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Coinbase Refuses to Mix Politics With Business, Offers Unsatisfied Staff Severance Packages
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has announced a generous severance package to staff who find it difficult to focus on the company’s missions.

President Trump Nominates Brian Brooks to Serve as US Comptroller of the Currency for A Five-Year Term
President Trump has nominated Brian Brooks to lead as the national bank regulator for a full five-year term.

Ripple Co-Founder says US-China Tech Cold War Will Be Won and Lost on Crypto and Blockchain Battlefield
Ripple Co-Founder, Chris Larsen believes the Cold Tech War between China and the United States is going to be won and lost on the blockchain battlefield.

TikTok Encryption Layer Bypassed Google Android Safeguards to Track Users Data
Following President Trump’s executive order against TikTok, new evidence has revealed that the social media app had been collecting unique identifiers from millions of mobile devices, allowing the China-based app to track user’s online without permission.

Prepare for Bitcoin’s Early Adopters (They’re Not Who You Expect)
As the opt-out movement gains steam, another group of people may end up pushing crypto into the mainstream: old people and business leaders.

Short-Term Holders Dominate Primary Driver for Bitcoin's Liquidation amid Ukraine Crisis
Analysis by IntoTheBlock shows that short-term holders have been the primary catalysts of the present leg down as they continue liquidating their BTC investments.

Bitcoin Pumps to Mid-June Levels following Boris Johnson’s Resignation
Bitcoin (BTC) hit the $22K level, a scenario last seen in mid-June after Boris Johnson resigned as the UK prime minister.

Ripple CEO Disagrees with Coinbase CEO's Apolitical Work Policy, Considers Relocating Overseas
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has banned political discussions in the crypto work environment, a move that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse disagrees with.

Brock Pierce Served for Securities Fraud in Connection with His Blockchain Company During Electoral Campaign
Presidential hopeful Brock Pierce was served a court summons during his electoral rally at his new headquarters in New York City today.

Brock Pierce For President, Crypto Venture Capitalist Announces Candidacy
Brock Pierce has announced that he will be joining the presidential race in the 2020 US elections.

“Bitcoin Has Depreciated in Half” Says Clueless Chechen Republic Leader Kadyrov
Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic has a strong distrust of Bitcoin, along with a profoundly confused understanding of BTC price.

New Blockchain Patent Presented by US Postal Service as Trump Denies Funding for Mail-In Votes
In light of the 2020 US presidential elections, Trump admitted to denying funding to the United States Postal Service (USPS), despite the mailing service’s proposal on Thursday of a new patent for a blockchain-powered voting system, which would make ballot casting more secure.

Crypto Advocate Pierre Poilievre Elected as Leader of Canada's Conservative Party
Bitcoin-friendly Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada on September 11.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Apologizes for Bitcoin Hack, But Not Before Dutch Politician Was Compromised
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey came forward on Thursday to apologize thoroughly for his social network company’s failure to prohibit and shut down Bitcoin scam artists' digital heist of important verified accounts, that ranged from that of tech moguls Elon Musk and Bill Gates to political figure Joe Biden.

South Korea’s Presidential Nominee to Raise Campaign Funds by Using NFT
The campaign office of Lee Jae-myung, a South Korean Presidential aspirant, has announced the plans to raise funds through a blockchain-based digital platform with plans to issue a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to donors afterwards.

Brock Pierce Running for President to Bring Blockchain Technology to the Forefront
Speaking at the Unitize conference on July 7, Brock Pierce discussed his motivations for his sudden entrance into the presidential election. Despite being extremely unlikely to win, Pierce believes his campaign will serve as an inspiration to younger voters as well as highlight the benefits of blockchain.

5% of Coinbase Employees Leave the Exchange, Rejecting Its “Apolitical Stance”
About 60 employees have left Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange because of the firm’s new controversial policy.

Property or Not? Bitcoin Thieves Released Because “Bitcoin is Not Property”
A Russian Court recently ruled a Bitcoin theft case as innocent, stating that Bitcoin was not considered a property. The victim sought restitution, after being robbed of 100 Bitcoins.

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Comments on AI and Technology Advancement at the AFF 2020
At this year’s Asian Financial Forum, held in Hong Kong, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen was invited to speak at a Luncheon with moderator Norman Chan, the Senior Advisor at the Hong Kong Academy of Finance.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Coinbase CEO's Apolitical Stance "Leaves People Behind"
Following the move by Coinbase to offer severance packages to staff who disagree with the ‘apolitical’ stance of the firm, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has slammed the move.

Cardano Working With SA Blockchain Alliance to Free African Enterprise from Politically Entrenched Legacy Banking Systems
The Cardano Foundation has partnered with the South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA) in a bid to expand blockchain adoption and bring financial inclusion to the country of 59 million.

Government Officials in Russia Expected to Declare Their Cryptocurrency Savings
Government officials in the Ural region of Russia are now expected to declare their savings stored in cryptocurrencies.

Bitmain Responds to Former Co-Founder Claims of Holding 36% Company Stock as Baseless
Bitmain recently released an official statement in which it disputed the claims of Micree Zhan, the former CEO, over the ownership of a majority stake of the company.

China's Vice President Wang Qishan: World Economy In Deep Recession, Finance Is The Core of Modern Economy
During Qishan Wang's speech, the Vice President of the People's Republic of China gave an overview of the world trend in economic development and finance.

Japan Will Include Central Bank Digital Currency in Honebuto Economic Plan
The Japanese Government has continued its acceleration towards a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and is set to include its consideration in its formal economic plan.

US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency Unlikely to be Diminished, Bitcoin Likely to Suffer
Analysts believe the US dollar's role as the world’s reserve currency is unlikely to be diminished, which may not be the best outlook for Bitcoin (BTC).

Former British Politician Godfrey Bloom Announces First Bitcoin Purchase
Godfrey Bloom, the former British Member of Parliament, has revealed that he is making his first purchase of Bitcoin.