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British Farmer Attempted £1.4M Bitcoin Extortion from Tesco by Contaminating Baby Food
Nigel Wright, a 45-year-old sheep farmer from Lincolnshire, England, has been accused of trying to extort Bitcoin worth £1.4 million, approximately $1.8 million, from retail giant Tesco. He made this blackmail to reveal the Tesco stores he had planted the contaminated baby food.
South Korean Court Apprehends Crypto Assets of “Nth Room” Ringleader
A South Korean court has frozen 15 cryptocurrency wallets belonging to Cho Ju-bin, the orchestrator of the “Nth Rooms” scandal. It came to the limelight following a national outcry following the sexual exploitation of underage girls by Cho Ju-bin and his team who was named and paraded through the Korean streets to face the public in March.
Analyst Honored for Exposing South Korean Dark Web Crypto Child Pornography and Blackmail Site
Criminal analyst, Kim Reece, has been named as a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for her role in the takedown of the South Korean ‘Nth Room’ child pornography chat rooms hosting the content of Welcome to Video blackmail sex and exploitation site.
Child Porn Darknet Sites Surge with Crypto-Payments as Korean Police Hunt "Nth Room" Clientele
The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has become the preferred payment for internet based human trafficking and depraved services, which include blackmail porn and child sexual exploitation according to forensics firm Chainalysis.
New Zealand Police Issues Warning Against “Nasty” Sextortion Blackmail Porn Scam Demanding Bitcoin Ransom
New Zealand police are warning about a new porn blackmail scam that is targeting residents who watch adult content videos in the country. Scammers will take compromising video or photos of the victim while they are watching pornography and later contact them demanding a ransom in Bitcoin to keep the content private.
South Korea’s Leading Crypto Exchanges Aid Police in Hunting "Nth Rooms" Blackmail Porn Members
The four primary crypto exchanges in South Korea, namely Coinone, Korbit, Bithumb, and Upbit, have reportedly offered to help police investigate the sexual exploitation of underage girls in the “Nth Rooms” scandal that has sparked a national outcry.

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