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It also is known as the digital decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO served as a form of investor-directed venture capital fund that seeks to provide the enterprise with new decentralized business models. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, The DAO’s code was open-source. The organization set the record for most crowdfunded projects in 2016, however, those funds were partially stolen by hackers cause an Ethereum hard-fork that created Ethereum Classic.

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Chainalysis Finds Ownerships of Web3 DAOs Are Not Actually Decentralized
Chainalysis research study shows that most DAOs are not actually decentralized as they are intended to be, instead, they are normally controlled by a few founder members. In fact, they are designed to prevent an accumulation of power by a few members.

Bancor 3 Integrates Over 100 Tokens to Enhance DeFi Liquidity
Bancor 3, a DeFi liquidity solution by decentralized trading protocol Bancor, has incorporated more than 100 tokens, such as USD Coin (USDC), Polygon (MATIC), and Enjin (ENJ), for more sustainable and safer DeFi yields through community sourcing.

Tron DAO Reserve Buys $50M BTC, TRX
Tron DAO Reserve announced through Twitter that it bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin and Tron (TRX) to "safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market."

PartyDAO Raises $16.4 Million Led by a16z
PartyDAO has raised $16.4 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), The Block reported.

HDAO Launches New Burning Mechanism, 50% of Tokens in Total to be Burnt
The foundation of HDAO ( DAO) announced to rolling out of a new burning mechanism aiming to destroy 50% of the total amount of HDAO tokens.

Tron Blockchain Launches USDD Decentralized Stablecoin by Tron DAO Reserve
Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain network, said that he has launched a USDD decentralized stablecoin pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1 through the Tron DAO Reserve. Fully Upgraded! A New Outlook Comes Out
Hong Kong-based digital assets exchange announced the completion of system upgrades. The system brings a new dynamic outlook by providing serval new features and functions, offering faster, accessible and safer trading experiences.

Argent Crypto Intends to Build a Super App for Web3 with New $40m Funding
Argent, a London-based crypto wallet service provider wants to build a Super app that will serve as the go-to hub for all things crypto, including Web3.0, DeFi, DAOs and NFTs.

Justin Sun Proposes the Establishment of Tron DAO Reserve and to Launch USDD Stablecoin
Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain network, is stepping up his responsibility in the broader digital currency ecosystem with the establishment of the Tron DAO Reserve.

MakerDAO Adds Layer-2 Network StarkNet to Address DAI Transaction Costs
The newly integrated StarkNet, a zero-knowledge proof layer 2 protocol, aims to improve efficiency of DAI stablecoin.

Radio Caca's Vitaliy Tyan on the "truest" DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 Reshaping Reality
Mike Ermolaev, ChangeNOW's Head of PR, conducted an exclusive interview with Vitaliy Tyan, the Head of Marketing at Radio Caca (RACA), a pioneer in the metaverse arena. He learned what drives giant DAOs like RACA to succeed, what the future of education will look like in the Metaverse, and how the organization plans to expand. They also discussed NFT interoperability and escapism in the Metaverse.

CowDAO Pulls $23m in Funding to Power EVM Interoperability
CoWDAO, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization behind the CoW Protocol, has raised the sum of $23 million from a mixture of private investors and the platform’s community members.

BAYC tied ApeCoin Makes Debut
Crypto token ApeCoin ($APE) was unveiled in the official Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Twitter account which detailed initiatives planned by creator Yuga Labs.

Nexus Mutual Enters Bancor’s DAO Ecosystem to Generate Protocol-Owned Liquidity
To gain durable decentralized liquidity, Nexus Mutual, an Ethereum-based insurance platform, staked treasury funds worth $2 million in the form of wrapped NXM (wNXM) tokens in decentralized trading protocol Bancor.

HDAO soared +1469% immediately after listing!
Earlier, the most influential Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange launched its platform token DAO (HDAO), sold out in 5 seconds.

Metaverse will change the world in 2022
After Facebook has announced to change its name to "Meta" last summer, the whole world has focused on a term called "Metaverse". The word "Metaverse" has been searched in Google and Youtube every day. However, Meta is not a decentralized organization that is not a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a Web.30 concept, and GameFi players may not like it. Aims to Shape Thriving Web3.0 Future through Strategic Investment in Blockchain.News
Hong Kong, 18 FEB 2022- One of Hong Kong’s most reputable Digital Asset Exchange- (Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange) announced the acquisition of half of Blockchain.News Company’s shares, a well-known international blockchain news media. The strategic partnership will help Blockchain.News develops its Web3.0 infrastructure and expands business landscape at the same time. After the acquisition, Blockchain.News will focus on developing “MediaFi” and “MediaDAO”, as well as implementing a Tokenized Model and NFT elements, transforming to a Web3.0 Media News Outlet.

FlamingoDAO NFT Portfolio Valuation Touches $1B
FlamingoDAO's NFT portfolio is now worth an estimated $1 billion, DAO's members and reports from Forbes confirmed.

Julian Assange Supporters Raise over 12,500 ETH via DAO for his Freedom
Donors have formed AssangeDAO to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from extradition to the United States and facilitate his freedom from prison.

Is Crypto's Correction Nearing Its End? Top DeFi Coins To Watch in February
Is Crypto's Correction Nearing Its End? Top DeFi Coins To Watch in February

Crypto Group ConstitutionDAO Plans to Refund Money and Shutdown, after Losing Auction
After failing to outbid billionaire Ken Griffin in auction for a copy of the US Constitution, the decentralized autonomous organisation ConstitutionDAO is planning to shut down after refunding the money it raised.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffins Manages to Outbid for Copy of US Constitution
Hedge Fund billionaire Ken Griffins outbid a coalition of crypto investors to buy a rare, first-edition copy of the US constitution at a Sotheby’s auction.

ConstitutionDAO Fails to Win the U.S. Constitution Copy on Sotheby’s Auction, after Raising Crowdfund $47M
Breaking: Decentralised autonomous organisation ConstitutionDAO lost ownership by failing to win the bid for the printed copy of the U.S. Constitution at a Sotheby’s public auction. The Lot finally sold for $43.2 million.

US SEC Halts American Cryptofed DAO’s Registration for Digital Tokens
The US regulator stopped American Cryptofed DAO based on the ground that the firm failed to register its two digital tokens “Ducat” and “Locke” as securities.

Polygon Network Contemplating the Idea of Creating DAOs
Polygon is looking to build a DAO to harmonize its growing ecosystem.

Defi Tranche Protocol Receives $1.5M Seed Round of Financing led by Three Arrows Capital and Spartan Group
Defi chess-themed Tranchess protocols received a $1.5 million seed round of financing led by Three Arrows Capital and Spartan Group.

Total Value Locked in Maker Reaches a Record High as Maker Foundation Returns Dev Fund to DAO
Maker's total value locked (TVL) surged to $12.02B, hitting a record high amid Maker Foundation's announcement that it would refund 84,000 MKR from the development fund to the MakerDAO.

Maker Hits a New All-Time High Close to the $5,000 Mark
Maker has grown nearly eight-fold since the beginning of this year. It hit a record high of $4,995 today, breaking the $4,500 mark in one clean swoop.

Maker (MKR) Token Hits a New High as MakerDAO's First Financing Proposal Gets Approved
The market value of altcoins broke through $1 trillion for the first time, and MAKER successfully attracted the attention of investors.

ANKR/CRV/STORJ Price Analysis – March 24,2021
ANKR, CRV, and STORJ are included in the Coinbase Pro list and have increased by 42.57%, 23.73% and 102.00% respectively within the last 24 hours.

Bluzelle Launch Looms as Decentralized Storage Goes Mainstream
Bluzelle, the decentralized data storage platform, is preparing for the launch of its mainnet on February 3, ushering in a new era for censorship-resistant data storage.

Maker’s Dai Stablecoin Could Reach $2 Billion in Market Cap by the End of 2021—Here’s Why
Messari boldly suggests that after Dai’s market cap surged by 15x this year, due to DeFi, the stablecoin’s market cap could double by the end of next year

Bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum: Wrapped Bitcoin Surpasses $1 Billion in Total Value Locked
Decentralized finance (DeFi) keeps booming as one of its Bitcoin tokenization protocols recently skyrocketed by 900% in a span of two months.

Will the Impact of Yearn Finance's yETH Vault on the DeFi Space Last Long?, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has recently launched yETH vault, enabling the process of seeking the best returns for yield farmers

Aave Reaches Highest Total Value Locked in DeFi, Overtaking MakerDAO for Most Collateral Staked
Aave, an open-source and non-custodial lending protocol, recently reached $1.47B of crypto assets staked, overtaking MakerDAO, which has $1.45 billion in TVL.

World Economic Forum Recognized Six Blockchain Companies as “Technology Pioneers” in 2020, Including MakerDAO and Chainlink
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has honored six blockchain companies on its list of 100 “early to growth-stage” firms Technology Pioneers for 2020, including MakerDAO and Chainlink.

Is Ethereum 2.0 Ready For the Bull Run?
The initial stage of Ethereum 2.0 is set to start in a few months, with many experts arguing that it may be the catalyst for a huge industry bull run. Adam Cochran, a partner at MetaCartel Ventures DAO, released a blog which outlined why he believes Ethereum 2.0 “could prove to be the largest economic shift in society.” So, is Ethereum 2.0 ready for the bull run?

MakerDAO May Onboard USDC as DAI Collateral Support to Combat Mounting Liquidity Risk
The share plunge of the cryptocurrency market has severely hit MakerDAO, the leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Last week its market value fell sharply from 889M to $246M which brought together Maker’s developer community who have recently discussed adding support for Circle’s USDC as collateral to hedge against the liquidity risk.

Can MakerDAO Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic?
The coronavirus pandemic and growing macroeconomic uncertainties have seriously dampened the cryptocurrency market, which Bitcoin once dipped below USD 4000. The “Red Sea” has expanded across the market of decentralized finance (DeFi), where the total value locked (USD) for DeFi market dropped from USD 649m to USD 246m.

"The Wars to Come," Blockchain - A Game Changer for Auditors
Blockchain technology has the potential to upend Audit, Assurance and Control functions —Auditors need to stay attuned to emerging use cases. As Role and skillsets of Auditors will change as new Blockchain-based techniques and procedures emerge. Settles with SEC to the Tune of $24 Million
Blacksburg startup has agreed to pay $24 million (HK$ 188 million) in fines to settle the allegations of unlawfully selling its ICO (initial coin offering) to US investors. The blockchain company had raised several billion dollars between 2017 and 2018 by selling its own digital currency.

The Top Dapps to Consider Using in 2020
DApps are a significant shift from traditional apps, majorly due to the underlying principle of decentralization, which drives the whole lifecycle. While traditional apps are controlled by centralized authority, DApps run on a decentralized blockchain. Now, let’s look at some of the top useful DApps that consumers should consider using.

How Does MakerDAO Stay Compliant on over 400 Global Partnerships?
MakerDao has over 400 global partnerships active throughout the world. So how does Maker manage to remain compliant with users in over 120 separate and specifically financially regulated jurisdictions?

MakerDAO, on the Significance of Multi-Collateral Dai and Dai Savings Rate
In part two of our interview with Gustave Arentoft, Business Development, Dai Speaker, MakerDAO: he shared with us the significance of the launch of multi-collateral DAI and Dai Savings Rate (DSR), as well as his favourite Dapps which integrates DSR.

The Dapp of 2019? How MakerDAO Took Charge of the DeFi Field
The MakerDao project is the contemporary success story for decentralized finance (DeFi). DappRadar has tagged Maker as the most influential Dapp of the year and the driving force behind the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Dai Stablecoin Reaches 100 Million in Debt Ceiling – An All-Time-High
The Dai (DAI) stablecoin reached the protocol’s built-in debt ceiling of 100 million as there has been 100 million Dai tokens minted. The nearly two-year-old stablecoin project had an original debt ceiling of 50 million, which was raised to 100 million in July 2018.

Blockchain.News Presents: State of DeFi Survey
Blockchain.News State of DeFi Survey

HackerOne User Finds Critical Bug in MakerDAO Upgrade
MakerDAO has fixed a critical bug that could have resulted in a complete loss of funds for all Dai users thanks to HackerOne user lucash-dev.

Ethereum Hit 1 million Daily Transactions since May 2018
As reported by leading Ethereum block explorer Etherscan, Ethereum hit over 1mn daily transactions on 28 June, the first time since May 2018.