration, users will have first-hand experience with the most-valuable cryptocurrency.

Google Pay Opens Door to Mainstream Payments for Coinbase's Crypto-Debit Card
Coinbase Card and Google Pay have partnered to increase the liquidity of cryptos and provide a new form of convenient payment options to clients. Coinbase customers now can use their cards via easy mainstream mobile payments.

Coinbase Becomes the First Crypto Firm to Be Awarded Visa Principal Membership
Coinbase has just announced to have been approved as Visa principal member. The partnership will make it easier for consumers to spend their cryptocurrencies around the world leveraging Visa's global network.

Visa’s Head of Crypto Makes Argument for Bitcoin Micropayments
The term “smart contracts” was invented by Nick Szabo, who stated the issues of micropayments and mental transaction costs. These problems were classified as “uncertain cash flows, incomplete and costly observation of product attributes, and incomplete and costly decision making.

Payment Giant Visa Sets to Modify PoS Charges to New Business Categories
United States-based merchants are set to see an adjustment in fees to be paid as part of huge updates of payment giant Visa point-of-sale (PoS) system.

Mastercard CEO Answers: The Reasons Behind Leaving Facebook’s Libra Association
Mastercard’s CEO, Ajay Banga, stated the reasons behind the company leaving Facebook’s Libra Association in an interview with the Financial Times. Having left the Libra Association in October last year alongside Visa and other firms, the Libra Association has seen eight firms quitting the project.

Women in Payments CEO Answers: Could Facebook Libra Be a Huge Threat to Visa and Paypal?
Kristy Duncan, the CEO of Women in Payments the company in 2012, looking to add value in a different way, to connect, inspire, and champion women who are working in the payments industry globally. In our interview with Duncan, she shared with us the changing payment landscape with the emerging technologies in the sector.

Vodafone Follows PayPal and Visa to Leave Facebook's Libra Association
Maybe what Facebook is not doing right that costs it to lose founding partners? Breaking news shows that Facebook’s Libra has lost another member of its council. This time round, Vodafone has confirmed to have left Libra Association.

3 Benefits You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Credit Cards
A breaking story shows that MedeTrade crypto exchange has integrated Dash in its Visa cryptocurrency credit and debit card. Therefore, crypto users need to know about benefits associated with cryptocurrency visa card.

Visa Launches a Blockchain System that Algorithmically Ensures Fairness
Visa, a prominent card payment solution provider, has developed a blockchain-driven system dubbed LucidiTEE that seeks to enable multiple parties to compute large-scale private data jointly. This is touted to happen in such a way that policy compliance is guaranteed even if the input providers are offline.

Libra Association - Visa and MasterCard Have Second Thoughts
Libra internal struggles. Visa and MasterCard consider leaving.

Visa's New Debit Card Rumored to Use XRP for Payments
In an announcement made yesterday, Moneygram has partnered with Visa to launch a peer-to-peer debit card service.