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QuadrigaCX Bankruptcy Trustee Announces Interim Distribution of Funds
QuadrigaCX's bankruptcy trustee, Ernst & Young, has announced an interim distribution of funds to the exchange's creditors. The announcement was made in consultation with estate inspectors, and a Notice to Affected Users will be posted soon with further details. However, some affected users may receive a Notice of Disallowance of Claim, with the right to appeal.
QuadrigaCX Users to Receive Interim Distribution
Users of defunct cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX will receive interim distribution of funds tied to bankruptcy proceedings in the coming weeks. A small number of affected users may receive a Notice of Disallowance of Claim, with the right to appeal. QuadrigaCX owes affected clients an estimated $160 million and trustee Ernst & Young has recovered $34.3 million worth of assets.
$1.7M In QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Wakes After Years
ZachXBT tweeted on Dec. 19 about five wallets that moved 104 Bitcoin to multiple wallets. The wallets hadn't transferred Bitcoin since April 2018. Following Gerald Cotten's death in December 2018, QuadrigaCX filed bankruptcy in April 2019.
DeFi Protocol Wonderland Involves Cybercrime, Associated with Canadian Crypto Exchange Quadriga
A decentralized finance project called Wonderland involves a cybercrime associated with Canadian crypto exchange Quadriga, turning DeFi into a financial felon’s wonderland.
The Sordid Tale of QuadrigaCx is Coming to Netflix
Streaming service provider Netflix Inc is set to premiere a documentary reviewing the fall of a once-popular Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCx.
Creditors of Defunct Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Can Now File For Claims With Audit Firm Following Massive Hack
The creditors of the now-defunct New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia can now file for claims with appointed audit firm Grant Thornton.
Ernst & Young Trustee Outline Options for Compensating QuadrigaCX Victims
Ernst & Young has filed a report with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice suggesting how the court should distribute the recovered funds.
17,000 Customers Claim Refund from Collapsed Canadian Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX
Ernst & Young, the trustee of the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, published a report showing that almost 17,000 people have filed for the remaining assets of the crypto exchange. EY assumed control of the crypto exchange in February 2019 after QuadrigaCX filed for bankruptcy. Ernst & Young took over custody of QuadrigaCX’s assets following the alleged death of Gerald Cotton, the founder of QuadrigaCX, who held the private keys to the crypto holdings, in January 2019. The report indicates that as many as 16,959 people have claimed assets ranging from Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, and Bitcoin cash, along with US dollars and Canadian dollars.
Jennifer Robertson to Pay $12 Million CAD in Quadrigacx Settlement
The death of Gerald Cotten, founder of Quadrigacx, a once reputable cryptocurrency exchange in Canada took the world by surprise. More surprising is the position taken by his widow, Jennifer Robertson, who will liquidate personal assets to cover customers' losses.

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