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Chainalysis is the blockchain analysis company. They bring transparency to the blockchain world by providing compliance and investigation software. Their clients include the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments.

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Chainalysis Partners with Wyoming Watchdog to Fight Cybercrime and Crypto Laundering Scams
Chainalysis has announced partnered with Wyoming’s Division of Banking to fight cybercrime, crypto laundering, crypto scams, sanctions violations, and more.

Chainalysis Research: Crypto Assets Worth $50 Billion Exited China in 2019
Tether and cryptocurrency assets valued at nearly $50 billion left China in 2019 according to Chainalysis.

The Algorand Foundation to Integrate Chainalysis KYT for Transaction Monitoring and Compliance
The Algorand Foundation will be leveraging Chainalysis’ Know Your Transaction (KYT) for transaction monitoring and compliance processes after its integration.

One Million Bitcoin Held By Dark Web Marketplaces and Cybercriminals, Chainalysis Data
Data from Chainalysis reveals that almost one million Bitcoin is circulating on the dark web between bad actors and illicit darknet markets.

Chainalysis: Venezuela’s State-Owned Crypto Exchange Possibly Used by Maduro Regime to Launder Funds
Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis wanted to find out whether the claims of whether Petro aiding Venezuelans are true.

Chainalysis Releases Crypto Market Intelligence Site Catered to Asset Managers and Regulators
Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis released Market Intel, a new website catered to asset managers and regulators for access to live crypto data and insights. Chainalysis’ Market Intel will leverage the firm’s proprietary data, which has been collecting and linking to real-world entities since 2014.

Bittrex Leverages Chainalysis KYT Tool to Enhance Security and Regulation Compliance
Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex will use Chainalysis Know Your Transaction (KYT) to meet new and existing regulatory and compliance standards, and establish a safer, more secure platform for their users.

Chainalysis Launches Program to Help Law Enforcement with Monitoring and Storing Seized Crypto Assets
Chainalysis has launched an asset realization program intended to assist government agencies with monitoring and storing seized crypto assets.

China's Crypto Adoption is Ahead of the US, According to Chainalysis’ On-Chain Metrics
Chainalysis recently published a report on the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and found that China is ahead of the US on the list.

Tether Brings into Play Anti-Money Laundering Solutions with Chainalysis Tool
Tether, the most leveraged stablecoin provider based on market capitalization, has deployed a tool provided by Chainalysis, a blockchain analytical company, in its quest to have anti-money laundering (AML) compliance solutions

Chainalysis Secures $13M From Ribbit Capital and Sound Ventures, Continuing to Fuel Crypto Adoption
Chainalysis announced that it has secured an additional $13 million in a strategic investment from Ribbit Capital and Sound Ventures during its Series B investment round, taking its total to $49 million.

ISIS Is Not Hoarding $300M in Bitcoin War-Chest, Reports Chainalysis
Over the past week, the comments of a counter-terrorism think tank Director have indicated that ISIS has been using cryptocurrency platforms to conceal donations and bypass financial security measures and could be hoarding close to 300 million in Bitcoin. Experts initially made the revelation after identifying an increase in advertising for donations. However, a recent report from Chainalysis suggests that there is no evidence of ISIS's 300million BTC war-chest.

Chainalysis Valued at Over $1 Billion after Raising $100 Million to Expand Regulatory Platform As Crypto Market Surges
Blockchain analytics firm, Chainalysis, announced yesterday that it has secured a $100 million Series C financing bringing the company’s valuation to over $1 billion.

Chainalysis Finds Ownerships of Web3 DAOs Are Not Actually Decentralized
Chainalysis research study shows that most DAOs are not actually decentralized as they are intended to be, instead, they are normally controlled by a few founder members. In fact, they are designed to prevent an accumulation of power by a few members.

Mr Dark's Depraved Rape and Child Porn Site Brought Down by Blockchain Analysis
A Dutch national has been indicted by a federal grand jury in the District of Columbia for operating a depraved and violent pornography site featuring minors and sexual assault. Michael Rahim Mohammed, known as Mr Dark, allegedly profited around $1.6 million which was paid in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

May 13: ALT Coins Give You Wings
Trade Strategy: Similar to yesterday. I've closed my long volatility trades, and will start to sell some volatility here and whenever it spikes. While implied volatility has sharply declined from 100% to 80% since Sunday, the longer-term average before the 12 March crash is around 55-60% so there's still juice to be short vol.

Hex Trust Partners with Chainalysis to Provide a Compliance-focused Custody Solution for Financial Institutions
Hex Trust, the leading digital asset custodian for the banking sector, today announced its partnership with Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company

Use of Crypto Mixers Reaches ATH in 2022: Chainalysis Report
Blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis has released a report on the doubled use of crypto mixers this year with illicit addresses responsible for about 10% of the total usage

Crypto Investors’ Realized Gains Increased by 400% to Hit $162.7m in 2021, Study Shows
With 2021 emerging as a strong year for cryptocurrencies, global investors made $162.7 million in realized gains, according to blockchain analytic firm Chainalysis.

Regulatory Clampdown Pushed US and China Down the Crypto Adoption List, Chainalysis says
Cryptocurrency analysis data platform Chainalysis released a report highlighting a declining ranking in the US and China cryptocurrency adoption rate while emerging economies record significant growth in crypto adoption.

Bitcoin ATM Operators Joins Forces to Float New Compliance Cooperative
A group of crypto industry Bitcoin ATM operators and firms have floated the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative to bolster regulatory compliance.

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Investors Should HODL Despite BTC Price Drop Below $18K
As BTC price corrects below $18,000, here are four expert BTC price predictions and reasons to keep HODLers holding on to their crypto in the months ahead.

Altcoins Expanding DeFi Ecosystem but Can't Beat Layer 1 King Ethereum: Chainalysis
One of the major investment topics of 2021 was the alternative blockchain networks as big investors are looking beyond Bitcoin and taking a leap into Ethereum.

Bitcoin Gains 110% Since Its Halving – 4 Reasons Why BTC Is Only Going to Rally Higher
Bitcoin’s price has more than doubled in value since its third halving in May. Market experts think that Bitcoin will only rally higher due to four reasons.

Chainalysis Adds Bitcoin to Balance Sheet as BTC Soars Above $63,000
Blockchain and cryptocurrency data compliance platform Chainalysis has announced it is adding Bitcoin (BTC) to its balance sheet.

Chainalysis Adds Compliance Support to Track Privacy Coins Dash and Zcash
Chainalysis has just launched support for two of the most popular privacy coins, Dash and Zcash. Privacy coins are cryptocurrencies with privacy-enhancing features that allow users to gain total anonymity when making blockchain transactions. Privacy coins protect the identity of the users and the origins of the transactions, taking the anonymous and private nature of Bitcoin to the next level. Comparatively, Bitcoin protects some information, hence remaining pseudo-anonymous. The rest of the information, including transactions, addresses, and balances, is recorded in a public and permanently available ledger.

Fighting Ransomware: Chainalysis Acquires Cyber-Security Firm Excygent
Chainalysis, a blockchain data analytics, and security platform has announced its acquisition of cybercrime investigative company Excygent.

Cronos Builds Partnership With Chainalysis
Blockchain network Cronos announced a partnership with blockchain data platform Chainalysis.

Robinhood Taps Chainalysis to Enhance Crypto Compliance
Robinhood has announced to pair with Chianalysis by getting compliance tools to enhance its crypto trading app ahead of the rollout of its crypto wallet.

US Government Now Holds $1 Billion in Bitcoin After Silk Road Seizure Using Blockchain Analysis
The DoJ has asked to lock down on approximately 69,370.22491534 Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Eastern Europe Hotbed For Darknet As Ransomware Activity Increases
A recent study from Chainalysis has found that darknet operators are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the crypto market in Eastern Europe.

Illicit Transaction Activity Hit All-time High in Value in 2021: Chainalysis
The latest report suggests cryptocurrency-based crime hit a new all-time high in 2021, with illicit addresses receiving $14 billion in 2021, which amount was doubled to 2020, according to Chainalysis.

Demand for Crypto Mixers Hits ATH, Illicit Address Activities Draws Majority
The rising use of mixers in the crypto space should be a cause for concern because they are highly being utilized by cybercriminals and bad actors, according to Chainalysis.

Crypto-Related Cybercrime Saw 30% Increase in 2021: Chainalysis
Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis said that there was a 30% increase in cryptocurrency-related cybercrime last year from 2020.

Individual Crypto Hacks Done by Using Malware from Darknet: Chainalysis
Over the last few years, hackers have been actively stealing smaller amounts of cryptocurrency from individual users using malware available on the internet or darknet, Chainalysis reported.

N.Korea's Crypto Hacks Up by least 7 times in 2021, Nearly $400M Stolen: Chainalysis
North Korean hacks on the cryptocurrency platforms jumped to at least seven times, extracting nearly $400 million worth of digital assets over the last year, blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis said.

Illicit Activities in DeFi Sector Seen Rising in Past Two Years: Chainalysis
Illicit cryptocurrency transactions in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector have been rising over the last two years, according to the Web3 Safety & Compliance report from Chainalysis.

NFTs Sees Increase in Manipulative Trading Practices: Chainalysis
Non-fungible tokens have been witnessed a rise in malpractices as the sector turns increasingly volatile, blockchain analytics platform Chainalysis reported.

U.S. Should Align Itself with Digital Assets to Safeguard its Interests, Says Chainalysis Founder
During a Senate hearing, Chainalysis founder Jonathan Levin opined that the U.S. ought to prioritize and invest in digital assets to get the upper hand when enhancing financial transparency, public safety, and national security.

Pro-Russia Groups Evaded Sanctions With Over $2M Crypto Donations
American blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis, has released a detailed report on how over $2 million in cryptocurrency donations have been used to fund the Russian-wing of the war in Ukraine