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Abra is a cryptocurrency solution company that provides wallet and exchange services. Currently, it supports Hundreds of cryptocurrencies with the all-in-one app. Abra is available in 150+ countries. It was founded by Bill Barhydt, who has over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry.
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Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, on the Potential of Facebook Coin towards Mass Blockchain Adoption
As held in Hong Kong Mar 13-14, Token 2049 gathered crypto leaders and financial professionals to discuss the role of blockchain towards global financial inclusion. During the session “The Push Towards A Billion Crypto Users”, Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, highlighted the needs and importance of the underserved population, which is essential to drive mass adoption of blockchain. We are delighted to interview with Bill, which he further stresses the role of Abra towards global financial inclusion, as well as his insights in Facebook coin and ICO regulations to our readers.

Blockchain Life 2019 to Take Place in Moscow 16 - 17 Oct
The 4th largest international forum on blockchain and cryptocurrencies Blockchain Life 2019 takes place in Moscow on October 16th—17th. Experts and participants from 70 countries will discuss the fast development of blockchain technology in Russia and the world. All possible ways of making money on cryptocurrencies and innovative start-ups, blockchain implementations and market forecasts will be reviewed at the forum.