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60-Year-Old Man Cons Over 50 People with Indian Crypto Scam
Police have revealed another crypto scam in India has left more than 50 people counting losses.
Cryptos Confiscated from $4.2 Billion PlusToken Scam Likely Sold by Chinese Police, says Journalist Colin Wu
China’s crypto journalist Colin Wu believes that Chinese police have sold cryptocurrencies seized from the $4.2 billion PlusToken Ponzi crackdown.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Supports Nigerian Protest Against Police Brutality With Bitcoin Donations
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has supported Nigeria's EndSars campaign against police brutality with an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin (BTC), asks public for further donations.
Corrupt Cop Sentenced to Prison for Accepting Bitcoin Bribe from Dark Web Drug Dealer
A former police officer has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for accepting a Bitcoin bribe from a dark web dealer, in exchange for his professional services.
Bithumb CEO Summoned by South Korean Authorities Following Police Raid on Offices
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bithumb Holdings, Lee Jung-hoon has been summoned by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit following the unit's incessant raid on the exchange.
China Plans to Thwart Procedural Violations in the Police Force and Courtrooms with Blockchain
China has laid plans to use a new automated system powered by blockchain and other technologies to propel surveillance of its judges and police officers.
British Farmer Attempted £1.4M Bitcoin Extortion from Tesco by Contaminating Baby Food
Nigel Wright, a 45-year-old sheep farmer from Lincolnshire, England, has been accused of trying to extort Bitcoin worth £1.4 million, approximately $1.8 million, from retail giant Tesco. He made this blackmail to reveal the Tesco stores he had planted the contaminated baby food.
New Zealand Police Froze $140 Million in Assets and Crypto From Alleged BTC-e Exchange Money-Launderer Alexander Vinnik
New Zealand police said they have frozen $140 million linked to Russian crypto fraud suspect, Alexander Vinnik, alleged to have been the operator of the now-defunct BTC-e crypto exchange.
India Darknet Policing Ramps Up Following Drug Racket Arrests
Law enforcement agencies in India are teaming up with national research and academic institutions to enhance their ability to police the darknet.
Chinese Police Discover Illegal Bitcoin Mining Activity in Mysterious Graves
Police in China recently discovered illegal Bitcoin mining, which was buried underneath a local cemetery. Power losses within the area caused the initial suspicion. A Chinese oil field company submitted a tip to the local police requesting them to investigate suspicious power losses in the northern city of Daqing, Heilongjiang province. The police officers arrived at the scene and spotted mysterious two grave mounds lying in the field.

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