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Polkadot is a platform with low barriers to entry for flexible, autonomous economies acting together within Polkadot’s shared security umbrella. Polkadot is a revolution, not just in blockchain technology but also towards enabling fairer peer-to-peer digital jurisdictions.
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Exclusive: How to Achieve Interoperability Between Polkadot and Bitcoin?
Claimed as the candidate of Decentralized Web 3.0 Blockchain interoperability platform, what makes Polkadot so popular? We are glad to speak with Jack Platts, Head of Collaborations of Web3 Foundation to share with us how Polkadot is interoperable with Bitcoin! He also explains the GRANDPA protocol of Polkadot and how Polkadot can interact with Ethereum!

1.2 Billion Valuation? Ethereum Co-founder’s Polkadot Completed Private Token Sale
Powered by the Web 3 Foundation, the blockchain interoperability protocol Polkadot completed its private token sale with an valuation of $1.2 bn, as reported by CoinDesk on 27 June.

Exclusive: Can Web3 Foundation Achieve a Truly Decentralized Web?
Following the technical underpinnings of Polkadot in Part 1, Jack Platts, Head of Collaborations Web3 Foundation reveals their effort towards the goal of decentralized web! He also explained the governance and technical challenges in achieving a decentralized web!

Weekly Market Snapshot - July 08,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!